03 June 2007

Radiation On Sperms

After posting my previous post, Mobile Phone, Egg Cooker?, I found out some interesting comments from some of you:

Wendy said:
lol... ya i do heard this before too... and some more it is also bad for guys for put their mobile phones near their private parts in the pocket as the radiation may reduce of guys sperm...

Paul said: I feel its scary too. I heard of the sperm reduction one as well.

Obviously, what have interested me is not the neuron cells but the Sperms!!!
lolx... Why? Because I've heard about the issue too:

The radiation of the cell phone will reduce the number of sperms.

I believe that some of you've ever heard about this and do you feel worry?(especially guys) Guys, do you worry on your future fertility? How about girls, do you worry for your life partner? Em... Me? I don't know... still thinking.. haha... I never bother to think of this although I've heard this fact from my friends and the media before.

Somehow, I do believe that the invisible radiation produced by the handphone will effect our health. Of course, it takes a longer time to see the effect.

I've done some research on the net and here are some interesting news. Here:

Mumbai, India- The researchers determined that those men who used their cell phones the most—four hours or more a day—had the lowest average sperm counts. A closer look also showed that fewer of the sperm were good swimmers and more of them appeared abnormal when compared to the sperm of the men who never used a cell phone.


    • Normal man: 20 million sperm per ml
Result on man who:
    • Don't use handphone: 86 million/ ml, 68% motility and 40% normal sperms
    • Use hp less than 4 hours: 76 million/ml,
    • Use hp more than 4 hours: 66 million/ml, 46% motility and 21% normal forms

GOsh! Is it true? I really can't believe the result! It'll effect the motility as well? The speed of the sperms when they swim?? Em.... I really never heard about this.
How could the radiation effect on them?
Is it the radiation will effect on the mitochondria on the neck of the sperm cell?

Anyway, I know about the abnormality of the sperms. The radiation will effect the gene in the sperm's nucleus by changing the genetic codes (DNA/RNA). When translation and transcription take place, wrong protein will be produced and soon, abnormality occur...

Oopsss! Please forgive me for this stupid biology facts. I may have made a mistake for the facts since I've stopped studying bio for a long long time. Just recalling.. haha...

Well, I feel worry now since the darn radiation will not just effect the number of sperms but the motility and abnormality as well.
What happen to the guys and my future-unknown-husband in the future? In todays world, everyone is having at least a hand phone with them and obviously, they're easily prone to this problem.

That's mean, they are more and more abnormal babies will be produced in the next few years?
Babies with Down syndrome? Turner syndrome? Or.... etc...? Ohh... I'm scared now!

I wonder will we, the girls face the same problem as the guys?
Will our ovum being effected just like the sperms?
Emmm..... I think...


I've just bought some books from the Mega Book Festival which is held by the Popular bookstore in KL Conventional Hall in these few days. It'll end on this Sunday, later... Generally, the books that are sold there are cheap since there are at least 20% discout!!!
Huooorreey! I've been waiting for this sale for such a long time.

I'm excited to read these few books! I've been desperately wanting them for a long time but they are expensive in normal day.(without discout)

Now, I can spend my time wisely while waiting for the University feedback... hoho...
Happy Sunday!

#P/s: This song is sang by our 1st Malaysian Idol (some years ago) by Jaclyn Victor - Gemilang.

Hope you guys enjoy it... ;)