30 December 2007

Feng Shui, Should We Believe It?

2008 is just a stone throw. How is everybody preparation? Ready for this brand new year?

Talking about 2008, my mind is thinking about Chinese New Year. It will be another a month plus. For the Chinese, we're at the end of the Fire Boar year right now, and are leading to the year of mouse. So usually, the Chinese will clean the house, change the position of the furniture, buy new decoration and etc.. Why we did this? One of the reason will be: Feng Shui.

There are even Feng Shui tips for the handphone subsriber in everyday. This has showed us, how influential Feng Shui is in our society especial for the Chinese.

One question from me. Do you believe in Feng Shui? As for me... I believe 60%.

I always believe that, having the right position for the bed will help in avoiding nightmares and even insomnia. I don't know why but it's true. I couldn't have a restless sleep whenever my body is facing the door, I mean when the bed is parallel to the door.

However, I sleep like a pig when my bed is away from the door. This can be explained by this website.

Besides, there is a belief that the kitchen(fire) and the toilet(water) should never been located against each other or your family will keep on quarreling or fighting through out the year. It did happen on my neighbour before. Pots, plats, cups and anything that can be reached in the kitchen were always flying on the air... (That's mean fighting). Realizing the problem which occur in the family, the husband's mother asked one of the 'sifu' to go to the house and check the 'feng shui'. One of the biggest mistake was the wrong location between the kitchen and the toilet. He explained it and finally, they renovated the kitchen and the bathroom and things are getting much better. There are less quarrels and fightings.

Don't that sound miracle? Or just a coincident?

However, not all feng shui can be trusted. Some are influenced by the business strategies that will only convince you to buy their products with high price. So be wise.

You might have heard Joey Yap and Lilian Too before if you're a Malaysian, don't ya?

Talking about Lilian Too, she shows us on how to gain good energy with the right arrangement in a house and even in rooms which is a great idea. She will give you the idea on where should be the door, the bed, the table, the windows and etc. However, the location will change each 3 months.

This is the suggested location from 7th December 2007 to 5th January 2008 by Lilian Too ( a famous feng shui practitioner from Malaysia)

Well, I can't follow every advices that she has suggested because, all the location will change every 3 months, and of course, every year. Besides, she will recommand you with new item each time, for example 5 element pagoda, crystal,camel, turtle dragon and etc. Of course, they are expensive if you wanna get them in her shop.


Lotus Crystal

If you ask me, should I believe in Feng Shui... I prefer to believe in myself first! Because I believe, every luck that we gain depend on how hardworking we're and how we catch every opportunity that comes.

Conclusion, hardwork is always the key to success.

Challenges For Curryegg

It's time for me to leave right now... I mean my home.. sweet home.
I will be back to my hostel in another few hours.

The good thing is, I'll meet my friends, have more fun activities and freedom!
And the bad thing is.... I've to deal with the busy schedule for classes and outdoor activities.. and not to forget... THE MONKEYSS!!!!

I will never forget these smart but mischievous monkeys! I complaint about this to Elephant (lol..my friend's nickname) in MSN and he replied,

"They are cute what" (They're cute don't they?).

Before I entering UM and stay there, I will agree with him that monkey is cute. But sorry... not now anymore. I've changed my mind after staying in my hostel for 3 months. They're horrible! They broke into our room via the windows, robbed our food, chased us until we lost our breath and played with our bras! Yes. You heard me? BRA!!! You might wanna now from my previous link.

Sigh... Maybe I am having my trauma on monkeys right now. That's why I don't feel like going back. But hey! Curryegg shouldn't lose to monkeys! Although human and the monkeys DNA are almost similar, the human brain is much larger.. that's mean S-M-A-R-T-E-R. I should find ways to deal with this problem instead of running away. Am I right?

Well, I don't blame the monkey. Instead, I blame the irresponsible human for destroying their home, their habitats. We've indirectly destroyed the ecosystem and we should face the consequences.. (But still.... Why UM? Why me? *sob*)

Nevermind. I know why I should do. Hehehe... Suddenly, my mind was thinking about this advertisement.. I still remember it...

So.. what should I bring to my hostel?
  1. Clothes (of course)
  2. Toothbrush, toothpaste.. etc...
  3. Mattress, pillows...... and my doggy!
  4. Books and stationary
  5. Laptop! (It's a must!)
  6. Comic.. hehe... Canon... my lover
  7. Handphone charger (OMG. take note)
  8. Maggie Cup (instant noodle)
  9. My God! What else? I'm lost

My wishes for this semester... SECRET!

29 December 2007

Naughty Niece Who Sang Ge Len Lai (Video)

I love kids.
I like the way they sing.
I enjoy the way they act.


Here's a video clip that I've recorded a week ago. She's my niece if you still remember. She can sing now.. I should say it as babbling.. haha... So I was there to teach her. However, she turned up to teach me back!

This is a singing lesson, a Chinese children's song- Ge Len Lai (Visitor's here).
Hope that you will enjoy it.

Benazir Bhutto Is Dead

I believe most of you've heard about this news: Benazir Bhutto is dead.
She was killed in an sucide bomb attack. here

I had read the newspaper and Dalicia's blog some hours ago about Bhutto's dead. Wishing to know more about the news, I've visited BBC News and have found this...

Here is the breaking news: An al-Qaeda leader is blamed for killing Bhutto. How true is the story? We don't know.

BBC News: Pakistan says it has strong proof that al-Qaeda assassinated opposition politician Benazir Bhutto at an election rally on Thursday. The interior ministry said it had intelligence indicating Baitullah Mehsud, whom it called an "al-Qaeda leader", was behind the killing. here

Here are some photos of her funeral scene:

A video clip from youtube:

Bhutton has shown a woman is not weak. We, the women can do things as well as the man too. She has the intelligence, the strategy and courageous to rule the whole country and this has drawn my admiration on her.

Benazir Bhutto, you'll always in my mind. May you rest in peace. Amitabha..

Another sad news I heard from Paul that his NS friend Jason has passed away. I am sorry to hear that. My condolence go to Jason, and his family. Amitabha....

27 December 2007

Choose Your New Hairstyle!

I'm searching for a new hairstyle right now.
The fact is, I am a bit boring with my black, long wavy hair.
Don't ask me why. Well, it's a girl natural (even guy) to try to doll herself up don't you agree? Sometimes, we need a fresh new look in order to make us look attractive. You don't wanna have the same old hairstyle for a decade or more, don't ya?

So, I asked Uncle Google for help to get me a good website and I know, he will never let me down. This is it:


It is such a great site. Anything that you want are here. They are including tips, advices, Q&A session, articles and varieties of hairstyle for men and women.

While I was learning about the website, I saw an interesting Q and A (Question and Answer) session.

Q I have colored my hair for about 5 years and lately I have noticed my hair is starting to fall out. Is there anything I can do to stop this from happening? Also, why it is happening? I am really starting to get worried.
- Jenny, Italy

A Dear Jenny,
There are many reasons why we lose our hair. First of all, you should know that every person should expect to lose between 100-200 strands of hair a day and that hair loss can be stress-related or tied to an emotional problem. But as I am reading your letter, I can see that you may have a chemically treated problem. When chemically treating your hair (coloring, perming, chemically straightening etc) you should always remember one simple rule - always in moderation . If you color your hair too much you will damage and dry the hair out and it will become brittle and fall out.

Please try the following to help keep your hair healthy and shiny:
1) Pre-treat your hair with a treatment before coloring.
2) Use a shampoo and conditioner designed for colored hair.
3) Regularly use treatments once your hair is colored to stop your hair from drying out.
4) Continue to get regular trims to cut off the split ends.

I hope I was able to help. Good Luck!

Paola Fioramonte
THS Hair Consultant

Wow... we are expected to lose between 100-200 strands of hair a day? Really? You know what? before this, I was so worry that I might get bold before the age of 40 since my hair fall excessively (which I used to think so). After reading the answer from the hair consultant, Paola Fioramonte, I am relieved. Thank for the tips too!

Besides, I've even come across with this:

Find Your Perfect Hairstyle session:
How does it work? Well, there are all together 20 questions. All you have to do is to answer all of these questions and finally, they will give you the answer.

This is what I've answered:

1) Choose your gender. female
2) Choose your complexion. fair/warm
3) Choose your face shape. heart face shape (I think so)
4) Choose your eye colour. black
5) Your age. 21-30
6) What's your hair texture? (hair strand thickness). medium
7) What's your hair density? (amount of hair). medium
8) What's your current hair elasticity? wavy
9) What hair elasticity would you like for your new hairstyle? straight
10) What's your current hair length? long
11) What hair length would you like for your new hairstyle? medium
12) What's your height? uhh? Emm... average (-_-!!!)
13) What's your current body build? average (why do I've to answered this?)
19) Do you have any of the following? Yes. I wear glasses.

Finally, I got the answer from them. Guess what kind of hairstyle suit me the most? Ta-da..
Chin length bob (I like bob style)

However, there is another point that I should consider too. My glasses. Since I am wearing glasses, not all kind of hairstyle will suit me. The expect told me that:

It's important to try and choose frames and hairstyles that go well together. Large glasses could ruin a tidy feathery cut, whereas very fine frames could get lost and be overpowered by a large full hairstyle.

Is that mean that not all kind of hairstyle will suit me when I am wearing glasses? No wonder I look weird when I had short fringe before. I look so... 'kampung girl' (village girl). haha... I think need a good advice for this. Anyway, the thehairstyle.com provides us a service. You can choose any hairstyles in the website that you like and paste it in your uploaded photo. This will give you a clearer view on how a new hairstyle look like and how suitable it's for your face. It will definitely save you from doing the wrong hairstyle. You don't wanna waste your money for the wrong hairstyle and look 'ugly' all the time?

(NOTE: I am not making any advertisement here. I don't get paid. All I wish is to share this.. It's cool man!)

Honestly, this is the biggest fear I afraid the most. I'm scared of changes especially a dramatic change. Anyway,I did my first perm (Japanese perm) last year after my STPM examination. Why did I have the gut? All I can say is... accidentally, unexpectedly.... I think some of you might still remember my previous story.. Click here if you wish to know it.

If some of you are looking for a new cool, gorgeous, seductive hairstyles, here are some photos I get from thehairstyler.com. I love them! Let's figure out which celebrities have the most out-standing hairstyle?

How I wish I can be a celebrity! Don't they look gorgeous? I wish to try every hairstyle here.. if.. I am not wearing glasses. HAha... If I happen to wear contact lenses in the future, maybe I will consider having these hairstyle:

I wanna colour my hair too. I think I need to try something new at least once in my life, don't you agree? Hehe.... I've even found out the male celebrities... Hot!


But not this I guess...

Haha... Hope that you guys wont choose that hairstyle if.. you're not a musician, artist or.....etc like Kitaro.. ;)

Recently one of my friend has tried this hairstyle:

I believe most of you especially the Chinese will know her. She's Rainie Yang. This is her latest hairstyle. We called it as 'Jellyfish hairstyle' .. kekez...

Before, I don't really like her new unique hairstyle since she used to have beautiful hairstyle.

Anyway, her new hairstyle still look fine to me. Maybe I should try this new 'Jellyfish Hairstyle'? Haha.....