30 July 2010

Stop Searching For Breasts Plz.

Most of the time, I wonder why my blog received so many Google searches which are related to eemmm… Boobs?

Majority of the searches shown in my Nuffnang Analytics  have something to do with boobs, Malaysia boobs, breasts of women without bra, breasts not covered or even small breasts.

Last month result (June)

Well, it is not a big surprise to me seriously because ever since I started posted about ‘Men’s Pushup Underwear Vs Woman’s Pushup Bra’ and ‘Why Guys ‘Ham Sap” like 3 years ago, similar keywords are stated almost everyday in my traffic graph.


I can’t believe what my eyes see. A brand new keyword which I’ve yet to see.
 graph2 Todays result (30 July 2010)
Freedom breasts?
Eeerrrr… What happen ar??? =_=

P/s: I wonder what does that mean? Breasts that have wings?

Despicable Me, Lunch & Dessert

I have a great time!!!


#1 Despicable Me (A Must Watch Movie)

Yeah. A great, great time with my coursemates when Dr.D’s class has been cancelled. We watched Despicable Me which is seriously a MUST WATCH movie. Well, if you like something light, hilarious and entertaining, then this movie is definitely for you and your friends (or even parents, grandparents, boyfriend, children, spouse or ANYONE!)


Despicable Me (2010)


Well, I highly recommend that you should watch this movie at least with a companion because you will enjoy the whole movie by sharing the laugh-out-loud moment with someone you care - like me.


Today, Shu Huan, Rani, June and I spent this laughed-till-tears-drop-and-stomach-pain movie together. In almost every 10-15 minutes (or less), there will be laughter created by us. Lol.. i wonder, when is the last time I watched something as good as this?



This is the scene when the evil fake dad slowly turning into a sweet real daddy. ahhwww……

despicable_me_movie_image_04 I love this roller coaster moment as the animation is so real! It’s like I am sitting a roller coaster. Lol.. that’s reminded me about my experience in genting!


Despicable-Me It’s so fluffy that I gonna die! Lol.. XD


The best attack scene that I’ve ever seen– using errmm… butt..? LOL


The cutest, sweetest and funniest characters ever! They are sooooooo adorable.             po pooi~~


Watch this short trailer if you still don’t trust me.


Time being together is always a treasurable moment for me. Call me sentimental or emotional, I really feel grateful for every blessed moment I have with these lovely ladies. Although there are not many people who can make it for the movie today, still I love today so much.


#2 Deli France (Good Food But Unfriendly Service @Midvalley)


We went to have lunch right after the movie ended. Shu huan went back early, and being replaced by bei shan after that. Well, shu huan had to rush back because she has a class while bei shan was late and just coming for lunch.




We dined at Deli France while waiting for bshan (who is normally late. lol..) Another highlight of the day is that, Deli France is having promotion till thie end of July by offering cheap lunch. RM6 per plate of paste like this:



My Pasta Forestiere.outing4


The food is good but not the service. We weren’t been served properly, most probably because of we look like student (well, we are students but that doesn’t mean we are not eligible for consumer’s right) who are so broke that we can only order the promoted food. Kinda feel pissed off when we were not taken seriously.



June & Rani


Anyway, my mood wasn’t been much affected because the companies matter. Having June and Rani with good food are more than enough. Not to forget about the self-photography moment… always.. =D



#3 Dessert – Jonker Streets + I Love Yoo (Well, normal)

Once bei shan reached, we moved on to another light food attempt. We wanted dessert like ice kacang, bubur chacha and soy milk so we sat foot on The Garden, Jonker Streets. It was another great experience makan there with the ladies.




P/s: Soy milk is mine from I Love Yoo. It is nice but kinda costy, RM2.90 per glass.


outing10  photoftheday We have so much fun that her expression says it all…



Again, we joked all the while till we finally say goodbye. Well, good time always passes fast, don’t you agree?




Looking forward for another amazing day tomorrow. It’s gonna be one =)


P.s: Appreciate all the little things around you as you will come to understand the meaning of life in the end of the day.


This is what I’ve discovered so far. That’s the reason why I give my best effort to record down all the events which had happened in my life in this blog. My brain might not be able to store all the records when I am aging, right?


So, love life and appreciate every single moment. God bless =)

29 July 2010

What Colour Are You?

My coursemate, Asha has just sent this beautiful link to me and my other coursemates awhile ago. It is a COLORs Personality test and I’ve just taken it.




The result is seriously accurate (as i really pay attention and answer them honestly) which I hardly believe it. It is kinda impossible for a 10 questions test to be that accurate. Well, that’s based on what I’ve learned on validity and reliability of a test.


So, what is my result?

I’m a Yellow (no wonder I persist in using yellow as the main colour in this blog instead of sweet pink).


Yellows mission in life is to make people happy. It is the one and only thing that they do in fact, take seriously. They believe life is meant to be lived and that everybody on the planet just needs to mellow out and be more like them: happy!


They are great communicators and coordinators of people and events. Yellow are highly interactive and make great networkers. They are great in sales, because they are so charismatic. They are charismatic because they just like all people.

Out of all of the colors, the yellows are the least likely to ever be prejudice about much of anything for that would drag their happy energy down, and they are very protective of their happiness and sunshiny dispositions.


Yellows just enjoy people and basically just see people as a forms of entertainment! Yellows are busy, busy socializers and networkers. They have a big job getting everybody on the planet happy, after all. This is their strength and they do it very well.

Yellows love being around people and any job description that has the word "social" on it! The keep things "light" and when something is very serious, or intense, it will be the yellow who pops the funny one-liner that gets everybody off track and laughing.

Yellows generally can be great comedians as well. They have the innate ability to take something awful and make it funny.


Yellows love making people happy.

Because yellows are so charismatic, they can also step into leadership roles very easily.





I’m a happy person? Am I?


jump1 I seriously didn’t realize that.


So, do you think it is accurately referring to me? I’m a happy person? Hahaha.. Well, I don’t expect my new readers or new friends to agree with the above descriptions. Thus, you don’t have to feel guilty agreeing with me. lol..


Visit:  http://www.makeadifference.com/ColorsQuiz/


What I’m gonna do now is to persuade you to try this test and share me your colour in my comment box. Let see if I can collect more yellows here.. =P


Go on!

Try it and share your colour with me. I’m curious.. =)


P/s: Thank you asha for sharing this. It is a great personality test. Now I wonder, has it been tasted by strong research?

27 July 2010


I have been pushing myself too hard lately: for outdoor activity and sport, especially playing too hard for yesterday badminton match (thx to angel for suggesting the idea).



I got flu, headache and muscles pain last night before deciding to go to bed at 1am. I believe I had been getting involved with too many outdoor activities and traveling in these few days that I hardly get enough rest.


Well, yesterday was the most interesting but tiring exercises I have ever had in my whole semester. I have not played any sport of late, not even doing my yoga =_=. Wait, not even walking for more than 15 minutes (except shopping). lol..


badminton1 My dad’s old badminton racket and now it is mine.


So, you can imagine how weak and ‘relax’ my muscles are.


This morning, i failed to wake up with a smile curved on my face. Instead, I was struggling to wake up. And now, I am typing while bearing the muscles pain at the same time.


Sorry to say that this post is all about my ‘struggles’ on the no-sport-for-a-long-time effects. I don’t feel like blogging anything else at this moment although there are plenty of things I want to share.


Will be right back when I get better.


P/s: I think I should start doing more exercises before lossing all my muscles strength… *ouch*

25 July 2010

What You Should Expect In This Blog

I think, it is good that if you know what you are going to expect from this blog (from my writing) from now onwards because there will be a slight changes in curryegg.


Well, it is not a big change actually. My writing style will still be the same. It is just that the topic which I will mostly share here is about my student’s life. Everything shared here is from a student’s perspective.


You should expect:

1) More simple and casual type of photos of me.

2) Less make-up (it melts eventually when expose too long under hot temperature. I will be in total mess and I hate it. What to do, Malaysia weather).

3) More photos of my friends, lecturers or anyone who I want them to be here.

4) At least 4 posts per week. So come back & check me often.. =)

5) More adventurous side of me.

6) More interesting posts in future!


P/s: This list will be updated from time to time.



Realizing that the chapter of me being a degree student in local university will soon coming to an end, I want to record every humble, memorable journey I have as a student. There will be another August, September, October, November and December for me. Starting by next year, I will have my internship for half a year at a selected setting.


So, I want to use my 4 1/2 months fruitfully. Not a single day will be wasted, I promise with the name of egg. I’ve already filled up my first 2 weeks with a number of adventurous events at the campus. And, you are going to see more of me being in my Curryegg’s  Unexpected Missions.


My this week photos collections in almost everyday.



Monday – first attempt playing badminton with coursemates.student1

Wednesday- Outing with coursemates & buddy after class

janenme Thursday – going out with for a small outing when classes were being cancelled.


Friday- went to clinique star tour with the gorgeous coursemates

kayak1 Saturday- Kayaking at the campus lake for the very first time (and in half formal wear)!


All of the sudden, I feel like I am writing a book named CurryEgg and now I’m working on an episode about my student life. In the next coming year, it will be a new episode about working world. Then marriage. Then mother. Then grandmother.. whoooaaa…. o_O



So, back to my question.


What you should expect from this blog?












More about my student life at campus (while I still can offer you)

24 July 2010

Clinique Star Tour – I’m In.

I have dilemma in blogging about this actually because a part of me urging me to sleep while another part of me wanting me to share about my new experience immediately. My eyes are half closed while and my brain is half functioning. That little thing calls ‘desire’ has extended my physical tiredness.


Listen, it is about this:


I’ve a NEW MAKE-OVER!!!!


I’ve joined Clinique Star Tour at my campus during in this afternoon (23rd July 2010) which is a real rare thing for me. Normally, I would just ignore such event because I’m shy and have low confident when it comes to ‘model search’. Firstly, I don’t have a healthy facial skin. Next, my features isn’t that outstanding (because I always think that small eyes isn’t worth attention). Plus, I don’t have that model figure.


I don’t blame myself for having such negative perception. Instead, i’m blaming the media for creating such a ‘PERFECT LOOK’  of the models, artists or celebrities in the magazine. Such images in the media make me feel imperfect.


I believe you feel the same too, don’t you?


curryme copy

Photo before the make-over (no makeup)


Having the urge to collect as much new experiences as possible in my final semester, I finally decided to take up the offer to try the whole idea after Bshan left me. We were actually hanging around in the library doing quiz and paying fine. lol..


I saw some of my coursemates while completing the form. They are letchu, rani and asha who want to have a new make-over too, starting from the hair to face. It is always awesome when there is/are friend(s)!




We are required to complete a form and pay RM30 for the make-over, skin analysis (which I didn’t really receive one), hairstyling, photoshooting and free RM150 door gift.


Seriously, I am not too sure if it is worth RM30 for the door gift because there is one small lip gloss and sample size serum. Anyway, if you are including those services which I’ve listed above, IT IS WORTH IT!



My stylish new hairstyle. Whooot!


You get a 3R (hope I’m right with the size) photo in the end of the session. Plus, if you are agreeing to participate in the CLEO magazine cover girl search, you will stand a chance for it. Also, you will appear in their website.


So, I joined and this is the result:




Frankly, I don’t think it is a nice portrait picture because of the ‘angle issue’. Or maybe I’m not that photogenic. Well, at least I like the overall make-over including the make-up and hair. So, I still think it is a good picture of me. Have to accept ma because it is Me leh.. lol..


Lakshumy, Rani, Asha and I enjoyed ourselves so much that we even did ‘extra own photography’ session after the search. Haha.. I should really share those ‘cool’ photos with you in my coming post.


curryme2 copy  Suddenly, I feel like I’m part of the Bollywood. Lol.. XD


Seriously, like very seriously. I need an emergency sleep now. There will be lotsa outdoor activities tomorrow. Keeping fingers crossed. Night pep.

22 July 2010

Goodbye Get Crafty

The moment I got to know that today will be my last day working at Get Crafty (my current working place), I feel sad.


Although I am expecting it soon, still… I couldn’t stop myself from feeling ‘sour’ at heart. If it is not because of my packed schedule with my studies, I would just continue working for another months.


I had been to my workplace this afternoon with Jane to complete my final craft for the centre. It is a breakfast set on sweet pink frying pan. There are eggs, hotdog, cucumber and tomato.


See…. =)




This craft is suggested for student at the age of 2 1/2 and above. Any mama or papa who is reading my blog here? Get Crafty is a wonderful place for your children to have fun, doing crafts available there by their own (while you going for shopping. I’m serious!).


So, you might want to let your children to do this My Breakfast craft? =D




Talking about farewell, well…. I’m missing the children and all my friends at GC already especially Miss L.


“Kelly, faster ar. Keep up with the time”.




Hope that we will all meet again in future. Miss you all… =)


P/s: I love the fried egg on the pan.

21 July 2010

New Born Kawaii Eggs Family

I think i’ve been thinking too much about eggs lately.


I stole 1/2 of my dad fried eggs last 2 days.

Sketched eggs on paper during classes yesterday.

And today, I created an egg’s family right after I reached home from classes.


Funny, don’t you think so? I wonder, am I being too obsessive over eggs?  I kidnapped my dad’s chicken eggs which he just got them from the market. Guess what I did to a box of them? To be specific, only 5 of them lah.. lol..


Hold your breath and see this:






Lol..  This is what I called, sudden inspiration. It just struck me to do something on the eggs as soon as my eyes caught sight of them.


If you’re wondering how I did them, you are lucky because I’m going to show you the secret of ingredients! Lol.. it is so simple that I shouldn’t called it a secret!


Anyway, here are the ingredients which I used.





I just drew and cut a few pair of circles as the eyes, then drew the desired eyes using marker pen. Next, stick them on the egg using glue. Yes. That’s so simple, even a 3 years old child can do.

 eggie3 For the eyes.


Attention: It is adviseable not to draw directly on the egg shell with marker pen because it is worried that the chemical might be absorbed into the egg. It is better if you use empty egg shell if you must do so.


You might be asking, “What about the hair and accessories?”.


Well, i just simply dug some of my junk stuff and took whatever I think might be useful. For example, the fluffy black ball is actually my handphone deco. It came off one day when I unintentionally pulled it too hard out from my pocket. I still keep it and this is what you see, on the egg shell. lol..


Oh ya. I used cotton pad to create the old folk hair. You can use it too! Well, better use it or you can draw on paper.









Adorable! =P


I spent about half an hour to complete these Eggies. Oh my, I am satisfied with my own work although it is an easy task. At least, I’m putting thoughts into action right? (rather than just think and forget it. Good job kelly!)


        eggie12      If there is curry in this bowl, then they will be my curry eggs! Lol..



While I was doing this so-called masterpiece, dad actually realized my attempt. Happy to say that he didn’t stop me, instead he laughed and said “they’re so cute but when can I have my eggs back?”. Lol..


Of course, I didn’t use them long after spending some minutes taking photos of my creations. I generously returned all of them, and giving mum & dad, the ‘extra’.





Well, I’m making everyone smiles whenever they open the fridge, you know?



See? =P


P/s: Mum was giggling when she saw the eggs in the fridge and claimed that she doesn’t want to eat them because they look so cute. lol.. now who is cute?

17 July 2010

How To Create A Memorable Final Year

As I have told you before, this July 2010 till May 2011 will be my final year of my Counseling course. Time flies. Really.


I still remembered my sophomore year when everything was new, fresh and strange to me. University is crazily different from high school. Well, I am talking about the vast area of the whole campus. Imagine, my university owned 5 gates, 12 hostels, emm… 12 faculties? Not too sure with the exact number faculties.


Oh ya, there are thousands of students, staff and lecturers! And, did i miss out mentioning about the swimming pool, gym, tennis court, lake, garden and libraries? There are international students here too! Cool right?


If you ask me to compare high school and university, all i can say is that.. high school is just like emmm… a peanut. huh..


I guess, some of you who have entered university can pretty much connect with my excitement, don’t cha? I believe you can understand how ‘alien’ i feel during in my sophomore year. Courses are new, friends are new, lecturer are superbly scary (cos most of them look so serious at first sight. i dont know why, lol), place is new and culture is totally different! Frankly, it took me almost 1 semester (3-4 months) to adapt with my first year lifestyle.


Well, all these memories are as if they had just happened yesterday. Time flies. Time really flies.




Now that I am in my final year… *emo*


Being aware of my age the remaining time I have at my campus, I want to use it wisely. So, here come the long list of what I want to do in this whole semester.


My MUST DO list while I’m still a student.

1) Snap pictures of myself at every corner of the campus

2) Get candid pictures of my coursemates or lecturers (most probably). Lol..

3) Make the best assignment I had ever done before

4) Make surprises for the Queen (are you game on this to my coursemates who are reading this?)

5) Go for outdoor activities in the campus

6) Organize an 2 days 1 night outing with the coursemates

7) Get to know my juniors

8) Create dramas

9) Organize/Join in campus event(s)

10) Celebrate my last birthday with the course mates, maybe?

11) Hide chicken eggs everywhere! lol.. should i?



I think, this is so far what I can think of. I should improve this list from time to time. All of the sudden, I feel energetic and passionate with this whole idea. Yes! More goal-oriented, goal focus and more excitement!



Let’s see what I can do.


P/s: Photos above are taken 2 years ago when I was attending my cousin’s graduation day. See, time flies!