30 November 2008

Seriously, I'm Impressed

I am impressed by my friend's beauty, effort, hard work, talent and her supporters. I had never been to any beauty nor talent contest as I have no friend who been into any of these competitions. So Cynthia, the gorgeous girl who is the first person in my history list invited me to witness her glory moment in winning a Mini Cooper.

And yes, she is the winner among the other Top 10

*congratulation girl!*

At the same time, I am glad that my present do shine her day.

I am really excited and happy for my friend. You are the best and the banner is right... :)

I shall share more about this event in my next post as both of my legs are numbed as a result of standing too long in that particular two and a half hours. Well, it is worth it..

For Cynthia... :)


28 November 2008

The Wackiest I Would Do to Race for N96

When I didn't receive any email from Nuffnang on 24th of November 2008, I thought my mission to continue my race for N96 has been terminated. Despair and disappointment set in and I felt unwillingness to blog anymore. It was like the end of my day when I have to accept the fact of not being selected for Nokia 2nd round race.


Somehow, I guess the lady luck is on my side and I had actually received an email from Kelvin Leong from Nuffnang on that exact date, stating that I am eligible for the second run - which mean I am getting closer to win that freaky Nokia N96 phone!


Thank Kelvin!!!!

I was too careless to check my other isolated email boxes untill 2 days ago, a friend of mine sent some photos for me into one of the isolated email box. So I signed in and wa-la.... I saw a sparking email, written..

"Congratulation! You're now one step closer to get into the Nokia N96 race........."

*All of a sudden, my heart skipped a few beats*
*Am I dreaming??*

Some of you might be wondering, why am I so crazy over the Nokia N96? Seriously, do you really mean it? I mean, do you really want to know why? Hello~~
Nokia N96 you are asking me? Well, who wouldn't want that latest-multi-funtional handphone? It is like a dream to own a gadget which fits every youngster's needs.

Emmm... I am still a youngster right? Lol...

OkOk, I am an adult now. But still, it fits every high-tech-savvy-adult's needs (me! me!).
I have been dreaming of using time wisely by feeding myself with all my favourite songs, playing online games, updating my Facebook and Twitter status, upload new photos and video clips and blog them lively while waiting for classes or during break time in varsity

Besides, having this phone will allow me to fully use Ovi facilities. Thank to David for introduce this website for me and I found it cool! I can directly update my photo in Ovi and make it a slideshow for my blog like in my sidebar. Cool right? It is much faster than slide.com. And I want to play games in N96!!!

It sounds like multi-tasking but seriously, we, the new generation of high technology users can handle this, right?

Ever since David Lian showed me the new Nokia N96 during in the Nuffnang Halloween Party, I knew this smart phone will work perfectly on all my needs. I knew it... I knew it... because I have done my homework. Lol... I googled them of course!


So, I am given this golden chance to grab the last 2 Nokia N96 phones which are sponsored by the generous Nokia company and I am working on it right now. No matter how, I am trying my best to win this race! Yes I CAN!

Malaysia Boleh~~~~

My List:

  1. A good pair of shoes
  2. A comfortable t-shirt
  3. A pair of out-standing pants
  4. A glamourous cap
  5. A big bag
  6. Self-protection - egg frying pan
  7. Food - eggs
  8. Motivation notes - wall reminder
  9. Emmm.... what else?

Egg pan is for self-defense. Useful as it is hard, portable and easy to carry. It's a must for every female. At the same time, it can be used for cooking. So, eggs are necessary in this case.


Wait wait... How can I forget this beautiful pink band? It is a 2GB USB. Muahahaha... Got this from The Silence Halloween Party. Nice right? This band is for accessory. Hihi... :P


Well well well....
Don't you believe in me that I am going to be the wackiest candidate among the others?

Watch THIS and don't regret!

Reminder: No insurance is provided for any circumstances after watching this video clip. For safety, get your own insurance.

Now..... Can I have a Nokia N96.... may I????


26 November 2008

Memory With My Dearest Friends

I feel incomplete lately and I just don't know why.
I guess I come back too early, leaving my friends, grandma and my sweet memory behind and yummy Penang food.


In the last whole week, I was so happy as I enjoyed spending time with my grandma, aunt, cousins and friends. It was so fun and I miss those moment.

I got to meet an old friend who I have not met for years (4 years?) after the National Service programme. None of us expected to meet up as I didn't provide her a good planning. Everything happened in a sudden when I suddenly sent her a message which sound similar like this:

"Hi Jill, I am now in the island. Wanna hook up somewhere later at 11am?"

Trust me, she got choked when she read my message which was sent at 7.07am. Sorry dear.. haha.. Well, she managed to make it and agreed to meet up in one of the McDonald outlet. Oh well, it was like a dream because I had never expected to meet her on that day. It was like a dream!

Jill and I

She is still as sweet and lovely as before (and leng lui too). I remember how she grabbed lot of attention both males and females participants while in Kulim National Service center. She is popular oh... haha..

Although it has been years we stayed a part, we still manage to keep in touch with each other via SMS and Facebook. That is what I can true friend. True friend will never forget one and another, don't you agree with me, Jill?

Besides Jill, I manage to date my 5-year-no-see friend. Ahhwww... It was so hard to make a date with her ever since we left school. Anyhow, we met finally. Thank SZeL for your willingness to meet this Egg.. Lol..

SZeL and I

She is my junior back in my secondary school (a year younger than me) but then, we are clicked and still remain as good friend till now. That is what I call, true friend, again. True friend doesn't care for the gap of age. As long as we are sincere to be friend and care for each other, am I right SZeL?

Other than Jill and SZeL, I managed to meet up with a group of my ex-classmates: Jane, SioY, JX, K_Yang, S Tatt, Steph, S Khee, L Qian and Wei B. Sigh... I have forgotten to snap a picture with all of them in my second gathering.


So, here are my photos of my first gathering. Don't worry guys, my memory with you are still fresh in mind.. So, it is OK even without photo here.


Each time, whenever we are in hometown, we will organize a gathering, be it in food court or hi-end restraurant - it doesn't matter as long as we get the chance to meet. There, we will update with each other lives starting from our busy schedules, family, relationship and jokes. It keeps us in touch and at the same time strenghten our friendship bond. Frankly, I am glad to have them in my life and again, I call them as real friends.

Small blogger gathering

Here is another surprising gathering from me! I managed to organize a small blogger gathering too but there are only Diese and Cedric. Byann is in Hong Kong right now while Jess can't make it. It is ok as I can meet them some other time.

Anyway, I love this small gathering as I feel closer with my new friends. Diese and Cedric are so friendly which make me feel sad to leave early. Well, I was relief when I knew that this sudden gathering didn't stop their heart beats. Why? Haha, I sent a surprising SMS to Cedric that morning, emm.. around 7am again? Lolx..

"Ced, can we meet up today in Autocity? I've reached Penang! :)"

Lucky enough, Ced responded at the right moment and I manage to get Diese at the same time. Thank you guys for coming and I am glad to meet you. I enjoyed chatting with both of you... *hugs*

Cedric, me and Diese..

Cousins gathering

And finally, these are my two sweet 'friends' who have been cheering my days when I was in Penang all the while. Thank you my lovely cousins. I love you!!!!

Ary and Alice

  • Real friends will accept whoever you are even though without perfect outfit and fake make-up.
  • Real friends will care for you no matter where you are.
  • Real friends will be with during sorrow and laughter.
  • Real friends are real as they will be with you through out your entire life.

That's why, I am grateful to have them in my life.

May God bless you with happiness.

P/s: I am looking forward for the next meet up. Lolx!!! Can't wait!!!!! XD

25 November 2008

Britney Spears Is Back With Her Circus!

Circus - Britney Spears


Am I dreaming or what? It is serious? Britney Spears is back with her new album- Circus? Oh my. I have been longing for years and now she is back with her new hits!

Britney, where have you been?

I know, ever since her failure in her marriage, she was totally a different person. I can't help but feel sad over her love life and I thought I will never hear from her again until just an hour ago, I found her new album in Imeem. It was supposed to be released on 2nd December 2008 which is her birthday, but she (Britney Spears) has uploaded the whole album in her Imeem account 13 hours ago. Serious?

Yes. Listen this and enjoy her new album - Circus.
I personally love Circus, Out From Under and Kill The Light. They got my emotion swinging and rocking along with the melody, rhythm and lyrics.

Notes: To load the whole album on the Imeem widget here is too slow here. So I have decided to change it into a single song. It will load faster I guess. For the whole album, visit here.

You are rock Britney and keep going! Don't give up!

24 November 2008

Finding Myself (Real Story)

My friends used to tell me I have a good personality. For example, good sense of humour, friendly, loyal, humble, positive and etc. Frankly, I am happy whenever I get positive feedback about myself from the others since I don't know much about myself from the outside.

I always believe that people who see and analyze us act like a mirror. They reflect our personality and behaviour.

Lets take an example:

If you are a happy-go-lucky person, people around you will be happy to have you as company. They will want you to be with them all the time during work, class, party and etc.
If you are a hot-tempered person, you will notice people around you show annoyance and angry faces all the time.
If you are a sweet, caring person, people will show care and love to you too.

I am saying about majority will reflect how you act, not ALL
(it has to depend on time, place and mood of others as well).

I heard about this idea before from the others and I guess they are right. I remembered how bad my temper was during in my teen world. During that period, I realized how people acted unfriendly to me. Some even afraid of me. Of course la, I am the class monitor during in my secondary school year (high school). I was too serious as I thought a class monitor should be responsible in everything and must be in strict look. Oh ya, at that was the time my menstrual cycle start operation. I guess it effects my emotion as well. Girl ma~~

Seriously, I was so strict and serious till my friends started to isolate me. I had never been so lonely. I should say, it was a nightmare to me. Once I realized how others treated me because of how I treated others, I started to stop and reflect my behaviour.

"Am I really that bad?"

"Do I really need a change?"
"How should I change?"

That was the time when I got myself self-help books and advices from my best friends. I know, No one but myself can only change my behaviour. It took about months for me to change and unconsciously, I did it. It is like a miricle for me as I thought behaviour and personality wouldn't change as they are fixed and unchangeable.

Each year, I realized I am changing and I am glad the changes are positive. I believe environment, the society, family and personal values will change behaviour and personality too. Anyway, themost influential factor should be our own values - how we perceive things and how we control our thinking. Let us call it as self-management.

Without good self management, we will lead to an unhappy life as we fail to plan, organize and manage ourselves. I realize how important self management is after attending one of my counseling course. It has taught me a lot and I shall keep them in mind and apply it in my real life.

#Conclusion: You can change your behaviour and how you treat others.

Right now, I am still wondering what kind of personality do I have and how others view it from the outside.

Can my personality been showed up in my writing?
The way I speak?
The way I act?
Or in photos or video clips?

Well, I wish to know from you.

22 November 2008

Meet My Pet, PinkEggie :)

I am so addicted to Pet Society games in Facebook right now and I can't stop. If only if William, my cousin allows me to play his computer from day to night, I believe my eyes power will increase and I have to change my specs again. Anyway, I miss my computer. AHhwwww....

Right now I am still in Penang, enjoying my days with grandma. She made me lot of delicious dishes, including my aunt of course. Thank grandma and aunt. In another 2 weeks time, I know I will turn out to be a fat version curryegg. Oh my. I can't imagine it. Curry Ostrich egg? Lol..

Oh ya, come to meet my pet, PinkEggie. Cute name isn't it? I love her a lot. She is so cuttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

I shall thank JXiang for inviting me to play this games. Right now, I can't stop. Shall I blame him? lol... :P

This is the first few steps before you can play the games. Oh my. I'm lucky to capture the moment because it is so cool! Emmm.... all of the sudden, I feel like I am a kids. Sigh.... :(

Ta- da!
My PinkEggie is created and I can play with her now. She is so adorable.... :D

And this is our house. Well, it is empty right now, but I can decorate it once I earn more money. Besides, I can shop for clothes for Pinkeggie and buy her food. Cool uh? Like playing 'masak-masak' lah. HAha.. Welcome to my virtual world!

The best thing is, I can visit my friends in facebook who has Pet Society account as well. I can play with their pets and at the same time sending gifts to each other. I have received a few from a few of my friends. Ahhww... They are so nice... Thank you!


Isn't that cool?
You can play games and at the same time widen your social network. I love this games! Let me play another few hours before meeting my friends later.. hehehe....


Click here if you want this application in your facebook account.



Look! I found something interesting in this games. I can actually communicate with the pet's owner (which mean my friends in Facebook). I didn't realize this function until I saw a strange envelop icon. It is fun because I don't just get reply from my friends, but gift as well for Pinkeggie!

A message which I received from my friend.

A message to my friends. Sound like a complain here.. Lolx..

And I love this lovely-dovy graphic. It doesn't fail to make me smile and happy whenever I play this games Ahhww... I love the graphic!

I can even compete my pet with my friend's pets in the stadium. Lol... That's cool and I have captured the glory moment.. kekez.. :P

The winner! Weeeeee!

Another adorable thing I love in this games is shopping time! I think I did mention this before. Well, I have captured those garments provided for my pets. I can buy them in the pet shop. Isn't that cool? How lovely they are.. but some are expensive and I still can effort it.. :(

Hat and decoration.. :D


Some decoration for the house. It is call the luxury shop. Wow.. I like the purple octopus.. :D

Last but not least, the food stall. You can get any thing here including meat, drink, cheese, vegetable, fruits and cakes!

This is the special meal of the week.

I really love the idea. It makes me feel so children.. Oopsss... Children?

Whatever it is, I love Pet Society and I am going to spend my holiday playing this. OMG!

21 November 2008

Puppies! I Love Puppies!

I have never did anything like this.

I mean, I've never posted something as fast as this. Few minutes ago, I've just snapped some photos on the puppies and right now, I've edited them and wa-la.. the photos are ready to be presented on my blog. Yessssssssss!

I am fast!

Right now, I am in my aunt's house. I have a great time playing with my cousins and the new-born puppies! Seriously, they are so cute! I couldn't stop being a puppies photographer. Lolx...

The only photo I used flash.

Somehow, taking photos of the puppies are not easy as I couldn't use flash nor separate them. They are too afraid to be alone. So, the rest of the photos are a bit darker and blur.

The youngest puppy pee on the floor while I was busy adjusting their position. Ahww... sorry dear... I guess I've scared you... :(

This is the youngest puppy... white... :)
It pee on the floor... 0_O

And this is the eldest one.. It is the most indepent and brave among the three. I can see its leadership.. :)

Somehow, the shape of its face is kinda square.

Anyway, it is still
Can I have this one? May I? May I?

Ahhhwww... look at his sleepy eyes... XD

Taking photos of the puppies was not as hard as taking the 5 months older doggie. Its name is ko-ko (means brown). Oh my. It was so hard for me to take a perfect photo. It kept on jumping here and there, running around, sniffed and licked my toes. Ahhwww.....

See this and you will know what I mean..

We tried to hold ko-ko's head to face at my camera. However, the result was not that good. Not natural.

When we were about to give up, finally, it stood still and ta-da.....

The best photo of ko-ko!


I did it again!
weeeeeeeeeee.... ;D