25 August 2011

Panda Is Eggie’s New Best Friend

If you still remember some of my doodles on my imaginary curryegg, I believe the below drawing wouldn’t be new to you. Probably it is different because of the additional red bow on her head. Lol…


If you are unsure of what I am writing about, don’t worry. Here are some of the links which will keep you on track with my not-pay-attention-in-class-masterpiece. Link 1, Link 2 and Link 3. Should I feel proud?



Her name is curryegg.


Recently, curryegg has a new friend and his name is Da, Pan Da. Well, we all call him Panda because it sounds cuter. Don’t you think so?




For all this while, I thought curryegg is cute. Somehow, panda is cuter with soft fur,large eye bags, merry-go-round tummy and big head. Also, he eats bamboo and sleep a lot too (as much as pig). Ahhhhwwwww….




Panda is just 3 years old (wait.. 2, 4 or 5?). He is very naughty but clever as well. He makes lot of friends because of his happy-go-lucky personality. Besides, he is good in computer, just like curryegg.




That’s how they make friends in the first place where they share things in common like playing online games, facebook and msn. Besides, they enjoy spending time together. That’s how their friendship grow over time.



Panda is good in dancing on the floor.


But sometimes shit too much… Surprised smile


He is adorable when wearing red bow.. ahhhwww… Red heart


So, this is Panda. He is a new best friend of curryegg. Welcome on board, cute panda! Do try bathing on curry soup someday with eggie. Lol.. XD




So, how do you find my doodles?
If you have been following curryegg’s page in Facebook, you will start to realize some of these drawings.



Panda is eggie’s new best friend =)


The above works are my collection of Panda and CurryEgg. Not sure if there will be more in future. Well, let see how far I am able to focus on my hands on task. Psstt.. Mostly, I doodle when I am bored =P