16 July 2010

Lessons From The Funeral

There are so many things I want to write and I have no idea where to begin. Well, I don’t feel like doing any compelling essay with good structure. So, i will just go with the flow, type out whatever my brain instruct my fingers.


The funeral.

I’d skipped 3 days of classes because of my uncle’s funeral. My beloved 70 years old uncle has just passed away during on last Saturday because of an accident. He fell off from stair (i’m not sure what should the thing be called. so i call it stairs) to a small drain while painting on the wall and nobody realized it until it was too late to be saved.


It was a real grief moment for all of us, especially his family. The death was so sudden, so unpredictable, so unexpected. Just a week ago, the whole relatives gathered to celebrate his daughter’s wedding and a week later… emm… well…




Everyone cried so badly during in the past 3 days, including myself. In fact, I can still be crying now whenever the image of my uncle’s is playing in my mind. He is such a kind, generous man. Very friendly and loving. Warm, responsible, friendly and caring.

I miss him.



What I’ve learned from his death.


From his death, I can really learn the fact that life is short. Real short that we will never know when is our turn to leave this world. It is like what I’ve posted in my last post on Existential Theory.


Also, his death has empowered me to live my life more meaningfully. Yes, more meaningfully.


I appreciate people around me more especially with my uncle’s family. There are 7 children of his (my cousins) which I hardly get to know. Well, most probably because of the distance issue. However, in these few days (during funeral) i get the chance to know each of them deeper. It is something which I’d never thought of will happen.  Thank to my parents too for helping me to connect with them. Thank you uncle for giving me such a wonderful bunch of cousins.


I love them all. Miss them already.




One of the first few things that hit my mind, that is to write and share as much good stuff as I can at curryegg’s blog. At least, when I die, I still have something which can keep on running at the blogosphere (and I hope the database, server or what-so-ever still keep my posts).


I don’t know how, what and where to begin with when I say ‘GOOD STUFF’. Probably, it is something that is beneficially to my readers: something that will put a smile on your face, something that will remind you to love your family more or something that reminds you about my existent. I don’t know. I guess it is all of the above.








His death has reminded me again that life is short. Anyone can go anytime. Because of this constant reminder (ever since my grandma’s death which is exactly 2 years ago), I want to live my last semester as best as I can. I want it to be filled with colourful memories- be it yellow, blue, pink, grey, black or white. And, in the end of the day, I want to blog them out here (like I always use to).


Emm…. I should create a to-do-list post in my next blog post. Yes. I really should.



My first step: First day story


So, my first step of  another 'making good stuff’ in this blog is to write about my first day of class. It is today. Well, it has started since 3 days ago but I skipped them because of my uncle’s funeral. I can’t believe that my heart was pumping so furiously. I was excited and couldn’t wait to meet all my coursemates!


Guess what? I hugged all my girlfriends and greeted animatedly.


I don’t know why but I feel like doing so. In the end of the day, I feel happy and warm with all the hugs i received =)




It looks green in this picture which is most probably because of my yellow light.


Not to forget that I’ve received a cute gift from June (my coursemate). It is so girlish and cute! Happy to say that this medium size turquoise ribbon hair clip suits my current hairstyle. I look girlish with it.


Don’t you think it is cute?




I love it so much and have 1001 ideas on how to wear it. Well, I will show you how in future =)




Thank again june! You are such a sweet, caring friend. Hope to create more beautiful memories with you (which I know we will). And thanks for the welcoming first day of class my dear coursemates and Dr.D. Love you guys so x100000  much.


More exciting experiences  in the coming days <3


P/s: Thank you uncle for everything. You will be missed always. R.I.P.