30 June 2007

Stepping Into Uni Life

Look! My room was so messy. Lol... *shy*

Ohh... It is 11.45pm now and I still blogging. Oops! Mummy is mumbling me to sleep but I have to blog this to share with you!

Jane is staying at my home now. We will go to the varsity tomorrow. Oh... I'm excited!
We have just finished packing our stuff. We packed clothes, snacks, foods, and other stuff. Haha... Here is what we have done.

Jane is smilling...

We curved our lovely smile on our face while my dad took this photo... hehe... *smile*

Jane gave me this bitter Chinese herbs. This is good to cool my body.
(It's good for sore-throat and fever) Just in case!

There are: 3in1 mocha, Cereal drink with oat (my favourite) and Tiger biscuit( my favorite too!)
I think should be enough gua~

Hair oil, face form, dental floss (for teeth), Roll-on for uneasy smell from the armpit and facial paper( for oily face)
I need to take care of my cleanliness and be healthy...

Toothbrush and children tooth paste. Ohh...I know you're laughing for this kids product. I don't have choice. I just have this small-in-sized orange flavour tooth paste! *shy*

Clothes hanger, pile and brush. I have to wash my own clothes... :(
No washing machine I guess...

My clothes..

My 2nd bag.. I put all my documents here..

Here... my bags...

So... my friend, I am on my way to University now. I am so excited for this orientation week. Remember what I've told you? My torturing week!
I'm wondering how I will be played by my seniors.. Uhh.... Any idea?

Haha... I don't know. I'll tell you soon. Keep in touch with me ok?
Good night! :)

Same tags

I'm tagged by Gingy and Vitruvian. Thanks girls. Thanks for remembering me. Both of the tags are similar to what I've done few months ago.
To view it, click here.

Anyway, I feel like answering these tag again. Remember, this is P&C (personal and confidential) Lol... so shh.... keep these as secret between you and me.

Here are another 8 facts about me:
  1. I can sms without looking at the screen. That's mean, while I'm half sleeping, my fingers are still active in pressing words on the key pad.
  2. I love curry. I love my tongue being hurt by hot and spicy curry. Uhhh... yummy.. ;)
  3. I love Royal Jelly body shampoo. Have you tried? The aroma is lovely and I'm dying for it.
  4. I want a dog! I owned a chihuahua before but she was dead in an accident. Ohh.. I miss you, Mandy.. :(
  5. Sports - I'm into volleyball, basketball, swimming and marathon (BEFORE) but now... I can't.. sob... Because I'm to lazy to move.
  6. Make-up - I really don't have any idea in how to make myself prettier. I don't know how to make-up. I'm stupid in this. Girls should know this right? Sad... I should learn..
  7. I'm sensitive to smell, sound and color. I can detect a smell very well especially food. I can hear people who are discussing about gossip although they are just whispering. And I hate ugly graphic. BEwAre of me.. Lol...
  8. Sentimental songs- I love sentimental songs. I feel comfortable and relaxing while listen those loving songs. Some have even touched my heart :)

So, here are another 8 facts about me. Whoever who are interested can just pick this tag and blog them. I shall write another post later before attending the orientation week tomorrow. See ya... ;)

28 June 2007

I Miss My Primary School

I miss my primary school!

Before, I used to hate it. I felt like, going to school was a boring routine.
  • Sang the National Song during assembly ( every Monday)
  • Wore Uniform
  • Attended classes
  • Being punished by the teacher (for not doing their homework)
  • Play hide & seek with friends
  • Recess
  • Sport
  • Exams

Why I say this is a boring routine?

Let say:
Primary school = 6 years
Secondary school = 5 years

6 years x 300 days = 1800 days
5 years x 300 days = 3000 days
Total = 4800 days

Wow! 4800 days?!! That's mean I've spent 4800 times for these boring routine!
Anyway, I still miss my school time. Hehe... Since I've left my school for such a long time, I start to miss my schools. It's impossible for me to return to my past, attending classes wearing dark blue uniform, being punished by the teachers and get cheap meals from the canteen. Sob... ;(

There are 4 choices to get back to the school:
    1. Be the teachers - teaching in the school
    2. Be a rubbish collector
    3. School staff
    4. Be your children's parents
Somehow, you can only be the visitor who can just take a glimpse of the school. Just like this:

The school building

The school mission

The stairs to the office ( couldn't go up since it was locked)
Since when they made this?

The classroom... ohh..I miss it!
Small chairs, small tables...
The notice board
Can you see those cute painting?

The toilet... em... *sweat*

The garden... wow.. Since when they made this? Unfair!
School assembly..
I used to sing National song here... 'Negaraku....Tanah tumpahnya darahku..."

The car park

Rest placeThe canteen

Wash your hands before and after meal...!!!
The park! Hey! This is new! How unfair! I can't play.... sob..
Even this is new!
Decoration : "Malay house"

The field

So, do you miss your school? Or am I the weird girl who the only one who miss school? I don't care.. Muahaha..
I wonder how will a University life be... Will it be boring? Interesting? fun? I will find out soon...

Let me confess this again:

I Miss my ex-school!

27 June 2007

The Danger of X-ray

Last Saturday was my first time, doing an X-ray. Although it's not painful, there is a side effect. I think most of you should know about radiation right? Radiation is the silence killer. There are alpha, beta and gamma rays. Of course we can't see them but the scientists have identified them for us.

X-rays are a type of electromagnetic radiation with the wavelengths around 10-10 meters. They are hard x-ray and soft x-ray. OK. Stop this Physic concept. What we should concern of is the gamma ray.

Gamma rays
The gamma rays are the most dangerous form of radiation emitted by a nuclear explosion because of the difficulty in stopping them. They can pass through our skins directly since gamma-rays are not stopped by the skin. That's mean, the rays will destroy our body cells and even kill them.

Uhhhwww.. It's far more dangerous than the mobile ways! Some studies say that they will cause leukemia, lung, liver, skeletal and other cancer if we expose ourselves too long for these gamma rays.

The clinic that I went
The X-ray machine
The machine

The stuff who monitor the machine...
Jane who was doing the X-ray... wearing just the white *clothes...
We've to take off (except the pants) everything include the bra.. aiyo

*clothes- I don't know the word.. lol...sorry..

Actually, I know this fact for a long time but I still need to do the X-ray. And the most stupid thing that I had ever done.... was... I stayed in the X-ray room for quite a long time to take the pictures. *regret*

THe result

I think there are a lot of cells of mine being destroyed by these stupid rays. Eerrr.... I'm stupid now!

  • Never stay in the X-ray room for too long
  • Never wait your friend
Last but not least, don't do any X-ray more than once in the period of 6 months. If the staff have captured wrongly and want to snap your X-ray for the second time, DON'T! You can sue them instead.


25 June 2007

The Mischievous Little Girl

Those photos that I'm loading now are not a travel photos. It's just something about me. Hope that you won't get disappointed.

Still remember where I'd been for the past few days? Don't tell me you've forgotten. *sob*
Well, I am lucky to have my mum... a super 'caring' mum. She made us a herb drink and it was 'Yummy'... ;(

A black soya source? (Kicap?)

Cheers Jane~

I drank

She drank

Ok ok.. I lie. It's not yummy... :(
Well, I didn't snap any of our funny look since both of us had fainted as soon as the drink touched our throat. *yuck!*

Overall, we had a pleasant time in the car, ACCEPT the drink. Lol... We are lucky to get a ride on my cousin's car. Look! There is a small tv. See? hehe... ;D

TVB- Hong Kong drama movie

The journey took around 5 hours. It's time consuming but things are worthy when we can meet our relatives and of course..... this little girl too.
Her age
: 18 months

What a pose!

Do you realise my title for this post? Mischievous Little Girl. I know I know, you think that I'm wrong to label her as a naughty girl. Anyway, just scroll down your mouse. Just listen to me.

While I was playing with her...


Ah chiak! haha..

Cute pose

She's so happy..

She was so cute as first but.....

Hey girl! Come Back!!!

Climbing the door gate...
Trying to escape...
Examine the pad lock..
Failed, soon she rang the door bell... *Ding Dong*

I had tried to grab her but her muscles were so strong. She just couldn't let go her hands from the gate. Err....

To stop her from that dangerous activity, I tried to trick her by stealing her dogs (toys) in front of her. Guess what? She was so angry and immediately climbed down and got me! Hoho...

I wonder, how does her grandma (my aunt) babysit her in this few years?
She... she.... play mahjong? Gosh!

Innocent look- "Don't scold me"

She was trying to ask me to play with her. So I sit down and took her photos



Wow! She knows??? @_@

At night... she even gave me a surprise!
This 18-months-girl reads newspaper with spectacles? Ahhh? Are you serious?

While her grandma was in the washroom...

Stole her grandpa's specs

Trying to wear it...

Ta da... She wore it!

Today's children are so intelligence and smart. They can learn things really fast (either good or bad). However, I don't really like smart children. Why? They keep bullying me and at the end, I felt like I'm their maid... sob... ;(

Starting from today onwards, I think I should learn to handle them in a strict way. I can't imagine how my future children will treat me if I still remain unchanged. Being bullied by my own sons or daughter? Oh.... NO!!!!