21 June 2008

Unforgettable Moment In Venetian

Sorry for letting you guys waiting. Sigh... Sometimes, things just happen without an early notice. That's what I call as "Surprises!".. Lol..

I've very good reasons behind my disappearance. Firstly, it was because of my granny, again. We received a call from my cousin saying that my granny has just done her 2nd operation on her arm and then, we rushed to the hospital at noon. To my relief, she's getting better and the bone specialist has allowed her to discharge. Then, dad and I spent the whole afternoon there, chatting with my poor granny.

Next, it's about my animal costume. I thought it's easy to get one. Ya. It's indeed easy but they are not what I want. At the end, I fail to buy my desirable animal costume and end up struggling in the hypermarket. Sigh sigh..

Following that, my internet connect or maybe my computer is running really slow. I hardly edit my photo nor blogging at night. I waited until 2a.m and things were still the same. The next thing I do was 'SHUT DOWN' my computer. Sigh.. sigh.. sigh..

But no worries, I know today will be my sunny day.
*trying to put on positive energy to myself*


So here they are. These are the photos and story which I've promised to share with you here. Ohh.... I just couldn't stop myself from smiling while editing and uploading them here. They are such a sweet memory to me.

Oh ya.. Now I remember. I've asked you to guess the place right? Hehe... Let me announce the answer here with such a big pride...
*drum roll*

Venice, Italy!!!

Looks like Curryegg has cheated you for so long. She claimed that she was in Macau but actually she was in Venice, Italy. How bad she is... :(

Venice is a real beautiful place. I've fallen in love once I stepped in into the place. I can feel the warm and romantic atmosphere. I feel like getting married there with someone I love. Lol...

I wanna get married on the boat.. ahwww..

I'm lucky enough to be able to meet this magician. He showed me some tricks using dental floss and a mini pyramid. Then, he cut the dental floss into small pieces and rolled it into a blog. Then, placed it in the mini pyramid and then pull it tightly.. and puff.... a straight perfect line was formed! OMG! How did he do that?

I did ask my cousin to make a video on his trick. But sadly... my camera doesn't work. Uhh... sigh... ;(

But it's ok.. No worries.. I can find him another day.. kekez..

My cousin was so sentimental and he has proposed a tall, beautiful Italian lady to be her wife. Uhh? Oh my God!

Hey, come back!!! Don't leave Malaysia for the lady.. Lol... hahaha...
Well, Curryegg of course wouldn't miss the chance to snap a few nice photos. It's great to have my cousin around because he's professional in catching a good angle.


While I was posing for this picture, I heard a few people were laughing at me. They stopped in front of me, watching and giggling. I thought this pose was perfect and wondering why people were laughing at me. Why? It's this funny?

Soon, Kirro and I left the place and looking for my parents. Before that, I managed to turn around and I spotted something. Guess what?
The woman and the two men who were laughing at me copy the same pose I did earlier. See...

Lesson: Never laugh at people (especially bloggers) who did something 'spectacular' or else you will end up being laughed (in her blog). Muahahahaha.....

Next, we went into this 'Choi Heong Yuen' shop looking for my parents. Well, they sell biscuit and cookies but very expensive. Uhh....

In the hope of getting some discounts for the biscuit and cookies, this is what we did..

We try to promote their product in a good way. But.. sigh.. too bad, no discount. sob...
Not long after that, I came across with a white statute..

This is not an ordinary statue.. It can move and dance once you give him money...

Honestly, it did scare me!!!
I didn't know that it can move!!!

However, he's cute... ;D

Before leading to the casino, we spotted another tall, handsome Italian guy.. OMG! He's really tall!!! See, how short my dad is.. kekekz..

The high class shopping Mall in Venetia.

I managed to snap a photo of the casino before being stopped by a stuff. Wow.. I thought it was OK to snap outside the casino. But lucky enough, I own this photo..

Oopss... Did I just mention casino? OMG! You caught me again.. I know I know. I've been cheating you from the very beginning. Sigh... This is not Venice in Italy. I thought of wanting to cheat you so that you believe I've been to Italy. Ok.. Ok.. I confess...
Every photos here are taken in Venetian Casino in Macau. Isn't that beautiful? They look so real!

Even the sky, they painted it. It's not the real sky.

They are genius!

If you still remember, I've mentioned my worry if I'm not allow to enter the casino in my previous post. I worried that they might not allow someone who hasn't reach 21-year-old. I've tried to dress like an adult so that they would not suspect me.

When I reach the door, I tried to keep myself calm and professional- acting like I'm a real 21-year-old adult. And I did a real good job and manage to step into the hall. *Yes*
I was about another few steps in before the guard stopped me.

The guard: "Hello miss. May I have your passport?"
Me: "Of course" *trembling*
My mum: "She is 21 and can't she step into the casino?"
The guard: "I'm sorry madam, I'm just doing my job"

He scanned my passport and finally threw out a few words...

"Ok miss. You can enter. Have a nice day"...

I can enter? Really?
Then I spotted something on the board and it stated that visitors who are 18 and above are allowed to end..

Ceeehhhhhh..... Why am I so worried then?
Chirpily, I entered the casino with no doubt. Yahoo000! Finally!

I thought casino is a nice place but after wandering around I know it's not a place I would like to hang around. I hate the smell of the smoke and the games are not fun at all. Mum and I have even spotted some young Chinese prostitutes. Uhh...

The next thing I did was get out from the casino and start my photography session, again. Haha.. The place is really beautiful and luxurious. Nearly everything is painted in gold.

I wish to snap some photos in outdoor but too bad, it was raining heavily out there. Sigh... Miss the chance. But no worries, I know I will be in Venetia again, someday.. ;)

Coming up: More photos and video clips in the next post, stay tune..


Note: I will attend Nuffnang 'Live' Blogging party tonight at 6.30pm till 10.00pm. I heard all of us (the 100 lucky Nuffnangers) will be given a Maxis broadband and blog instantly in the cafe. Isn't that cool? I've never tried this before and been wondering how it will work. Don't worry, I will not leave you alone. You can find out about the party via my blog. The fun thing is.. you will see me wearing animal costume.. em.. maybe just t-shit? haha..

Updated: Didn't get the chance to blog during the Nuffnang party because I didn't bring my laptop along. Sorry for letting you wait. Hugs...