16 June 2008

Real Confession-Something Spooky?

Some of you might realize that your comments are not being moderated and replied for 2 days. As a result, there is 0 eggs on my comments box. Well, I can just click the 'automatically accept comment' button and let all your comments flow into my egg boxes. However, I'm not going to do that because, I might have miss reading your comments. I want to read whatever your 'eggs' are - either good or bad.

You might get curious since I want 'eggs' desperately and why don't I just accept all the comment and reply them before posting for a new post? Well... there's something spooky here and I shall confess..

My real confession is... I'm not on my computer right now and this post isn't published by myself. It's 'him' who did that...

Isn't that sound horrible?

Yes. I'm not sitting in front of my computer, nor any computer right now. I'm in Macau! Yes.. You heard me? I'm happily having holiday in Macau. Isn't that spooky? So, who are the one who posted this post if I'm not in front of the computer?

"He" is Blogger.. Blogger is "He"..

I've set an automatic time to post this before I leave to Macau so that my readers will not get bore visiting a non-updated blog when I'm away for few days (first time and I wonder will this really work?)
Sorry if I've made you waited for so long. As a promise, I will be back with more interesting photos (I hope) and share them with you here. Deal?

I heard some of you asking, why don't I just bring along my laptop and blog there? Well.... this question is tough to answer because.. I do have a laptop but it's an old version which is nearly 5kg onwards. It's heavy! Mum has warned me not to bring any electronic stuff accept MP3 and camera. Sob..

But no worries, I'll bring my diary along so that I can jot down all my inspiration there. Haha.. great idea?

If you still remember my previous post on Touched By Words, you will notice that I'm mentioning about my birthday. Someone has complained about my early announcement on my birthday which is still another 2 months ahead. Well, let me explain.

I'm too excited to travel to Macau and generally, Macau is famous with C-A-S-I-N-O. So, I'm seeking ways of entering the casino with my 20+ + age. Uhh... I just wish to be a 21-year-old-chick as early as I can so that I will not be abandoned by my parents who can enter the casino!!!

Err... I just couldn't imagine sitting at the lobby all by myself if I'm being stopped by those guards while my parents happily visiting the casino. Eeerrr.... I need to make myself look more mature!

Well, I guess I should sleep now. It's 3.12am.. My flight is at 1.30pm tomorrow.

Miss me ya? ;)
(Wish me have a safe journey so that I can get connected with you guys again. Love..)