19 June 2008

Yahoooo!!! I'm Back!!!


Oh... she's back!
So, who has been missing her all the time. Raised your hand please.


So, how are you guys? OMG! I miss you guys so much. You know what, I have a weird dream yesterday. I was dreaming about my blog! I saw there are only 3 comments in these 5 days and my readers are decreasing till ZERO!
And the next thing was, my alarm shouted at me, asking me to wake up and go home. Lol..

As soon as I reached home, I unpacked my stuff, have a great shower and finally sitting in front of my computer to check the emails and comments. Lucky enough, it is not 3 comments but 37!!!! It may sound little to you but hey! I'm really happy and glad. haha... Yahoooooo! at least I know that my readers didn't forget about me.. ;)

*dancing around*

Thank you for your wishes and comments. I'm safe to be in Malaysia and will continue blogging tomorrow. I'm tired and exhausted. The flight has been delayed because of the bad whether in Macau. As a result, I reached home at 12.10am.

RIght now, my head is spinning like in the sushi bar. Dizzy....
I shall sleep now and will catch out with you guys tomorrow, shall I? Hehe...
Good night everyone and have a beautiful Thursday.

A photo from Macau.
Portuguese Egg Tart.. yummy.. ;)

There will be more..
More... and more photos!
Stay tune.. ;)

Ahwww... I miss my bed...