27 December 2010

I Need Blog Update

Seriously, like very seriously I need to update my blog. It has been an abandoned blog since the past month. Well, there are so many things happened in my life and I can’t recall how they occurred.


Well, they are not important because what I have learned is that finding and gaining insights from the ‘uninvited incidents’ are what matter most. It is a life journey which we all should learn, grow and live.


A big bear hug is what I need from you.


Not going to write any further as I know I will write more and spoil my beauty sleep (emm.. it’s almost 2am in the morning. still beauty sleep? lol).


Will be back again for sure. So stay tune ;)

05 December 2010

Learning to dance in the rain

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, It's about learning to dance in the rain”.


From PeopleWhoInspireUs


What a meaningful quote and I find it true. I remember there are many storms that I have come across throughout my life and it was devastating. Fear, hurt, anger and sadness haunted me when stormy season arrived. Deep down in my heart, I hope it will end as soon as it could. Well, no one likes stormy day right?


I am facing one right now but this time, I am looking at it as a positive development and growth for both of us. It’s a contribution in developing a deeper and purer love. Well, it’s not as easy as this is written. Sadness and fear are still taking place. However, this stormy season will teach us a greater lesson which we have yet to learn and discover.


If we can stay longer and have faith in sunny days, maybe the storm will leave us a field of blossom colourful flower and greener land?


I believe I’ve grown up and are more mature in understanding the phenomenal of life. I realize that everything happen for a reason. When thing happened, take it as a challenge and face it with patience, wisdom and bravery. Or we might loss this opportunity to understand more about ourselves, people and life.


Life is about learning to dance in the rain. That’s true. Well, maybe with the company of shampoo, conditional, brush and towel too?


P/s: I am praying for those who are facing a hard battle in life are blessed with stronger heart and mind. Believe in the possibilities that things are getting better each time you face and put in effort. God bless.

03 December 2010

TM Everyone Connects 1st Anniversary

Have you visited the Everyone Connects website?


I have just visited it and find myself having fun playing with the cute avatar and chit-chatting with other visitors. It is like a ‘live chatroom’ where you can move your avatar around, meet other avatar and chat. It’s fun!




This youth-oriented website www.everyoneconnects.net is created by Telekom Malaysia Berhad’s (TM) recently as a celebration of its 1st anniversary. It’s a total fresh look with the introduction of new features and applications. The birthday celebration must be very grand because it was graced by Dato’ Sri Zamzamzairani Mohd Isa, Group Chief Executive Officer of TM, Rozalila Abdul Rahman, Chief Marketing Officer, TM and Imri Mokhtar, Executive Vice President, Consumer, TM.



EC anniversary (1)

EC anniversary (2)


How do I know? Because I read from the article! Thus I check out the website and I think you should too. Trust me, you can learn about TM services while entertaining yourself.. Winking smile


You will be able to interact within the communities, say ‘hello’ to one another, watch video clips, listen to music, view sporting events and movies. Also, I saw contest column where you will be informed with the upcoming events.




Just the problem is, I feel I am a complete weirdo because my first experience chit chatting with the community (a group of users) is so… weird. When I visited this website, my first conversation with others were as below:



Curryegg: Hi

User A: Hi. Ko ape ni (what are you?)

Curryegg: Emm.. curryegg?

User A: ………………………….

User B: ………………………….

User C: Hahaha….



Emmm… I thought my name is sweet and unique? Green with envy