28 November 2008

The Wackiest I Would Do to Race for N96

When I didn't receive any email from Nuffnang on 24th of November 2008, I thought my mission to continue my race for N96 has been terminated. Despair and disappointment set in and I felt unwillingness to blog anymore. It was like the end of my day when I have to accept the fact of not being selected for Nokia 2nd round race.


Somehow, I guess the lady luck is on my side and I had actually received an email from Kelvin Leong from Nuffnang on that exact date, stating that I am eligible for the second run - which mean I am getting closer to win that freaky Nokia N96 phone!


Thank Kelvin!!!!

I was too careless to check my other isolated email boxes untill 2 days ago, a friend of mine sent some photos for me into one of the isolated email box. So I signed in and wa-la.... I saw a sparking email, written..

"Congratulation! You're now one step closer to get into the Nokia N96 race........."

*All of a sudden, my heart skipped a few beats*
*Am I dreaming??*

Some of you might be wondering, why am I so crazy over the Nokia N96? Seriously, do you really mean it? I mean, do you really want to know why? Hello~~
Nokia N96 you are asking me? Well, who wouldn't want that latest-multi-funtional handphone? It is like a dream to own a gadget which fits every youngster's needs.

Emmm... I am still a youngster right? Lol...

OkOk, I am an adult now. But still, it fits every high-tech-savvy-adult's needs (me! me!).
I have been dreaming of using time wisely by feeding myself with all my favourite songs, playing online games, updating my Facebook and Twitter status, upload new photos and video clips and blog them lively while waiting for classes or during break time in varsity

Besides, having this phone will allow me to fully use Ovi facilities. Thank to David for introduce this website for me and I found it cool! I can directly update my photo in Ovi and make it a slideshow for my blog like in my sidebar. Cool right? It is much faster than slide.com. And I want to play games in N96!!!

It sounds like multi-tasking but seriously, we, the new generation of high technology users can handle this, right?

Ever since David Lian showed me the new Nokia N96 during in the Nuffnang Halloween Party, I knew this smart phone will work perfectly on all my needs. I knew it... I knew it... because I have done my homework. Lol... I googled them of course!


So, I am given this golden chance to grab the last 2 Nokia N96 phones which are sponsored by the generous Nokia company and I am working on it right now. No matter how, I am trying my best to win this race! Yes I CAN!

Malaysia Boleh~~~~

My List:

  1. A good pair of shoes
  2. A comfortable t-shirt
  3. A pair of out-standing pants
  4. A glamourous cap
  5. A big bag
  6. Self-protection - egg frying pan
  7. Food - eggs
  8. Motivation notes - wall reminder
  9. Emmm.... what else?

Egg pan is for self-defense. Useful as it is hard, portable and easy to carry. It's a must for every female. At the same time, it can be used for cooking. So, eggs are necessary in this case.


Wait wait... How can I forget this beautiful pink band? It is a 2GB USB. Muahahaha... Got this from The Silence Halloween Party. Nice right? This band is for accessory. Hihi... :P


Well well well....
Don't you believe in me that I am going to be the wackiest candidate among the others?

Watch THIS and don't regret!

Reminder: No insurance is provided for any circumstances after watching this video clip. For safety, get your own insurance.

Now..... Can I have a Nokia N96.... may I????