04 June 2008

Hot Sales Hot Sales! Just RM0.0027 For Petrol

Wondering did you read the wrong blog title?
RM0.0027 for one liter of petrol? Or one milliliter?

Of course RM0.0027 for one milliter silly.. There will be no cost lower than this, never again in Malaysia. Sigh...

Just some hours ago, our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi just announced the rising price for petrol, diesel and electricity and the new price will be effective starting by this midnight (5 June 2008)

New Price
a) Petrol = RM 2.70
b) Diesel = RM2.58
c) Electricity = Up to 18% for home and 26% for business user

For more detail, visit here.

So, what happen next?
The Malaysian are now rushing to the nearby petrol station and fill their cars with as much petrol as possible. They don't mind if their cars will be 'overloaded' with petrol. Who cares? We're now more concern with our purse which will burst in any minutes. OMG! I will end up eating bread for the entire life.

Just an hour ago, dad was trying to line up to get a place to fill up his car. Guess what? The petrol station was crowded with people. I bet, every petrol station in Malaysia is now filled with road users...

If your car hasn't hit the word 'F' in the petrol meter, go and hit it now or you will regret for the rest of your life.

I think my personal message in MSN which I typed it since yesterday sounds so true.... gua...

Thank smashpop for sharing this in Twitter. Now we've a cute video clip here regarding to this issue.. Gosh.. I guess can't imagine walking like "THAT".....