11 June 2008

May I know More About You?

Sometimes I wonder....

Who are my readers?
Where are they from?
Why are they here?
What do they love to read?
Which type of post do they love the most?
How do they reach my blog?

And all those 5W+1H questions keep spinning in my mind. It's not that I don't like readers! I love my readers a lot...lot...lot, more than you know. Frankly, the main reason why I love readers is because of they will leave me comments- valuable comments which are synonymous with feedbacks for my blog or my posts (or both!).

The reason why I turn myself into a Blogger user instead of Friendster is because of I want a bigger exposure in networking, not until I know that I can make money as well. It's always fun to meet new people and become friends at the end. No man is an island, do you agree with me? I was an active blogger in Friendster before (my Friendster's blog). However, I didn't get much feedbacks from my friends in Friendster and I thought they might not interested with whatever I blog there. Soon, I created an account in Blogger and start pouring my story into this blog, expecting a bigger range of niche. Well, it does happen. Thank you to all my readers. Hugs.. I love you the most..

*Jumping up and down in front of my computer*

The number of reader in this blog is increasing day by day and this does motivate me to blog more often. Thank you my friends for paying your visit to this blog. I'm glad to have you here. However, I'm still puzzling with the '5 Wife + 1 Husband' questions. I wish to know you deeper, as deep as I can, may I? Well, don't worry. I don't need your personal details. Just help me to answer some simple questions in my poll which is placed next to my sidebar (The blue pool which is on your right hand side). Let me get a clearer idea about my readers. Wow! Isn't that great? This is my first time getting in touch with my readers... ;)

Since I'm eager to receive your comments (eggs), I wish to receive some feedbacks from you on your 'like and dislike' about how the comments being stored, used and responded. Just leave your answers in the blue poll. They will help me to understand your needs and expectations. Thank you in advance!

Here are some details I need to add for the poll. Just in case some of you might not know what's the Cbox mean, it's a chat box which I've placed beside my side bar. Some of you might not have a cbox. It's ok. Just click the answer on 'what's a cbox'.

The last question of the poll will be, "Is it Ok if Curryegg blog about your comment and post it up in her blog?". Here is one of the example I've done before.

Last but not least, you can leave an 'egg' (comment) for me at the end of this post. Do tell me your opinion, suggestion or anything which has come up in your mind. I will be glad to hear them... ;)

Have a nice day.. Hugs.. ;D