12 June 2007

Peace Globe - Dona Nobis Pacem

I've been learning my photoshop recently and finally, I've done my first art work.
Congratulation curryegg!!!
haha... It's just simple graphic.
However, I hope that I'm not late... :(

A month ago, I came across with mimi's blogs and I saw her effort in promoting world peace. I'm impressed with her work by getting people all around the globe to work together as a team-a community. She tries to voice out her heart, persuading people to join her campaign. I believe that there are hundreds of blogger who have participated.

Well, she has chosen the right place- Blogs! I believe that everyone knows the Power Of Blogs. Blogs are a place for us to shout out our mind when our needs are being neglected either by the government or the media.

That's why, I feel that, there is a need to post something useful here for the world peace. Think of the cruel wars, nuclear bomb, pollutions, deforestation, irresponsible factories which pollute the air and river, rapper and snatch theft who kill the victims and etc...
They are such a heart-breaking issues to be mentioned here...
*sob sob* ;(

So, please.... GRANT US PEACE!!!

We Want Peace!
We Want Peace!
We Want Peace!

Hey! Are you coming along and join us? It is useless to shout this alone without you.
Come on. Lets join the campaign and shout together.

You can make a tour to her blogs:

The Peace Globe Campaign

Find out how to make your own Peace Globe.
Good luck and
PEACE....... ^^