12 June 2008

I Want To Be Somebody!

This is a continuous post from the previous one. Do read this if you haven't so that you are not lost... ;)

Yup! I do have my own dream and I believes everyone of you here have one (or more), am I right? Be it a small-tiny dream or big-stupendous one, it doesn't matter. As long as we have dreams, and stick ourselves to them, I'm sure we can get out from our boring routine. Right?

So, what's on my mind right now? Who I actually want to be for that...

"Somebody" here sounds.... cheeky..

Honestly, I'm still thinking of who I want to be? Who should I choose?

Nicolekiss who travel all around the world and at the same time being a columnist for the local newspaper (Thestar). She's a well-known blogger! However, I don't have $$$ to spend on travel. Sigh.. maybe I should be someone who can earn more $$$ first?

I can be like Timothy Tiah or Ming Shen who own a big company (best in Malaysia and Singapore) which is called Nuffnang. Isn't that great? Making business and making friends via blogging at the same time? Wow.. I wanna be like them!

Timothy Tiah
Ming Shen

However, I can't imagine myself building an advertising company called... 'Curryegg.Com'. It sounds like food and not fabulous (but I think it's cute.. haha). Can you imagine Nike ads under Curryegg.Com company and being placed in every blog? Will it sound, humorous? It sounds like food, isn't it? Ok ok. I know they are food!!! Curry and egg. There are quite a number of people asking me why I choose Curryegg as my name. Lol.. maybe you should read this if I haven't answer you.

Maybe I should stop dreaming of being like Timothy and Ming Shen.
Instead, I wanna be like...

The seductive woman like Jessica Alba...

Hot body and attractive features like her have become every girl's dreams (I mean majority of us). Having the chance to appear in the magazine, newspaper, television, posters and even in the handphone wallpaper are FANTABULASTIC!!!! ( Thank Jeffro for giving this term to me.. hehe..)

But.. sigh.. I don't have a hot body nor beautiful features like her. Maybe I should go for plastic surgery? Serious? Nah.. Just joking... :P

Or I should be like Natalie Portman...

She's intelligence, sexy and talented. Ahww... I love her.. ;)
Or even better.. Maria Sharapova who is now a young millionaire.

Of course she is one of them. She earns from her Tennis games and advertisements. Besides, she has her own perfume!

I want to be like her (a sportswoman) and own myself a perfume with the name of "Curryegg perfume"..
Now, who wanna buy? I will take the order.

Buy for my perfume?

If I don't get any order for my perfume, then I shall rub off the crazy idea and look for someone else. Em... maybe I should be...

How about be like Mr.Bean? He's a doctor (am I right?) and at the same time an artist for his show 'Mr. Bean'. I love watching his show when I was a child. Whenever I imagine myself brushing my teeth and changing clothes in the small car, I will start to laugh out loud.. muahahah....

Yes. I wanna be like him, a joker. But shit! I am not good in acting nor joking. No one will sign me for a contract. Sigh...

*erasing my plan*

Now I know...
I want to be "Somebody" who is really "Somebody".
Who else other than Bill Gates?

He has the brain, wealth and luck. Isn't that great? And most importantly, he's a Billionaire!!! Pwweettt.... owning the widest, biggest, glamorous Microsoft company like him.. ;D

Ok. You caught me.
I know nothing about software, not even a simple code like CSS, HTML nor.. Java script. Sigh.. I should take Computer Science instead of Counseling. *Heart-broken*

Maybe I can be like the respectful Venerable Master Hsing Yun by serving and helping the people with his knowledge, love and care.

I love reading his book and intended to follow his footsteps. Ahh ahh ah... Don't get me wrong. I don't mean to be a nun.. I mean, I wish to learn more about Buddha teaching about enlightenment and purpose of life.

Maybe I should agree with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's idea on this beautiful quote:

"Human evolution has two seps: the first is from being a 'somebody' to being a 'nobody', and the second is from being a 'nobody' to being 'everybody'. this knowledge can bring sharing and caring throughout the world."

Frankly, I agree with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Sometimes being a "somebody" isn't sound good nor perfect. You will start creating ego in yourself, alienating others who are not in A class and being very negative with people. As a result, you will never feel love and warm from the people (who are not in the same class as you). Why? Because you start to draw a line, segregating your world from others. For example, if you are someone famous like Michael Jordon, President Ma Ying-Jeou, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Britney Spears or Jay Chow, you will hardly see them without body-guards.

Of course, being glamorous is so cool. Who don't wanna be one of the star if there is a chance? However, the world will be slightly different by then. As for me, I hope to be "everybody" instead of "somebody" because there are so much to learn from people and not to forget, the environment.

My conclusion: I want to be "myself" who can mix with "everybody".

So, how about you? What is your opinion on "Somebody", "Nobody" and "Everybody"? Which one do you want to be and why? Do share your opinion here. It's OK either you agree or disagree with my point. There will be no harm having a small discussion with us.