25 February 2011

Pampering Myself

Lately, I am busy and occupied with my internship (working in hospital as a counselor), thesis writing and some personal issues. I didn’t aware that my weight has dropped from for about 1.5kg. Well, no wonder my pants and shirts are loose.


Of course, I am not talking about my weight loss as that is not the point for this blog post. Realizing that I have been neglecting my own body condition, I started to take notice and find ways pampering my own body. It begins from the outer physical care, which is the skins.


I was shopping with Shu Huan yesterday and without being aware of the time, we spent almost an hour at Watson finding products that my body needs. Well, I am glad with the after work shopping as I get myself something important: Apple flavor body scrub! Also clay mask and items like in the picture (except the mug. One of my housemates accidentally broke my mug. So, I have a NEW one as replacement. yay!).




It has been ages since the last time I made my own body scrub (using salt). I found myself dancing in the middle of the road, couldn’t wait any longer for a nice, soaking bath. I know my tired body need a good time just to be pampered.


I realize that knowing how to love and spend time for ourselves is important because it creates good mood and attract positive energy. When the body is happy, the mind will be happy too. And when we are happy, people around us will feel the cheerfulness on our faces. Just like this -------------> =)


Frankly, I have been neglecting my own needs since the past few months, worrying about my personal issues and studies. My mind was mostly trapped in the past or travelled too for to the future, but hardly in the present. I have not been paying much attention to myself which I think it’s a big mistake because I am no longer the Kelly Tan which I used to know and have. Little passion, enthusiasm and craziness can be found. Hmpm, mana boleh kan?


Being aware of my situation, I’ve decided to give myself an off day just to spend time for myself and my own needs. I threw away all my books and laptop, hugs my rommate, bathed and scrubbed my body, singing whatever songs I had in mind; cleaned my face with new cleansing oil, did hot clay mask for my face, massage my hair, trim my finger nails and snoozed from 10pm till morning.


Like I expected, the effect is awesome! I become more energetic, happier, calmer and fulfilled in the next day. I am able to focus and crack jokes with my supervisor and colleagues. Lol.. and guess what? I received compliments that I look great today (emm.. maybe because I am wearing pink shirt and black skirt?) *flip hair*


Another happy news is, I am able to see my issue better without actually running from it as I can see there is no point isolate myself with the problem by being sad and depressed alone. I realize I have fear of acknowledging my feeling and express it out to people whom I care and love because I am scared of being rejected or treated negatively. Sometimes, I’ll worry if I will hurt, disappoint or irritate them. This is something which I want to change and improve.


All these happen when I don’t give priority to my own feeling and thinking. I used to care for people more than myself and I realize that is a mistake. When you don’t take care of your feelings and never let others to understand them, they will never be aware of it. As a result, conflict and misunderstanding occur, and we might be taken for granted, treated unfairly or inappropriately (with or without intention).


So starting from now onwards, I have decided to pamper and take good care of myself while focusing on my 6 weeks of remaining internship and thesis writing time. Gosh! 6 weeks!!? Time flies oh time flies >.<


Of course, I wouldn’t forget people whom I love as I will consistently sending messages to show my care, love and support.


And I don’t know how this eggie can stayed till 2am just to blog and not sleeping when she said she wanna take good care of herself? *get up from the chair and run to bed*


Night… =P

23 February 2011

Definition Of Love?



Love is patient, love is kind.

It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres

- Corinthians



P/s: I appreciate God for allowing me to be in love and having the ability to express love to the person whom i care most. Though I am not sure will I be able to give and receive love from the person again, I am still thankful with whatever I have now. I appreciate the whole journey which we’ve gone through and may God guide us to the road of real happiness and fulfillment.