30 June 2007

Stepping Into Uni Life

Look! My room was so messy. Lol... *shy*

Ohh... It is 11.45pm now and I still blogging. Oops! Mummy is mumbling me to sleep but I have to blog this to share with you!

Jane is staying at my home now. We will go to the varsity tomorrow. Oh... I'm excited!
We have just finished packing our stuff. We packed clothes, snacks, foods, and other stuff. Haha... Here is what we have done.

Jane is smilling...

We curved our lovely smile on our face while my dad took this photo... hehe... *smile*

Jane gave me this bitter Chinese herbs. This is good to cool my body.
(It's good for sore-throat and fever) Just in case!

There are: 3in1 mocha, Cereal drink with oat (my favourite) and Tiger biscuit( my favorite too!)
I think should be enough gua~

Hair oil, face form, dental floss (for teeth), Roll-on for uneasy smell from the armpit and facial paper( for oily face)
I need to take care of my cleanliness and be healthy...

Toothbrush and children tooth paste. Ohh...I know you're laughing for this kids product. I don't have choice. I just have this small-in-sized orange flavour tooth paste! *shy*

Clothes hanger, pile and brush. I have to wash my own clothes... :(
No washing machine I guess...

My clothes..

My 2nd bag.. I put all my documents here..

Here... my bags...

So... my friend, I am on my way to University now. I am so excited for this orientation week. Remember what I've told you? My torturing week!
I'm wondering how I will be played by my seniors.. Uhh.... Any idea?

Haha... I don't know. I'll tell you soon. Keep in touch with me ok?
Good night! :)