29 June 2008

Macau Tower

After having a wonderful breakfast in Macau, we took a local tourist bus and started traveling around. It seemed so exciting at first. However, things changed in a sudden. From a bright, sunny sun turned into a dark, grey sky. Soon, a strong, fierce wind brought heavy rain to the town. As a result, Curryegg and her family were all wet and soaked with the heavy pour.


None of the umbrellas nor rain-coats could survive under the 'over-weight' rain. Big sigh... Because of the uninvited rain, we had to change our plan. We moved to the Macau Tower and waited the rain to stop. At the same time, we spent some valuable time wandering around the building. Guess what.. It's fantastic - if only if it didn't rain.

Now, look at what did I get from the tower?

Yes the tower!
Isn't it beautiful? Ahwww.. I'm glad to have this photo. I'd never climbed so high to the top and captured this photo!

Well, I was just bluffing.

The tower is made by Lego. Look!
Isn't that amazing?


You should have a look at these!

Bungy jump,
Mast climb,
Sky jump,
Skywalk X?

It's true. They have this facilities and look at the photo! This tower has 'the world's highest skyjump!'. Heck! I don't have the chance to have a look at this. Ahwww...

The heavy rain did not even allow me to shoot a photo on that high tower. Sob... I want to see the skyjump! Where are the strings?

One of the Macau bridge is located near this tower.. ;)
There are 3 main bridges.

Well, even if there was no rain, I'm not sure will I try the bungy jump, mast climb, sky jump or sky walk. Am I that brave enough to try? Puzzling with this question.
How about you? Will you try them?

Other than those exciting games, there are a few exhibitions available in the building. They are drawing, creative vases, artwork and etc.

I didn't take much photos in the exhibition hall. Why?
Because there are something more interesting... Yes, much more interesting than the antiques and crafts.

Welcome to Warner Bros. Studio Store in Macau!

And come to meet my 'Hello Kitty' in pink boxes!
Aren't they adorable! I remember Jay Chow love Hello Kitty. Is it true? :P

My blue, cute 'Doremon'...

Besides, I found something artistic in the second and third floors. What will happen when Curryegg meets something beautiful, artistic, funny or cute? Of course, she will act like this in front of the camera...

Oh... I miss my sweet memories.. ;)

Definitely, I love this drawing!

After spending an hour snapping photos in the building, the rain had finally stopped. Hurroyy! My new journey will begin again!
Where will I go next? Hehe... shh... I shall tell you in my next post..


28 June 2008

Touched By Connie Talbot And Yoo Ye Eun

Sometimes, I will be very negative towards my life. I feel incomplete and unsatisfied. I didn't like to be who I am, what I have, where am I and why am I here. Sometimes, I wish to be some kind of beautiful, adorable girl who look like a Barbie doll, living in a few millions cost of house in the big city with all the luxurious toys I want. I don't know why I have this kind of thoughts but no worries, I have stopped myself from becoming such a jerk because my life is fantastic and I'm lucky to be who I'm right now.

Have you been in my shoe before?
Have you thought of being unlucky for being who you are?
Will you feel your life incomplete and imperfect?

It's very obvious that I don't have much confident in myself and that's why I complained about my single lid eyes, sensitive skin, unattractive body figure and etc.. Well, I don't complain anymore.

As I remember, I've blogged about Yoo Ye Eun, the Korean small blind pianist who has touched most of the audience's heart. I'm really proud of her for her courageous to face the public, strong will to touch the people with her music and happy to be who she is without any distraction. I'm actually feel ashame for not satisfy with myself. Do I? Yes.

Lately, I've come across with a few interesting video clips from the Youtube and have already shared with several of my friends. Ahhh, I just couldn't stop myself from sharing them again in my blog. They are worth to be shared and watched for million of times.

Have you heard about Connie Talbot? She's a young girl who owns an angelic voice. You should watch this video clips if you have never heard about her.

Britain Got Talent show (audition):

Britain Got Talent show (final):

Isn't her voice so... sweet? And she's so cute, like a little princess.. ahww..
Once you know her, you gotta watch this! This is the best part among all the video clips here. Connie Talbot been in the Star King show in Korea and she met with Ye Eun. Isn't that great? It's when 2 genius met up in a tv show!

Star King Show:

Honestly, both of them do teach me something meaningful. They had taught me to be grateful with my life and enjoy being myself. Besides, be daring to share my own talents with the people around me. Since Connie at the age of 6 dares to stand on the stage, singing the best in front of Simon Cowell while Ye Eun, at the age of 5 played the piano and sang solely in dark, why not me? Why am I so afraid to show myself?

I know I shouldn't be afraid.
I know I should stand up and be myself.
I know I should be who I am,
not somebody else.

Yes! I'm going to be the best CurryEgg who can sell million of eggs in a day!
Wait and I will be one in the future..

26 June 2008

Breakfast In Macau

Having breakfast in Macau is not cheap compare to China. You can get at least RMB26++ for four people in Zhu Hai, China whereas MOP48++ in Macau. Oh my, did I tell you I had been to Zhu Hai, China before Macau? Oopss.. Sorry. Look like I've forgotten about it. I guess, Macau is too stunning with its night view and interesting historical places compare to Zhu Hai until I can forget about it? Sorry..

Anyway, I will blog about Zhu Hai after this. You will be amazed with what I have in my external hard disk right now. Hundreds of photos are in there.


Back to my story on breakfast searching attempt in Macau. We had been to several restaurants around the hotel area and looking for tempting meals with reasonable cost. Generally, majority of the restaurants are selling the same type of meals and charge for similar price.

We had done a little survey by walking around the area before coming into this cute, warm restaurant named "Chi Mei Mun Uk". I like their logo and banner. Isn't that creative?

Seriously, the creative design and the tempting aroma of food did attract us to enter the restaurant immediately without thinking twice. OMG! What happen to us? I guess, their strategy work well in attracting curious costumers like four of us here. Ha!

Clearly, they had stated all the meals and price in a piece of laminated colour menu. We took about few minutes, digesting all the information on the menu and next, start picking our meals in set. They have provided us with a few attractive set - 12 set of them!
Here are our order:

Whole cost: MOP87++

Within 17 minutes, our breakfasts were ready. They are fast. Good service I should say. So, here are our meals. They are quite heavy for me honestly. Usually, I will only drink a cup of Milo (chocolate drink) and a few pieces of biscuit or bread for breakfast because I am not fully awake. Unlike lunch and dinner, I will eat a lot!!

My hot milk tea
My mum's breakfast: Soup noodles

Mine breakfast set - a bun, corn, fried egg and 2 sausages

This is how I look like when I was half awake. Lol.. I was forced to wake up at 7.20 a.m and have my breakfast at 8.00a.m. I can feel my tired eyes with messy hair in this picture. Lol..
Nah.. you just gotta accept my look when I look awful. Haha.. Everyone has their good and bad look, agree?

My cousin's breakfast: Sandwiches, chicken wing, ham and corn.

Here are the very special meal in which you should look for if you're in Macau or Hong Kong. They are famous with this meal. Of course, I will only recommend you if only if you take pork. Or else, I'm sorry.

So, please welcome the most famous food in Macau and Hong Kong- "Zhu Pa Pau" (Pork Chop Burger). No one will ever miss this (This is what my parents told me). Lol.. But it's true.

My dad's breakfast : Pork Chop Burger

The fresh, soft bun is so crispy with the taste of the melting butter. And oh no!!! No one can ever resist the indescribable taste of the grilled pork chop and onion which will tempt you to chew them immediately! Eerrr... Give me that right now!

And who are the lucky one who ordered this meal? Well.. He's my dad.. Eerr...
Before my dad could touch the plate, I stole half of it and my mum took another half. Sad to say that my dad ended up eating my meal. Lol.... Sorry dad. "Zhu Pa Pau" is too hard to resist. No worries, I'm not a bad daughter. I did give him a quarter of the pork chop burger.

*Evil laugh*

Thank Wendy For My New Banner

Yes. Curryegg.Com has a new banner. Yahooooo!!!!
I have to thank Wendy who has spent time creating a few new banners for my blog. I've chosen this among the 4 different designs.

Thank you a lot my dear friend. I've never feel so much joy and love from the blogosphere until I've met a few nice people including you. Thanks again and I really love your work.

Isn't that lovely?
You can see curry and egg appear in my blog everyday right now? Haha... And someone just commented it feels like summer? Lol..

Well, I just love it. By the way Wendy, will the egg break and a little chick appear? Haha...


24 June 2008

A Romantic Moment In The Venetian Macao

I've been editing all my video clips when I was in The Venetian, Macau since last evening and finally, they are done and ready to be served for you my friends..

The editing job is really time consuming and I can feel someone is angry towards me.. Oopss.. Sorry.. I will do my job after this.. Hoho...

Remember my previous post on "Unforgotten Moment In Venetian"? This is a continuous post from it with video clips attached. Cool isn't it? Yes. Short video clips are here!

Before showing up my video clips, I need to remind you about this, again. Every photos and video clips in this and my previous posts were taken in The Venetian Casino in Macau. Yes, Macau and not Venice, Italy. Remember this ok? I'm worried you might get wrong and confused once watch these video clips.. Lol...

Get ready for the excitement right here, right now!
*Drum roll*

By the way, I have to show you the view of the buildings before watching the video clips. You have to see the outside before the inside so that you will have a better perception on it. But sadly, I don't have the outdoor photos because it was a rainy day and I failed to snap any photos of it. No worries, I've grabbed some photos from other websites. Hehe... Thank to Uncle Google and here are they...

Beautiful isn't it?
Well, luckily I still managed to capture some of these photos in the building despite the heavy rain.

Oh.. my superstar.. hehe...

This 10,500,000-square-foot (980,000 m²) building is call The Venetian Macao which is actually a casino resort in Macau, China. It is the largest single structure hotel building in Asia and third largest building in the world. For more info: Here.

Of course, description in Wikipedia is not enough to make fall in love with the place. All you can see are thousand of words describing about the view, accommodation, people and etc. They are not enough to bring you into the world of The Venetian which imitates the atmosphere in Venice, Italy.

No worries. Here are my 4 collection of video clips which I enjoy the most. It's so interesting, so exciting and so romantic.. ahww....

Night in The Venetian Macao is never dull with the present of the violinist and the pianist playing for the visitors...

Ok... Another drum roll please...
*Drum Roll*

My cousin, Kiiro had attempted to waltz with me but OMG! Dancing in the middle of the street with so many people watching? I might get into the YouTube. No no.. I'm too shy to dance. Lol..

Besides the alluring music, "What A Wonderful World" played by the violinist and the pianist, there is another surprise from the river... Ok.. the man-made-river.

It's the singing gondola! Lol.. haha.. Isn't that romantic? You get a ride on the gondola and someone is singing for you. Ahwww.. but sigh.. It's too expensive for me to try. Sob.. I can't effort it. Sigh..

Next... there is a mysterious white statue in the place. No no.. I have made a mistake. I mean, there are a few but I managed to capture one.

Ahww... The dancing white statue?

Along the way, I had met up with a magician and it was such a great meeting. He had done some tricks on me and I thought my cousin had managed to capture the whole process. Unfortunately, my digital camera didn't work well and it ended up like this...

Just a short one. Sigh.. It's ok. I will find him out again, next time. I will request him to use curry and egg instead. Cool!!!

The Venetian Macao is a real amazing place to be discovered. In Macau, there are about 30 casinos and The Venetian Macao is the largest and the most attractive among the others. To be frank, I'm not attracted to the casino. Instead, I love the design and the atmosphere.

I feel like I'm visiting a palace. Lol...
Ok then, it's time to go home..

Did you notice his costume?
Haha... I'm honored to be served... ;D
Bye bye..

Coming up next: Breakfast in Macau


What kinda of images will appear in your mind right now when you read the word "baby face"? I believe it must be something cute, chubby, soft, innocent and young right? Something which will make you want to hug and pinch their faces. True?

Supposedly, baby face should look something like these...

Or at least... like this!!!

Aren't they adorable?
However, I have never being told that baby face can look something like this:

Taken in: Zhu Hai, China

Can I pinch it?