28 June 2007

I Miss My Primary School

I miss my primary school!

Before, I used to hate it. I felt like, going to school was a boring routine.
  • Sang the National Song during assembly ( every Monday)
  • Wore Uniform
  • Attended classes
  • Being punished by the teacher (for not doing their homework)
  • Play hide & seek with friends
  • Recess
  • Sport
  • Exams

Why I say this is a boring routine?

Let say:
Primary school = 6 years
Secondary school = 5 years

6 years x 300 days = 1800 days
5 years x 300 days = 3000 days
Total = 4800 days

Wow! 4800 days?!! That's mean I've spent 4800 times for these boring routine!
Anyway, I still miss my school time. Hehe... Since I've left my school for such a long time, I start to miss my schools. It's impossible for me to return to my past, attending classes wearing dark blue uniform, being punished by the teachers and get cheap meals from the canteen. Sob... ;(

There are 4 choices to get back to the school:
    1. Be the teachers - teaching in the school
    2. Be a rubbish collector
    3. School staff
    4. Be your children's parents
Somehow, you can only be the visitor who can just take a glimpse of the school. Just like this:

The school building

The school mission

The stairs to the office ( couldn't go up since it was locked)
Since when they made this?

The classroom... ohh..I miss it!
Small chairs, small tables...
The notice board
Can you see those cute painting?

The toilet... em... *sweat*

The garden... wow.. Since when they made this? Unfair!
School assembly..
I used to sing National song here... 'Negaraku....Tanah tumpahnya darahku..."

The car park

Rest placeThe canteen

Wash your hands before and after meal...!!!
The park! Hey! This is new! How unfair! I can't play.... sob..
Even this is new!
Decoration : "Malay house"

The field

So, do you miss your school? Or am I the weird girl who the only one who miss school? I don't care.. Muahaha..
I wonder how will a University life be... Will it be boring? Interesting? fun? I will find out soon...

Let me confess this again:

I Miss my ex-school!