10 June 2008

Are You Ready To Be A Panda?

Am I ready to be a panda?

I'd asked the wrong question.
I mean "Are you ready to be a KUNG FU Panda??"

I just couldn't stop myself from telling others how nice the movie is. Yes. It's the latest movie (or should we call it as cartoon?) from DreamWorks. I swear, it's as hilarious as Shrek 3!

I went to the cinema for this movie yesterday and all I can say is, the movie is worth for the RM2.70-per-liter-petrol cost!! Sigh.. life is getting tough recently. I jailed myself for nearly a week ever since our Prime Minister announced the new price for electricity and petrol. Geerrrr..... Where's my life? ;(

Ok. Stop that rant and continue with our Kung Fu Panda movie. There are two version of languages you can get- English and Cantonese. I picked the Cantonese version and it's absolutely fantastic!

At the very first moment, I started with a chuckle. Next, I begin to giggle... And without any sign, my eyes were filled with tears before I found myself rolling on the floor. Lol... I just couldn't stop myself from laughing and I guess, I was not alone. I could hear most of the audiences were laughing as loud as mine. Haha... That's great!

One of my favourite part:

Char Siew Pau? (Pork Bun?)

This is how a large-over weight-cute panda being trained... Kung Fu Panda? Serious?

Honestly, I love the story and the way they present it. I should rate the movie for 4.6 over 5 for the effective sound effect, beautiful drawing, creative storyline and you name them. However, the movie is kinda short- One an a half hour? Frankly, I haven't finish my laugh!!! Uuhh... I want more! More!!!

By the way, I didn't notice the Panda's voice is actually from Eason Chan while the monkey is Jacky Chan's voice (Cantonese version)! No wonder they sound familiar. So, do this add another point for you to watch the movie? Yes? No?

Eason Chan (Hong Kong)

18SX and 18PL!!! Again?
Oopss.. Let me pick another picture of him...

Ahh.. this is better..
Jacky Chan (Hong Kong)

There's a message behind this story which I want to share it with you.

There's no any secret of success other than believing in yourself.

Give yourself a couple of seconds to think about this message. Isn't that make sense? It is motivating, isn't it? I heard somebody is asking me for the movie review. Ahh ahh ahh.. I'm not going to tell you the story but don't worry, I can show you the trailer here.. *naughty wink*

English Version (Too bad, there's no trailer in Cantonese)

What should I conclude for this movie? It's damn, hilarious!!!! Oopss... Watch it or you will miss the laugh-out-loud moment. Muahahahaha....

Pay a visit to: Kung Fu Panda website
I just get this cool free widget from this website. You can play games, watch trailers, make your own panda and read your daily fortune cookies! Isn't that great!

Muacks.. I love panda who knows Kung Fu...