28 April 2009

My Love For Dr. D

I guess, I have mentioned about Dr D quite a number of times but I had never shown any picture of her. I know, you guys must be curious because I have received several comments from you-know-who-you-are who asked about Dr D on how does she look like. Well, this time, you are lucky because I am going to write a post about her. Of course, including some of her photos.


Yesterday, it was our last day spending valuable moment with our Majesty, Dr Diana (she called herself as the Queen). Deep in my heart, I feel a sudden sadness which I hardly tell why. I know, I am not good with farewell especially with someone who I have strong emotional connection. Her kindness, her caring heart, her humorous speech and attractive outfit (she has an impressive wardrobe)has always shined my day. My Behaviour Modification class is enlightened because of her presence.

But, it has already ended.

Sigh... I wonder will I ever get her back for my next following courses? Well, I do hope so because I undeniably having lot of fun 'under her care'. Those art moment, pizza hour and movie time will never been forgotten - I promise. All those art stuff, food and movie (original DVD) were provided by her and I can't think of any other lecturer who are willing to do this. Will you? And all those stuff are not provided just for once, but several time in a semester.

Dear Dr D,

I hardly think of any other words, other than a big 'Thank You' for you, My Majesty. Other than all those stuff sponsored by you, there are something more important which I am proud to share it here. I have really learned a lot from you and I am on my way, discovering my true-self. Those discussions in classes on discovering one's personality are really helpful and I will keep on exploring myself. I hope, by the time I have discovered my true-self, I can help others in finding theirs.

Ok. That's has reminded me about Dr. D's project.
I still have.... half to go and I should really finish it by this Sunday. Wait! I still have another 2 papers to go (exam!). Eeerrr... I better start working now. Sorry for the disappearance for so long. Dr. D's assignment isn't easy. It requires lot of creativity (which is fun!).

I will show some of my work (my artwork) here once I have finished them. Oh dear, I really hope I can finish them by this Sunday as I still have to make a trip back to Penang. It is my grandma's birthday. Please, please, please..... pray for me... T_T

P/s: I look so dull lately. Sigh.. this is what they call... exam period. Nevermind, a brand-new Curryegg will be back, SOON!


24 April 2009

The Real Expressive Art Scene

I guess most of you still remember the Expressive Art Workshop which I had mentioned previously? I hope you will not forget my 'creation'. Haha.. Well, this time, I want to show you some of my friends creation which are good too. In fact, there is nothing like 'good' or 'bad' and no one should label others' work too because that is what we call expressive art.

Talking about how our society love making judgement on others work (or the person) is something which I hated so much. Awkward stares and unfriendly body languages really turn my mood off. It reminded me how I was being judged on my work which I thought it is pretty nice and OK but then, some people weren't agree with me and my work ended up in the trash. Not that they throw my work into the bin.

I did that because I was being graded with a big fat

Notes: Some people here referred to my primary teachers.

That incident happened when I was still in my primary school. Since then, I have this 'perfectionist' trait evolved in me as I want to make things perfectly so that the same incident will not happen again. I guess that did affect me a lot both mentally and emotionally.

Anyway, my 'perfectionist' mode was being turn off when I was in this workshop as I want to express as freely as possible without worrying how my work will turn up. I know I am safe to be myself and I don't have to worry others mind. Being spontaneous and passionate have allowed me to explore my feeling - which is good.

That is how my creation is being created and I just so in love with my work. Most importantly, no grading is being carried out during in this workshop. That's mean, no one will grade your work either is an 'A' or 'Z' work. Frankly, this is something everyone should learn, not to grade an artwork. Instead, try to understand why it is being created and explore the creator's feeling and thinking. Every piece of creation means something and only the creator knows them well.

So, if you are a parent or a teacher, do take note that it is important to understand your children or your student from their 'creation'. Creation can be artwork, essay writing, games, dressing and etc. By observing their creation and asking for the meaning, you will understand the child better. This is what we call, expressive art.

I guess I have typed too far away from my main title. Oh gosh. It always happen when I am too excited about certain topic. Please forgive me.. :P

Dr. D's Expressive Art Workshop was fun and all of us were having good time being a creative and innovative creators. These are what my friends had done.

Most of my friends are good in making 3D art work and I am impressed. Frankly, I love the rose so much and I will never believed that a guy with an ENTP typology can make such a good stuff. Ok. I sound really judgemental here. Oopssie. Sorry. But then, I really love his rose and I thought of bringing back home (which he allowed me). However, I feel that it is good to let more people admiring his work. So, I decided to leave it in Dr.D's room (my California lecturer). Seriously, it is really an artistic work!

Besides, my friend Wan Yong can really make a good joker's hate. Isn't that wonderful? Just by using colour paper and within 2 hours, the work was done. Oh dear... lovely. And the bookmark leaf.. :)

There are more creations from others but I was too excited during that moment and had forgotten to snap every one of them. I was running, jumping and crawling. Lol.. I am just joking.. :P

In conclusion: Be yourself. Express yourself. Love your work.

22 April 2009

Update From Curryegg, Finally.

You know what...
I am as free as a bird now.......

Well, for only a day. Yes. A day is good enough for me. I can't forget those sleepless nights, with books, and only books conquering my bed. In fact you might not aware that, the bed I mean here is my table. Gosh! I sound like a prisoner. I know everyone will agree with me for not having to read 468 pages of thick cover book and some boring-unorganized notes (from slide) any longer!


This morning, I had just finished the hardest paper ever in this century (ok, I mean this semester). I don't know why but feel extremely tensed with this subject. I guess, I have never read the book till the last moment. You will be surprise if I tell you that I managed to finished this 468 pages (excluded reference columns) in a week time. Ok. I mean, till this morning... Those theories and findings aren't easy to be fitted in to my cognitive system without further study.


Anyway, it has over.
That's why I am as free as a bird again ...........till tomorrow. There are another assignments which need my attention and I have to produce them before the deadline. For now, I just need some fun before the serious mode being switch on again.

This is what I call: Student. Wait. Pity student.

Believe it or not, the test was ended at 1pm and I have been online since 3pm till now (glance at the clock: 11.57pm). Seriously, I don't feel like I am wasting my time (denial) as I am gaining back my energy and inspiration by updating my Facebook, playing online games, chit chatting with my friend and BLOG.

Frankly, I love all your comments on my previous post on my art creation. Thanks my dear readers. I read every single of them and it makes me wanting to open an art gallery. Curryegg's Art Gallery sounds good isn't it? Haha.. Anyone will come for a visit if I do? Lol.. I can't stop myself from day-dreaming.

Ok then. I shall update again whenever I can. I need to finish up my novel. Another few pages to go. Shhh... You don't read the word, 'novel' from me, remember? :P

17 April 2009

My Creation During In Expressive Art Workshop

First of all...
I am back again! =)

I thought I could wrap myself with few rolls of toilet paper for at least.. a week? Oh my. How could I? I am so tempted to share something interesting right now. Ok. Forget about my exam for a few minutes shall we?

It is about my experience in one of the Expressive Art Workshop with Dr D, today. I mean, few hours ago. Nothing is as interesting as making our own art work with all kind of art stuff starting from glittering powder, colour paper, crayon, water colour (my favourite), leaves, bamboo sticks and etc. We were allowed to use anything which were provided. All we had to do is to pour in our creativity into the creation we planned to make.

We were given the freedom to make our own creation without any theme or guideline (because these will kill the creativity and innovation). Along the process, I enjoyed making my own creation. It felt like all my stress over my assignment and soon-to-be-coming exam were kept in a box for a moment.

Freedom, fun and flexibility were the only nouns I could think of while panting on the drawing paper..Well, I didn't even care how my drawing might turn out as the only goal I had in mind was to express whatever feelings I encountered on that piece of paper. Surprisingly, I did quite well because I love what I did.. :)

At the end of the workshop, I volunteered to share my work in front of the class with other participants. I was asked to describe the abstract that I drew in detail.

Guess what I have created?
Frankly, I love my spontaneous art work.. :D

I think it will be a good idea for me to keep my explanation on this drawing as a secret. Haha..
Maybe some of you can guess what is my creation means?
Any Da Vincci here?


13 April 2009

A Week Or Two Break?

Lately, I am more into writing self-reflecting post (emotionally and cognitively). This is merely due to my nearing-exam-period. Once you're forced to read lot of references (words, words and only words) for a certain period of time, this is what happen:

  • Long blog post with words
  • Less or no picture
  • Mostly about my feeling and thinking
  • Less jokes?

I guess, this kind of post may bore you since I realized that most of you (in fact, me, myself) prefer post with photos and short words. Well, don't worry. Boring posts will not last long because this exam-fever-period will end.. SOON! Yeah! I just can't wait...

Posts for travel, food, events and other 'fun' topics will be blogged after my final exam (like what I have predicted -my blogging style). Oh my.. I really can't wait! I need a holiday!!!

I have already planned for my semester break (roughly) and I know, it is going to be my greatest holiday. Yeah. I know, you can't wait for my surprises neither. Well, all we get to do is to wait till MAY!

Another few more weeks and then, I WILL BE FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Maybe I should get a week break. Or maybe two. It is better for me to stay away from my blog before I am done with my revision? Well, let see how far is my progress... :)

For Curryegg's loyal readers:

Thanks for always keeping in touch with my progress. I feel motivated whenever I receive your visit and comments. You guys are too lovely to be forgotten. *hugs*

I will try to bring in more juicy, spicy and interesting posts once I am done with my final preparation. Wait! Or maybe you can let me know what kind of post you find interesting in my blog? Of course, I know this is my blog and the decision on what kind of post I blog should depend on me. However, I feel that it is good to receive your suggestion and opinion since you meant so much to me.


So people...
I will be back, adding spice to your life again!
Miss me.. ;)

10 April 2009

The Power Of Psychodrama In Group Counseling

Today, I just experienced the power of psychodrama in group counseling or known as group therapy in my class, together with all my course mates. It is my last class for Group Counseling and I am glad it ended fruitfully. My lecturer manage to expose us to Psychodrama, a way to explore a person through dramatic action on their issues, problems, feeling or dreams in a group of people.

It is developed by Jacob. L. Moreno and has strong element of theater. That's mean, there will be the actor and the audience involved.

(What is Psychodrama? Look here in Wiki)

Frankly, I have no idea at all in this therapy as, it is as new as an iPod phone to me. Lol.. Ok. I mean it is totally new. I have never read nor hear about the content, silly me. I am glad that my lecturer has introduced this therapy to us today because it has catalyzed my cognitive thinking again.

P/s: Lately I have been thinking a lot and that has resulted a growing number of grey hair. Sigh... I am an old-lady in no time. I think I should really reduce my self-reflecting and problem solving moment...
Anyway, if I can connect with my self and share my finding with the people around me (which can benefit you), isn't that good?

Ok then, grow more grey hair if you want.

A short summary on what we did

To start this therapy session, we need a volunteer who is brave enough to try it in front of a group of people.
In this case, one of my friend volunteered and prepared to face the challenge. She was asked to pick an issue, fully focus on it and then, think of a few people who might involve. Besides, she was asked to reflect her feeling. When this initial stage was done, she can start picking anybody from the group to play any role, either as the people (example: father, mother, sibling, friend or etc) or her feeling (depressed, anger, disappointment, happy and etc).

Once this was done, the 'actress' can start expressing her hidden feeling in whichever way she want to the person/s she has issue with. When she was told to do so, I could already feel my friend had really committed herself into the play - her play. She was allowed to freely express herself, voice up her feeling and thinking and act exactly what she wants. Well, she did. Also, every role-player was allowed to express whatever they think the role will say and do to the actress.

How I feel

Warm tears run down my cheeks and I didn't know what to do, other than grabbing a packet of tissue from my bag. I realized that I was not the only one who was touched with the play as I could spot some watery eyes. The whole session was so real when emotions from everyone including the actress, role-players and the audience started rushing in, taking part like we were in the situation. That was seriously amazing and I should say, this is better than the movie.


Self-reflection and catharsis (the hidden emotions which had finally burst out) took place during this psychodrama session. I realize that it bring positive effect to the participant (the actor/actress) in which he/she can see the issue clearly, gaining insight and express the unexpressed feeling. This will help the person in facing and dealing with the highlighted issue properly when he/she comes back to reality. Besides, he/she will have confident and positive energy after the session.

Seriously, I am really proud of my friend. She is willing to share her problem and brave enough to face the it. That's something I should learn from her. Bravo girl!

This Psychodrama session ended in a very motivating way in which every role-players will express their feeling to the main actress and give supporting words and hugs. This is something positive and should be carried out in every group counseling. My lecturer did tell us in class before that never leave a wounded wound open. It should be stitched and healed.

The class had been ended like.... 3 hours ago but my emotion is still wandering around my mind. While in the session, some personal issues of mine appeared and struck my mind. I believe, the issues are similar with my friend's and they need my attention. This is good as I should go into my unfinished business (unsolved problems) and deal with them.

What a powerful therapy I should say.
Maybe I can go further in this area and explore more. This therapy can be very helpful to people and I hope I can master it.

Long way to go....

By the way, any expert here in Psychodrama?
Will you be a participant in this group counseling? Share with me your thoughts. It is good to hear from you.

P/s: Sigh... my font (size) in this post is going crazy again. I wonder what is the problem? Emm... hope that it is not affecting your reading.. :(

08 April 2009

'Something' Has Taught Me Something

*In the class*

Sitting at the best spot in one of the corner in my class, I thought it will give me new motivation for my left-over-assignment. Well, at least allow me to focus in my work. I have been sitting here for hours, yet, nothing had been done. Frustration and disappointment were so overwhelming which discouraged me to concentrate. I have been trying hard to give my best in my typing in spite of the noises, still my mind was being distracted. With the presence of my friends, my course mates, I hardly pay attention in my work.

3 hours have been wasted.

I wonder, how can I redeem them back? The more I think of the amount of work I can do in these 3 hours, the more I feel regret. I am running for my 14-days-marathon and almost half of my 14th day has been wasted.

What should I do?

Regret started haunting me. I thought this room is suppose to be empty, at least an hour. I know I shouldn't choose this spot at the very first place. I should pick somewhere better, somewhere quieter, somewhere comfortable and with electric cable. Maybe the library. Or I shall go back to my room instead.

Anyway, there is something pulling me to enter this room, convincing me to sit here and do my work. It is hard to describe what is the 'something' which had pulled me in, but all I can say it is my instinct, the inner energy

I know, my plan is not working accordingly and I don't want to do any last minute work (although I am still good in it.. right, popjammerz? haha..). After sitting here, at this exact spot I mentioned earlier, I discovered a few important lessons. I am surprise that I still can learn something at these moment.

1) True friend will never leave you.
2) Life is not about rushing, but it is about enjoying every moment we go through.
3) Be prepared with every possibility - Battle is never easy.

1) True friend will never leave you.

While I was busy focusing my mind into my work, I had almost forgotten my lunch. I thought my 3 balls of Ferrero Rocher Chocolate (which I've just received from my dear friend) will stop my stomach from rumbling. This friend of mine reminded me about my 'food storage system' and disallowed me to skip my feeding session. Knowing that I might skip my lunch, she offered to buy and send me lunch. Free delivery! Frankly, I am touched and I have no any other better words than:

Thank you Parima'.

Besides her, there are some of my friends who are trying to cheer me up by bringing some jokes. Thank you guys. I know your good intention and I can feel that. I am glad to have you in my life. Just, today is not my day. Do forgive me. If in normal days, I will joke like no tomorrow. Worse than a clown I should say. Lol...

I guess, I am nearing to my period time which causes me feeling a little uncomfortable. I can sense that the level of Estrogen and Progesterone are increasing in my body which unconsciously cause me feel a little moody and uncomfortable (hormonal changes). Well, girls~


2) Life is not about rushing, but it is about enjoying every moment we go through.

Yes. This is one of the very important lesson I learn today. I have been stressing and rushing lately over my task and I just don't feel good about it. Not even a single happiness pop up and say hello to me. What a tragedy. And you know what, I am going to stop that. I am taking things slowly and I am enjoying every bits of my life - while running this marathon.

3) Be prepared with every possibility - Battle is never easy.

Even though I failed to do my work according to my plan today, I am accepting it and promise will do better tonight, and the coming tomorrows. There is no point regretting over the past as no one can fix it nor change the history. What we can do now is to focus in the presence and plan for the future. Battle is never easy but it is not impossible to win.

Photo courtesy: www.thelatern.com

I should say, 'something' which has attracted me to sit on this spot has taught me something important for my life. It gives me a new insight, new perspectives and understanding. I am once again, a happy eggie.. ;D

Thank you 'something'..


P/s: If you are sensitive and observant enough with your surrounding and your inner voice, 'something' will emerge and you will learn something new - either good or bad.

P/s/s: I'm referring 'Something' = instinct, inner energy, self talk

P/s/s/s: Thank you for your encouraging comments in my previous post. I am gaining new energy from you and thanks a million.. All the best to you too! muacks! :D

07 April 2009

I Will Win This Battle

All of the sudden, I just wish to ramble something in my latest post.
Something which I don't even know where to start and where to end. I guess, I just wish to exercise my fingers by typing as much alphabets as I can on my old-yellowish keyboard.

Or, am I trying to freeze my mind from functioning?

Maybe not too long..
An hour maybe?

Recently, I feel so tensed up. One of the reason may be because of my unfinished assignments. Sigh.. I feel so restless. Tired. Exhausted. I remembered I had mentioned about my assignments since 2 months ago. Still, I am working hard here.

I dare not sleep early lately. Whenever I think of the deadline-s, the remaining days I have, sweat will start showing up on my forehead. 14 days to go and there are a lot of pick-up-works need to be done. Yeah.. 14 days...

How long can I run on this 14-days-marathon?
How far can I go?
Can I finish this battle?

The more I think of my capability, the more I doubt my ability. Should I waste my time, worrying something which no one can answer?

I know the answer is no. Yeah.
I can't afford to waste my 14 days, sitting here doing nothing.

I had already wasted my valuable time and I shouldn't sit here, in front of my computer for couple of hours. I can see the light now- the light of positive energy. I know what I should do. Yes I do.

No matter how hard this battle might be,

No matter how struggle I may experience,
No matter how much I may sacrifice...

I don't care.
I will not give up, not when I have not even tried it. That is just not me, right Curryegg? This battle might be hard, but I don't care. I promise I will give my best.

I will win this battle.

Photos courtesy:
www.Dailymail.co.uk, www.ehow.com and breandclews.blogspot.com

06 April 2009

Roti Jala

Have anyone here tried Roti Jala before?

I don't know why but love Roti Jala so much. I guess, the main reason will be because of the rareness in getting it. Besides the unique design and the curry. Dipping the piece of roti into the kuah kari (curry) will make everyone mouth watering. However, the sad news is, I could hardly get Roti Jala in the big city. Not even in Penang.

Or is it I was not observant enough?

Few days ago, I was back to my hometown in Penang with my family. Our return was mainly because of 'Cheng Beng'. Mum was worried about my granny and wished to help her for the prayer. So, we were there till yesterday.

Unexpectedly, I managed to make a small trip to Taiping, Perak with my dad while my mum was busy helping around. We sneaked out! Well, we are always the cheekiest people. Haha.. So, that was how I came across with Roti Jala which cost for only RM1 for 4 pieces in Taiping.

RM1 for 4 pieces?

Including the curry of course. Frankly, it is hard to get such a cheap price for Roti Jala. Don't even dare to think to get this price in Kuala Lumpur. Hmph. We can never compare the living cost between a small town and a big city.That's obvious. Adoi~

P/s: Can I get Roti Jala in Kuala Lumpur? Anyone spotted this?

03 April 2009

The Scenery In Port Dikson

Sorry if my previous post: The Obscene Answer- Penis? had increased your blood pressure or slowed down your breathing rate. I don't mean it. The idea just came across my mind once I read all the comments you left me. Emm... Should I blame you in this case?


I am just joking. The post is just for the sake of fun. Since the first day of April is meant for fooling each others (for good of course). I am glad if I had fooled you during that April Fool Day..

*big big grin*

So, come back to my sharing and I am putting my serious mode. I can't wait to share my discoveries through my photos. It is about my trip to Port Dikson, Negeri Sembilan which is not far from Malacca.

My family and I were there for a short trip not long ago. I had a great time spending some wonderful hours beside the beach just by sitting and watching the playful water. The weather was fine and I was blessed with the presence of wind.

I remembered how my dad and I had almost fallen asleep on our seats when we were in a restaurant which is located besides the therapeutic beach. I felt like I was being hypnotized.

Look at the scenery. Beautiful, isn't it?
I am glad to be able to witness the moment... :D

Besides the scenery, I like this place too. Wait. What is the name of the Restaurant? Gosh! I have forgotten to jot it down. Bad me.. Nevermind. I will remember it next time.

The food, the atmosphere and the services here were not bad. Besides, there was a 'mini zoo corner'. Of course, I mean the seafood which I had showed you earlier in my previous post, remember? hahaha...

Last but not least, the ladies was clean and that had encouraged me to do some 'cam whoring activities'.
What a miss! =)

That day seemed to end very fast. I guess it is true that happy moment ends fast. That trip has frankly boosted up my productivity in class again as I am no longer feeling stress. I believe in nature bring therapeutic effect to human who are willing to spend some times with it. If you are stress with work or studies, take a break and make a small trip during this weekend. I believe it will help!

So, enjoy your weekend my dear readers. May you have a great, wonderful time with your family, love one or both. See ya~