21 November 2008

Puppies! I Love Puppies!

I have never did anything like this.

I mean, I've never posted something as fast as this. Few minutes ago, I've just snapped some photos on the puppies and right now, I've edited them and wa-la.. the photos are ready to be presented on my blog. Yessssssssss!

I am fast!

Right now, I am in my aunt's house. I have a great time playing with my cousins and the new-born puppies! Seriously, they are so cute! I couldn't stop being a puppies photographer. Lolx...

The only photo I used flash.

Somehow, taking photos of the puppies are not easy as I couldn't use flash nor separate them. They are too afraid to be alone. So, the rest of the photos are a bit darker and blur.

The youngest puppy pee on the floor while I was busy adjusting their position. Ahww... sorry dear... I guess I've scared you... :(

This is the youngest puppy... white... :)
It pee on the floor... 0_O

And this is the eldest one.. It is the most indepent and brave among the three. I can see its leadership.. :)

Somehow, the shape of its face is kinda square.

Anyway, it is still
Can I have this one? May I? May I?

Ahhhwww... look at his sleepy eyes... XD

Taking photos of the puppies was not as hard as taking the 5 months older doggie. Its name is ko-ko (means brown). Oh my. It was so hard for me to take a perfect photo. It kept on jumping here and there, running around, sniffed and licked my toes. Ahhwww.....

See this and you will know what I mean..

We tried to hold ko-ko's head to face at my camera. However, the result was not that good. Not natural.

When we were about to give up, finally, it stood still and ta-da.....

The best photo of ko-ko!


I did it again!
weeeeeeeeeee.... ;D