27 August 2011


Lately, I have come across with a Chinese song and find it very meaningful with the song lyrics and animation in the video clip. It touched my heart, making me to think of my family and people who are dearest to me.


How do I live without you? (沒有你怎麼辦?)


Frankly, I don’t know and I think, I am not yet prepared.
The only thing which I am praying to God, is to wish wish that I am able to live every moment with them with happiness. I do agree with the lyrics that love helps us to grow and becoming a better person. Thank you for being part of my growing process. I love you.


A simple song which I want to share with you. Hope you enjoy this clip.






沒有你 怎麼辦
多想要 和你聊聊天
沒有你 怎麼辦
只想要 你在我身邊 在我身邊




沒有你 怎麼辦
多想要 和你聊聊天
沒有你 怎麼辦
只想要 你在我身邊 在我身邊 (Ooo~)

就好像我從來沒難過 過
最難過的不過 就是渡過

沒有你 怎麼辦
多想要 和你聊聊天
沒有你 怎麼辦
只想要 你在我身邊 在我身邊 (Ooo~)


P/s: 原來愛情可以讓人一夜長大 =)

25 August 2011

Panda Is Eggie’s New Best Friend

If you still remember some of my doodles on my imaginary curryegg, I believe the below drawing wouldn’t be new to you. Probably it is different because of the additional red bow on her head. Lol…


If you are unsure of what I am writing about, don’t worry. Here are some of the links which will keep you on track with my not-pay-attention-in-class-masterpiece. Link 1, Link 2 and Link 3. Should I feel proud?



Her name is curryegg.


Recently, curryegg has a new friend and his name is Da, Pan Da. Well, we all call him Panda because it sounds cuter. Don’t you think so?




For all this while, I thought curryegg is cute. Somehow, panda is cuter with soft fur,large eye bags, merry-go-round tummy and big head. Also, he eats bamboo and sleep a lot too (as much as pig). Ahhhhwwwww….




Panda is just 3 years old (wait.. 2, 4 or 5?). He is very naughty but clever as well. He makes lot of friends because of his happy-go-lucky personality. Besides, he is good in computer, just like curryegg.




That’s how they make friends in the first place where they share things in common like playing online games, facebook and msn. Besides, they enjoy spending time together. That’s how their friendship grow over time.



Panda is good in dancing on the floor.


But sometimes shit too much… Surprised smile


He is adorable when wearing red bow.. ahhhwww… Red heart


So, this is Panda. He is a new best friend of curryegg. Welcome on board, cute panda! Do try bathing on curry soup someday with eggie. Lol.. XD




So, how do you find my doodles?
If you have been following curryegg’s page in Facebook, you will start to realize some of these drawings.



Panda is eggie’s new best friend =)


The above works are my collection of Panda and CurryEgg. Not sure if there will be more in future. Well, let see how far I am able to focus on my hands on task. Psstt.. Mostly, I doodle when I am bored =P

24 August 2011

August Randomness

Ever since I came  back from Australia, it seems like I have no drive to play my camera -pinkeggie. Probably my hormone lately doesn’t trigger my ‘appetite’ to snap photos except, nonchalantly capturing moments using my camera phone - N-eggie.


Well, this entire month I didn’t make much of travel to new places. Most of the time, I choose to stay  at home nurturing my introverted side by reading comic, watching movie, playing games and eating. It feels like heaven for being able to hibernate for a while before working. I enjoy my quiet moments and can feel the simplest joy of both being alone and treasuring my connection with closed ones.


Anyway, I am still able to make quick shot almost every little moment I find interesting with my N-eggie. Like they say, a picture worth a thousand of words.


Here is my August’s collection which I have and haven’t shared in my curryegg’s page. I find the randomness kinda of interesting as each tells a unique story.


#1. A monthly visit to bookstore.
I found these interesting page and book cover.



I heart you.


500 types of curries can be found in this book. Should I learn this and open my own curry stall? Emm….


#2. Woke up at 7.30am and ran 3 rounds at the park.


My tired face after the jog. But someone said I doesn’t look like one. Look more like just woke up from sleep? =.=


#3. Jane’s 24th Birthday celebration at Shogun @Sunway


This is the first thing I am after for – sashimi!!! I was so satisfied and happy for the entire month! Raw salmon. I love raw salmon with lemon and wasabi =D



Again, it tastes better when you eat using left hand. Trust me. Give it a try ;)


#4. Heart capturer.


I am the heart-capturer. Can’t you see it? I’d captured this photo of him and his heart shaped finger while we were playing MapleStory together with Alvin. Lol.. still.. I love this picture <3


#5. Detective Conan!


I have finally able to read his name correctly: Conan and not Canon. This is one of the page that I find interesting. I like the dress =)


#6. He has my heart.





#7. Fun time with my cousin’s family.



Ah boy welcomed me warmly the moment I reached his house. He even kept some of his ‘Angry Bird’ sticker collection for me. Can you see the gigantic red bird and eggs on my netbook? Lol.. Well, these are his love for me and I gotta accept =P



Cousin’s brother make good vegetarian cheese pizza like toast. They taste great and I just can’t stop munching. Maybe someday I can make for my children =)



Teach my 6 year old nephew to play MapleStory Adventures at Fb without his mother’s knowledge. Lol.. what a bad aunty I am =P



The red and pink teams. Aren’t they such a good balance? Haha..
We ate at Lohas and they serve healthy, quality food!


Him, again.


#8. UM Library.



I miss being a nerd. So I visited the library for the last time. Btw, my hair is getting longer. Guess, it is time to keep my hair after 2 years.


9. My new, gorgeous sandal!


They are my favorite pair of shoes. Never own any as beautiful as this. Thank you dear so much for the love! =D


#10. Ginger Bread Men.



Sook Fan who is Calv’s colleague treated us with her homemade ginger bread man. Oh my, they are so cute! Making us not wanting to eat but admiring them. Ahhwww….



We went to a comfy place for good drinks at Starbuck with these 2 lovely cookies. Still, we didn’t want to eat them. Probably we scare they will yell when we start biting *ouch* >.<


#11. Addiction towards MapleStory Adventures @FB



This is one of my favorite level in MapleStory where I can find cocks, eggs, curry chicken and chick hat. And can you spot our pacifiers? XD


#12. Movie with siblings – finally!



It was my first time watching movie with both my brother and sister, together with my cousin. At first, I thought Captain America wouldn’t be that interesting because it is an action and more boyish movie. But I was wrong. It is a great movie with interesting plot and moral of the story. Also, it’s hilarious too! Do watch if you haven’t! =D



A pop-corn for 3 but ended up I was eating alone. Both of them were dieting and not wanting to eat. Gosh, my tummy is getting rounder.. =.=!!


#13. A shopping day with my mei mei.



Nothing much. Just a random photo of me taking at the park. I just realized that those photos taken were in May’s hp.

us Us at Full House. Lovely.


#14. A big bun which is bigger than my head.


I am serious! It cost RM20 for small and RM25 for big. Mum got this for dinner yesterday from Port Dickson. There is curry chicken hiding inside the bun. Not bad.


#15. Drawing while reading.


Well yes, I am doing it again. It seems hard for me to concentrate in reading serious stuff, especially in those that I have no interest with but still have to do. So... I draw. This is my new found love and his name is Da, Pan Da. It resembles someone who has big, round and charming tummy =)




So here are my collection so far. I will come back again with my other discoveries. Do drop me comments too! It has been a long time I have not hear anything from my readers. See ya!


P/s: These are the less quality photos from camera phone. The good thing is, you can see the natural and original side of every photos.

16 August 2011

Eggie & Piano

I have always wanted to update my blog but it seems like it’s kinda hard for me to do so at the moment. Currently need to deal with a big task but wanna take a break by blogging a short post. So “Hi” everyone here =)


Just last week, I went to my cousin’s house and played with my 2 active nephews. You can call me an aunt, nanny or babysitter if you want. Lol..


Well, my time with them were well spent. They have taught me a lot from their sharing of personal views through playing. Children know clearly on what they like and dislike. Just most adult will rarely treat their needs seriously.



So, back to my main sharing. Whenever I visit my cousin’s house, I will get attracted with my nephew’s piano. Well, I do have one at home but it is an electronic piano and it is off-pitch by now. The feeling of pressing the key on keyboard and sound produced from the electronic piano is different compare to real piano. Probably it is already 18 year-old++ and need maintenance.




I couldn’t stop myself to play on his piano (although both of them kept on complaining me for not playing with them). Plus, I brought almost all my favorite piano scores to their house this time – including my Lee Hom’s piano book.. =D


I had made a record of myself playing the song, ‘My Heart Will Go On’. This song was composed by my former piano teacher (who used to pinch my hand and stomach for not practicing well) but I could only remember half of it.


So, here it is. Hope you will enjoy it. Have a nice day =)



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11 August 2011

Who Am I? Where Am I Leading To?

I came across with my old writing which I’d written couple of years ago. I still remember how I was being complimented in front of the class for doing a good job in the given assignment. Two questions were given:


Who Am I?
Where Am I Leading To?


This is my very first work which received encouraging comment from my lecturer. I feel appreciated for the work I’d done and no one realized there was actually tears in my eyes while hearing upon Dr Haslee’s compliment.


So, I thought of sharing my old work here as a token of appreciation and gratitude from me. Well, I’m sharing it not just because of the ‘assignment’ which I’d done but it’s more of my sharing on my personal thoughts of the two questions.


This is a highly reflective post.




Who am I?
I’m Kelly Tan

Who am I?
I’m a soon-to-be 21 years old Chinese girl.

Who am I?
I’m a 2nd year counseling student in University of Malaya.

Who am I?
I’m a good, beautiful daughter in the family.

Who am I?
I’m a Malaysian.

Who am I?
I’m a great thinker.

Who am I?
I’m a human being.

Who am I?
I’m somebody who lives on the earth.

Who am I?
I’m an organism.

Who am I?
I’m who I am.

Who am I?
I’ m nobody.

Who am I?
Tell me, who am I?

Who am I?
I don’t know.

Who am I?
Great. I’m lost.

Who am I?
No answer





I remember how I was being asked with the same question repeatedly in my Yoga class by my course mate during in the month of May 2008. It was my semester break and my father and I signed up for the Art of Living classes in one of the centre in Kuala Lumpur. For your information, the Art of Living is an organization which teaches the society on how to practice a healthier and happier lifestyle.




You must be surprised why I was being asked with the same question “Who am I” for thousands of times. Well, it’s in our syllabus during in my yoga classes. Other than increasing one’s physical health, the guru of The Art of Living is also taking a serious attention on one’s mental health. That’s mean other than teaching yoga like stretches, breathing and meditation, this course is also helping the people in increasing the awareness on how we think and behave in our everyday life.


I should say, I love this course and it has changed the way I perceive the world indirectly. It’s about spirituality and I find out that it’s really helpful for my individual development and at the same time increase my understanding about human and life. There is no scientific theories like in the books, but it’s about one’s finding and understanding about the fact of life.


Coming back to our question on “Who Am I?” you must be wondering why we were being asked for so many time on that same simple question. Of course, there are reasons for everything. If you realize on how I answered the question from the very beginning until the end, you will notice that I’m no longer able to answer the question confidently. It’s simply because, I am lost. It’s not because of I’m confused with my identity or I’ve no confidence in myself. It’s merely because of I’ve realized something importance behind this question.




Spending a little moment thinking of the question, I’ve realized that the outer part of me is actually a cover and my identity for example my name, religion, nationality, gender, age, IC number and etc is actually a label to differentiate me from the others. Let say, if one day, someone (allow me to put it as God) takes away my identity and change the way I look out of the sudden. Am I still the same 21 year old, cute little Kelly Tan girl who is following Dr Haslee’s class in University of Malaya? What if I’ve been changed into a male with the name of Bill Gates who is 7 year old? Am I still who I am? Physically, I may not but mentally and spiritually, I’m still the same person.


I may sound a little illogic or too fantasy but I’ve the points here.


I wonder, what if one day I am accidentally being knocked down by a car and I’ve a serious injury on my brain and encounter a long term memory lost, what will happen to me? I believe I will no longer know who am I, not even knowing my name, my gender, my nationality, my family, my friends nor my dreams. It’s like reformatting your computer and everything has to start from the very beginning again. So, will that mean I am a new person with new memory?




Or maybe I don’t encounter any memory lost, but instead, I’ve done a plastic surgery on my face because of my strong dissatisfaction on my look. So, happily my small-little-sleepy-eyes have turned into a pair of big-attractive-eyes, with higher nose like Nicole Kidman while my body has transformed into Jessica Alba’s hot body figure.


It sounds great isn’t it because I will soon expect high admiration from the society and who knows, if I’m lucky enough I may get a big contract from those big entertainment industries to get me working with them. Isn’t it fantastic? It’s like every girl’s dream. So, is that means changing my physical look will make me a brand new person?


Honestly, both of these situations don’t make me think that I’ve turned into a new person. I mean, physically yes, I am a new person but for the inner part of me, I am still who I am since the day I was born. It’s like changing the cover of your mobile phone from black to pink and with different design. Will that make any differences on your mobile phone memory capacity, the operation system and the function? Obviously, the answer is “no”. It’s still the same mobile phone you have before.


Again, who am I

From that very short moment when I was being threw with the same question for several times during in my yoga class, I’ve realized that I’m actually a nobody. Nobody here means that I don’t depend on my name, status, age, religion, nationality and any other physical label to make me who I am. For example, if my name is Mei Li (Chinese means beautiful) it doesn’t make me a beautiful girl and my ethnicity as a Chinese doesn’t make me a genius in Mathematic. It’s just a label and I don’t have to be one if I’m not one of them.




Basically, nobody here means I am actually like everybody else in the society who owns the same body parts (brain, organs and etc), share the same opportunity to success, having choice to choose to have a happy life and anything a human can do.


Every human is actually the same and there is nothing to be proud of when I own something and others don’t. For example the amount of money I own in the bank; my reputation at work; the grades which I achieve in exam and the type of car I have doesn’t make me a special person. I’m still the same person as I am although I don’t own any of these. So, I will never draw any border between me and others. Well, why should I?


I should say, my granny’s death has taught me an important lesson. I was there when she exhaled her last breath in the hospital, about 50 days ago and she brings nothing with her. Not even a single penny. From that moment, I start to remember what my granny told me before “You come with nothing and you go with nothing”.




Well, she is right. No matter how many properties we have, still you can’t bring any of them along during your death. And she added, “But you can bring happiness into others and go with joy and peace”.


I guess, she is right. All of her family members (including me), her old friends and people around the residential area cried when she leaves the world. She was a very helpful lady and was willing to lend a hand to anybody who needed her help. For some reasons, I really admire my grandma and she has supported my view that, I am nobody once I leave the world.


Somehow, having this point of view which stating I am actually a ‘nobody’ doesn’t mean I am depressed and I should leave my life entirely to luck and fate. It’s untrue. Keeping my mind to think that I’m nobody will remind me to be humble and accept others as who they are. I shall not let my self-ego differentiate me from the others. For example, if I’m talented in music, I shouldn’t look down on the others who don’t have any talent in this field. If I do look down on others, it means that I’m ego of my own ability and unconsciously, I will start drawing a line and differentiate me from the others. That is when we start labelling, judging and categorizing others and we will never get the chance to know others better.


When I have this point of view that I’m actually a ‘nobody’, it will allow me to accept others openly. At the same time, I don’t feel I’m weird or the weak one in the society since I’m actually the same as others. Besides, it allows me to approach others more intimately and friendly.




Therefore, having the thought that I’m a ‘nobody’ will actually help me in understanding myself and others better as everyone is unique and has their own values. Furthermore, it helps me in achieving my dreams- to make life a celebration and to make a difference in other’s lives.


Yes. I do have dream and long term goal and I’m going to achieve them.




Ever since my granny has passed away, I’ve been thinking of why human lives are so fragile? I can go in any minute while typing this assignment. No one can ever predict future, except God. Since no one can control the future, I shall use my life meaningfully and beneficially. I don’t want to waste any of my precious moment and that’s for sure.


So, where am I leading to?


Well, I will ask this question whenever I am lost and demotivated. Surprisingly, it will keep me on track whenever I’m aware of my answer. My main objective will be spreading and bringing joy and happiness into other’s lives. It may sound a little childish. Well, who cares? I love having this objective. In fact, it keeps my life happy as well. I guess, this is the reason why I’m taking counseling at the very first place. Counseling is about helping people to help themselves for a better, happier life and I enjoy being one of the helper.




Knowing my goal and objective, I’m trying to keep myself on the right track to become a counselor. I know it’s not easy to be a successful counselor as one must have good communication skills, effective interpersonal skills, theories and counseling skills. Well, I will never worry about myself as I know I will be a registered counselor in the future. Yes. I know I will.


Besides being a counselor, I want to be an active social worker. This thought has never come across my mind until recently. Right now, I am a helper in a deaf organization namely RC Deaf Mission and I enjoy helping around like selling cards, introducing RC Deaf Mission to the society and being an interpreter between the deaf and hearing people. I’ve never known how much the disability people need help and support from the society until I’d signed up for a sign language course not long ago during in my semester break (May 2008).


I get the chance to communicate with the deaf and I’m glad they allow me to enter their world – The world of silence. I have learned a lot from the deaf like never give up in life as nobody is perfect and we should create our perfect lives. I even start to understand their feeling when the society is isolating them. That’s why most of the company doesn’t hire any deaf workers.




Frankly, I love mixing with them as they always teach me something new about life. Because of this, I have a bigger dream which is to involve myself in more social work. As I believe, there are more people who need help from the society like the children in Myanmar, Si Chuan, the blind, orphan and etc.


Other than this, I wish to be a journalist or maybe a writer who able to touch the readers’ hearts. I love writing and sharing thoughts and knowledge with others. It will be great if my writing can share something beneficial with the others. Other than increasing my knowledge in counseling, I should improve my language in order to sharpen my writing and speaking skills.


Last but not least, I should improve myself in every aspects of my life including health, mental, personality, behavior, communication skills, and moral values. Besides, I shall not forget my family and friends who have been supporting me all the time. I will never want my family being abandoned by me if one day I may get busy at work in the future. I want to have a happy family (parents, husband and children) and at the same time securing my dream job. Of course, it’s not easy but this is what I’m leading to.




I believe if I don’t take any commitment in improving myself, it’s meaningless to help others when I, myself need to be helped. In order to achieve my dream, I’ve to be patience and hardworking all the time. It is not easy to achieve any dream, including mine. So, I will always keep that in mind on where I am leading to so that I’m always on the right track.


So, who am I?
Where am I leading to?

I guess, I have answered the questions… Winking smile


p/s: It’s good to re-read what I’ve sincerely written. There are changes in these 2 years but my view on who am I and my objectives in life are still in line. Even if there are changes, they are for good.

08 August 2011

3 Little Pigs and A Big Bad Wolf On A4 Paper

It was my last day in Penang, when my niece and I had a one-to-one moment at the living hall after having lunch together. She asked for a pen and a piece of blank paper. I gave her and she offered me a story which she’s learned in school.


cute girl


This was how the conversation took place. It’s a children classic story of ‘3 Little Pigs and A Big Bad Wolf’.




Niece: Kelly gugu (which means aunty in chinese), I tell you a story.

Me: Ok. What’s that sweet heart?

Niece: *start drawing 3 imperfect circles with few black dotes*
There are 3 little pigs and they are brothers for each other. One day, the mother asked her children to leave the house and build their own houses.

Me: Em.. hm.. ok. Then?

Niece: The first pig built a straw house. The second pig built a wooden house. The last pig built a stone house *her right hand was drawing those houses out*

Me: Wow.. interesting. So?

Niece: One day, a wolf come. He went to the first pig and say, “pig ah pig.. open the door or I will blow your house”. The first pig say, “No.. no.. you naughty wolf. Go away”. The wolf laughed and immediately blew the house and the house was gone. So the first pig ran into second pig to hide himself. The house was blown by the wolf and both of them ran to the last pig *continue sketching*

Me: Aiyo.. scary lor.. then, then? *making myself interested*

Niece: Yes.. It’s scary. So the wolf try to blow the house but this time, the house can’t be blown away. The wolf climb.. climb.. climb.. to the roof and go into the chimney  and kelly gugu.. guess what happen?

Me: Emmm… dunno oh dear. What happen next? *pretending not knowing*

Niece: hahahahaha… I don’t want tell. Go ask teacher.. *stop drawing on the paper with tougue sticking out*

Me: Uh? Come back.. come back.

Niece: Haha.. Kelly gugu so stupid… 笨

Me: o________O!!
Today’s child is so naughty.




P/s: I think it’s creative to tell story while drawing the objects out. My niece has grown up and I happy to see that =)

03 August 2011

Raeburn Orchards

One of the amazing experiences which I will never forget during my travel to Perth is the Raeburn Orchards at Roleystone. I will never forget those fresh apples, avocado, oranges and sorbet.





I bet, many of you have not heard about ‘sorbet’? Me neither. It’s a freaky cute snowball! I mean, ice-cream~ =D



But not this type of normal ice-cream.


From what I understood, wikipedia explains that sorbet is a frozen desert, just like ice-cream which made from sweeten water flavored with fruit. You can even find it with wine or liquor. There are various types of sorbet which I could find in Raeburn Orchard.



Fruity types (I regretted for not having enough space for storage in my tummy or else I could test this too. Now, I can’t find it in Malaysia jor.. sob)

orchard7Milky and chocolaty type. Yum~


In commercial packaging too! Love the color =)



Well, the one which I have tried is made by chocolate and milk. The experience of eating sorbet was seriously adventuring, especially when your tongue and teeth were frozen while lungs weaken once the cold wind in the winter passing by the body... o_O!!



My 2nd winter dressing. Now I see it, I feel it’s kinda weird combination. Summer+winter. Forgive me as I am a ‘newbie’ for winter. I was pale as I hadn’t get used to cold weather =.=


Anyway, I managed to finish the sorbet. It’s real tasty, different from those commercial ice-cream which you can get in the hypermarket. Why ya?




Besides sorbet, apples are another big attraction during this trip, especially to my mum. It was terrific to see a container of fresh and juicy apples in a huge container. The owner of the shop planted apple trees by themselves, pluck and sell them directly here. It’s sad to know that these were the last apples or else, we could experience plucking apples and other fruits by ourselves!




While mum was busy ‘robbing’ apples from the container, dad was fascinated with the big size of avocado. Well, he doesn’t really like it but then, he was very much connected with this green-in-color fruit because it looks like.. em.. guava to him. Lol.. XD





As everyone was busy looking at fruits and vegetables in this orchard, I found myself being so overwhelmed by this:


Lol.. Don’t ask me why because, I know you know why.. =P
Well, I couldn’t find any curry product here or else, I can try making Australia curry egg. Hahaha.. XD


These are two good pictures on how the orchard actually look like. It is pretty clean and authentic. I like this atmosphere with free air-conditioning. Best of all, no flies.





I was thankful that the owner of this orchard is really friend. She allowed me to snap as much photos as I like. Besides, she even taught me on how to eat sorbet. Lol.. Thank you so much.




If there is a chance,  I would love to come here again to pluck fresh apples, orange and sorbet. I mean, eat sorbet (in a warmer weather).



Don’t you just fall in love with the sky?



Again, my selected sorbet… *trying to tempt my readers*
Ngek ngek ngek.. Nyah-Nyah


Fast fact: Day time is shorter during winter. Most shops including this orchard and big shopping malls close in between of 5-6pm.