30 April 2010

I Want To Be The Rookie

If you are still waiting for my answer regarding to the ‘project’ which I mentioned yesterday night, you are lucky because I am going to show it to you here.


I have finally decided to sign up for The Rookie, contest organized by Nokia and took several days to prepare for the curriculum vitae (CV), a creative work and a video clip. Seriously, preparing a CV isn’t easy as I have not been exposed with it yet (I wonder why I have yet to learn this? It is so important and every undergraduate should learn this during in first year in order to inspire them to create a better CV by joining more activities, seminar and extra classes). Luckily, I am an active student who joined outdoor activities. So, my CV is pretty ok in that case.




The completion of this CV wouldn’t be an easy job if there is no help from my buddy May, my boyfriend and Uncle Google. I feel like I am the most luckiest person in the world because no matter how busy my buddy May is, she is still willing to couch me. Same thing goes to Eric. I have been bugging them in these few nights just to check my CV. Sorry dears.. and love you so much! =D


Besides CV, there are other 2 optional choices in which you can submit a creative document and video clip. I have successfully submited the creative document but not the video clip because… I failed to change the file format according to the requirement. Siigggh… I had spent nearly the whole day preparing for this video clip (including time for dress up, practicing speech and video editing).



A dusty mirror I can see?


Well, there is always unfortunate thing happen once in a while in our life. That’s why, life is not perfect, human is not perfect and same goes to the imperfect submission.  lol.. wte.


Since I have created this video clip, I don’t wanna waste my effort. So, I think it is good that I share part of my life here. This is the moment where you can see the serious side of me.



Anyway, I have given my best for this competition. Whatever the result is, I am happy. I have learned throughout this short journey and grateful with the support I have received. It will be a privileged  for me if this journey can be continued.


So, what I can do now is to wait for an interview. Hope that the lady luck is here again. Nokia, I love you.



Love. Work. Blog.

Follow me and read these aloud:


Love. Work. Blog.

Love. Work. Blog.

Love. Work. Blog


How do they sound like?





Seriously, like very seriously. I miss my blog so much and aware that she is all alone in the blogville all these while. I have again neglected her. But I have good reasons!

*smack my fingers*




Exam, assignment and outing.

It is my end of semester. So, it will be a busy one before the fun moments fill into my 2 months holiday. I just can’t wait!


Besides the routine, I am  currently running a personal ‘project’ which I may not reveal yet because I don’t want to create any false happiness or misleading information before I successfully finish it. I am still working on it. That is also the reason why I am staying at this wee hour.


If you can see me through this computer screen (better no invention for this), I believe that you will be frightened by my face, especially the eyes ------------> @_@


I can just lie on the floor any second and fall asleep. I am so tired. Somehow, there is this word, named ‘dreams’ which keeps me working. It is the reason why I am struggling but feeling fulfilled all along the journey because, deep in my heart, I know that I am another step closer to my dream. I am following the ‘green light’ which is shown by the brain as this is something right to do. I know it is. Yes. It must be.


While I am working on my ‘project’, anyone who is still awake at this hour and so happen to read this post, give me some encouragement and support please. I need them to be my caffeine. lol..


By the way, 2 random photos which I found in my album. Here are the 2 souvenirs I received from Eric when he came back from Taiwan trip. It is already months ago.



Note pad




Alright, I should get moving or I will end up sleeping on the keyboard. Love you people! Have a great day.. =)

24 April 2010

Being A Drama Queen For A Day

My brain is still playing actively on yesterday incident.


My heart is still soaring. I can feel that it is aching inside. No wonder I was so moody in this whole afternoon.




Yesterday was my Acting class final exam (like I have told you before in my previous post). It was an outdoor test in which, every student have to make their own story, find setting and people, then act  spontaneously on that selected scene.





I was in a group of 3 and they are Kit Yen, Rani and I. We had planned things weeks earlier and even managed to practice it together for several times. Seriously, it was a real stressing moment for many of us, especially the Counseling students. Maybe it is because of we are aware that we aren’t as good as the Performing Art student. Well, you will have to watch them acting to get what I mean here. They are professional!



Aileen, me, Ilyana, Bei Shan, Rani, Kit Yen and Meng Zhen



Whereas, me… there are still rooms that need to be improved. lol.. tipu-tipu je, boleh lah..


Anyway, yesterday was a fun, exciting day for me. Firstly, it was because of I am going to act a character which is challenging – being a fussy, proud rich girl. I wanna make it like a total Sharpay Evans from High School Musical. I don’t know how it turned out during in the test. Bei Shan (who was being forced by me to come) told me that I didn’t act as drama as it supposed to be – a histrionic girl.


The feeling of acting in a real scene with strangers, classmates, lecturer and friends around is totally different compare to practicing in a closed, familiar room. It’s like.. whoooaa~




Anyway, I still managed to focus in my character and the story and had done my very best. Weeeeeeeeee… Curryegg has beaten down her fears again!


Secondly, I was excited with my dramatic appearance. I had dressed up like real rich girl, with dress and shoes that look expensive. Not to forget a dramatic make up and hairstyle. Here are some photos of me, see…. =)







I wouldn’t have look that great if without June, Bei Shan and May help. June and Bei Shan accompany me to shop for accessories, May give me suggestion via webcam at midnight and June again gave me that gorgeous look.



Yoyo, Rachel, Me and June


I bugged her early in the morning, 8.30am (by appointment) to help me with make-up before the test begin at 10am. She took 1 hour and 5 minutes to finish everything, professionally. Wow! Frankly, I am impressed with her masterpiece (on my face).




As a result, I couldn’t stop myself from cam-whoring. Of course I should camwhore more or else I will feel sorry for everyone. Lol.. excuses.. =P




Oh ya. I was wearing fake eyelashes for the very first time. The good news is, my eyes get bigger and I have double eye lids! The bad news is, I could hardly open my eyes because they are heavy… =_=




Thank you girls! You have really helped me a lot and you are part of the success! Love you girls, muackksssxxx… =D


Finally, the fun moment is because of, I can finally have a group pictures with my Acting Class classmates and the lecturer. Isn’t that awesome? I have been waiting this moment for agesssssss…





I know, if I don’t grab this chance, I might not be able to meet all of them again in future because the class is over, except if I still wanna further my acting class experiences in next semester. This class is big and I never get the chance to know everyone of them. Isn’t that sad? Sigh..


Well, I will have to rely on Facebook to help me connect with them in future. That’s the beauty of Social Network in the internet, right? =))




I have gained a lot in this Acting Class. It has built up my confident, my understanding with my true-self, widen my circle of friends, be more expressive, be bold and love God even more. Yes, talking about God, I feel thankful for everything that God had planned for me.



Kit yen and me


If Kit Yen didn’t suggest me, if  I didn’t listen to my instinct and if I didn’t sign up for Acting class, I wouldn’t have known how an Acting Class will look like. And I wouldn’t learn what I have learned in this whole semester. If God didn’t open my heart and mind, I wouldn’t have go so far. Thank God.




After writing this post, I feel like being a drama queen again. How about tomorrow? Or coming tomorrow? I wanna be a histrionic egg!


Can I? *shake shake*

22 April 2010

This Is What I Call ‘Happiness’

I thought that I will off to bed as soon as I signed off from MSN. However, my heart revenged the idea abruptly. I’m pretty sure that I will not be able to sleep without posting a post here with a recently photo of mine. Well, curryegg ma. What to do?


So, what will that be about? It sounds serious huh?


Make no guess anymore. I know how suffering it is for you to wait my blog update and now, my unpredictable surprises. Lol..


Here is a photo which I call- Happiness. Simple happiness to be exact.




Me and a plate of Sashimi at a brand new Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine outlet in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Yes. A plate of Sashimi which I is per person, individual, alone, satu, 一个,une plague. What else?


Although my stomach is still suffering from the ‘overloaded dinner’, unfortunately I’m still missing my fresh sashimi.


No wonder I am so hype up even though it is already 2am. Thanks to the hot tea (ocha) and cappuccino as well.


Basically, it shows that I am a sashimi-die-hard-lover. So, a plate of full weight sashimi can make this little curryegg happy. Happiness is so easy to be found, isn’t it?


Anyway, it is good to be bed now or I will be late to meet the girls…. Another busy day tomorrow (in fact, it is already today) and I am looking forward for it =D


P/s: If you want more blog updates from me, pray hard that I will perform well in my Acting class final exam this Friday.  Make sure you do… *very deep tone*

20 April 2010

I’m Finished.

Gosh. I feel bad. I feel like I have lost my ability in blogging. I seriously don’t know how to blog, anymore? My mind is blank and my heart is empty. Wait.. heart empty?


I had been sitting on this same spot since yesterday evening and have been waiting inspiration to come, so that I can update my news in this private space. Somehow or rather, I ended up wandering around the internet, facebooking, twittering, chit chatting, youtubing, playing games and reading others blogs till my mum yelled at me, “Go to sleep or I shut down the computer”.


I guess, I am most probably facing post-traumatic disorder. I know it because those symptoms has arose. I can see my body is circulating with this hormone called endorphin. Mr Happiness and Mrs Freedom visit me again and thus, increase the level of my endorphin. Well, why am I calling this ‘Post-traumatic disorder’? Because I am having an advance happiness and freedom (which should be that soon)!


My final papers, Counseling in Organization and Family Therapy were over. As soon as the completion of the Family Therapy paper and the marking work (we marked on the spot for the very first time for final paper, isn’t that cool? Thanks you very much), I was triumphed. Well, it is not because of my ‘outstanding result’, it is because I feel a total freedom! I threw everything including my bag, notes, books and pencil case as soon as I reached my room.


Next, I am here, facing the computer 24/7.


Frankly, my exam hasn’t over yet. There are still 3 exams to go. In fact, this Friday I have a practical exam, which is called the Acting test! Gosh! I can feel the stress now. All students are asked to perform in the public for at least 15 minutes with any character that we want. I have picked the bus stop in my university and with a group of 3 people. What will I act?


Will let you know in next post, or maybe after the test. Lol… XD


A picture taken during in a study group. Rajin right? =P


Ok. Now, I am finished. Because, I am so lay zeee now. Help!

12 April 2010

iTalk did it again!


Still remember my previous post on iTalk?

I mean.. emmm….. 2 years ago? Lol.. Ok. I truly understand. You have probably forgotten about it because it is WAY TOO LONG ago or you might have not discovered about CurryEgg yet.

If it is the latter reason, don’t you feel sorry for discovering this blog late? Like, really.

2 years ago picture. Did I change a lot? Yes? No?

Talking about 2 years ago, it was actually a blogging contest about iTalk Buddy (link: here) organized by Nuffnang for their virgin event, Traffic Jam. Unexpectedly, I won the iTalk contest (2nd prize) and received a Sony PS 2!!

Photo from google because I don’t have. Lol.

And this time, iTalk is introducing a new application called iTalk WHOA!  in which you can put and use every social networking account that you have UNDER ONE ROOF!!! No Kidding man.


I am currently using it and find it awesome!

Just imagine, you can do your daily facebooking, twittering, reading emails from 10 accounts (10 is too much?), chat with your friends in any IM (yahoo, msn and even Facebook! Crazy!). You can even synchronize any of your files from your computer into the Whoa Account or vice versa. It is like you are having your own online organizer. Last but not least, you can even make call, send sms and push email from your computer!

Can you believe it? Making call and sending sms via italk is much cheaper compare to other company:

iTalk Whoa! SMS Rates
1 SMS 0.05 0.20

iTalk Whoa! Call Rates
Local Rates
1 MALAYSIA (LOCAL) 0.10 0.15


1) Webmail
2) Push eMail
3) Calendar & Task
4) Instant Messaging (IM)
5) Voice call
6) Web sms
7) Synchronization
8) Integration framework
9) Social Networking Streams
10) Security

Isn’t that awesome?
iTalk has really improved a lot. That one is for sure.


Do check it out and don’t hesitate to register yourself. You can get free RM5 for iTalk service.

By the way, follow me in twitter to get curryegg’s update. Again, you don’t wanna miss something awesome, don’t you? Follow: @curryegg

10 April 2010

End Of Semester. Aiyo.

I can’t believe it. I seriously can’t accept the fact that my 3rd year in the Degree of Counseling has ended. Am I dreaming or what?


First day of class was just like yesterday. Time flies, don’t you agree?


I still remembered how excited I am to be back to campus with new mission, new hopes and new spirit for a brand new year. Well, many tend to love new thing (starting from resolution, shoes, bag, hairstyle, pencil case and even brain!) on the new day, don’t you think so?


I attended my first day of class with a complete tanned skin and new hair cut, short. My coursemates were like, “Whoaa… Nice lar your short hair. Suit you”. And now, I am still keeping my short hair. Lol..


Then, I started worried about assignments in which we were given with few hard ones. We have to find clients to conduct a minimum of 7 sessions; interview counselors; loads of reflective papers and researches. No one can imagine those hard times which I as well as my coursemates have faced throughout these few months before I am here, blogging about those PAST experiences.



I have 1 more scrap book, 1 live performance and 3 final papers before declaring myself as a MERDEKA Girl! Can’t wait! Can’t wait!



Anyway, I can feel the ‘freedom’ already ever since yesterday, during in my last classes. I will miss my lecturers, miss those classes which I used to attend, kakak at cafe, technician who never failed to help us and photostate abang who are always there. Well, we still have 1 more semester to go. We shall meet you guys next semester =D



A note for the coursemates:



My dear coursemates,


congratulation to all of you and well done for all the efforts and hardwork you have thrown into the works. We are another step closer to our dreams. As for me, the dream of becoming a counselor.



What should I do now?

Head over to the study table and start doing revision! All the best in your final paper, my dear sporty mates =D

06 April 2010

Hello Or Bye To Canon Ixus baby?

I am currently facing a huge dilemma in my life. Yes. It is huge.


I am still thinking of whether to sell this baby to those who are interested or keep it with me (or dad). It is a brand new digital camera, Canon Ixus 120 IS given by my parents. Well, they actually got this cam from a lucky draw for the 3rd time!



Yes. 3rd time.


The very first time, they got a Canon (and now is with my kai sai lou). Then Sony (my white baby and now with Eric. It was broken and I thought it wouldn’t function anymore. So my mum bought me my current pink eggie. After a year, it is back to function again! Weird right?). And now new Canon, again! They are super duper lucky couples right? But the real darn lucky fella is me! Why? Because in the end of the day, I get the pressie and own them all!




Oopss.. laughing too much here. Back to the topic.



A part of me, I wish to sell it off and get some money and buy things which I really new. Since my pinkeggie (sony camera) is still working very well (all photos taken in these blog starting from 2009 are the production of my pinkeggie). However, another part of me love the new function so much!


Guess what?

They have new function like panorama (wide angle view), improvise portrait function (which I believe will look better with soft mode), underwater mode, kids & pet mode, better macro,  colour accent and colour swap function!


Still, most importantly I love the panorama function!




Oh dear oh dear!



Not to forget the 12.1 megapixel which is slightly higher than my current cam.



Plus, it is lighter. See, how slim it is? Almost like my N96 mobile phone.




Last but not least, it comes with a stylist leather camera case. Ahhhwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww……






You see, based on the above reasons, am I not wrong to be in such a dilemma stage? Am I not wrong? Am I? Am I?




I haven’t really use the camera because I don’t have the SD memory card. Since Sony has its own memory stick which is totally different from others. Well, I do have the memory stick before this when I was using the old, gold in colour Canon cam. However,  I’ve already given my old ones to my little brother who is now in HongKong, Thus, I can’t try. Plus, the idea of selling it off is still playing in my mind. That’s also the reason why I dare not touch it that much.






To sell or not to sell.

Say hello or goodbye?



02 April 2010

Zombie in The Class? No Way!

I have been obsessing Plants Vs Zombies games since last year when Eric introduced the games to me. This games is simple but requires a highly strategic mind in order to save your brain from being eaten by the scary zombies.




Wait. Did I just say scary? Pardon me. I am actually wanting to say THEY ARE CUTE! Even the plants as well! Guess what? Each character has its own history and personality. You can read it from the description.





I have continuous playing the Adventure part for more than 3 rounds. Now, I only left the last stage survival part. Awesome! It doesn’t bore me although I have been playing like 5 months? Emm.. forgotten..


Although I am a big fans of Plants Vs Zombies (even till now. well, who care if it is an out-dated games for you. as long as I like it, why bother? right?), I wouldn’t play it in class. Come on.


Playing in the class? No way! I am a good student.



No no. I am not playing this games in the class. That is not me. No, i mean, that is not the background! I mean… errugg… whatever…


P/s: Have you come across with this games? I heard, it is a hot games for iphone user.


P/p/s: Among all the zombies, I like ‘Michael-Jackson-look-alike’ zombie the most. So cool!

Sri Mersing At Istana Budaya

Did I tell you that I’ve enrolled myself in a class called Acting in the beginning of the year (January)? I think I did.. wait, let me check on my blog post achieve.. Emm….. Yes! Here you are: Performing Art Is The New Thing. Read it if you don’t wanna miss anything about art and obviously ME



For your information, I am still taking this class and it will end by next week. Last class in on next week! See! Time flies. While you are enjoying so much in certain thing, time tends to fly off so soon. Why ar? =((


Anyway, I know I shouldn’t complain because in these few months, I have learned a lot and gained valuable lesson especially for my self-exploration. I have been exposed with ways to stretch your body, how to maximize my flexibility, improving my vocal, learn ways to focus and concentrate on certain thing, be sensitive with surrounding, increase my confident and……. thicken my epidermis layer (kulit tebal!). I have been taught ways to be more daring and expressive which others might call it as muka tebal, thick face or whatsoever.


But I like it =D


Wait.. What topic am I suppose to write here? You see. Again, I am dragging myself so far away from the real topic. Yes. Sri Mersing. Now I remember.



Sri Mersing is actually the title of a theater which was shown in last 12-21 March 2010 at Istana Budaya. It is directed by my lecturer. YES! MY LECTURER! It is so cool man because it is from my lecturer.


His name is Rosdeen Suboh.




Well, even if he is not my lecturer, it is still an astounding performance *trying not to be bias*


Majority of my classmates and I attended the theater on the same day because it was a must-attend-class. Attending this theater is actually an outdoor class for everyone of us because Encik Rosdeen believes that this is a good exposure for the students (us) to learn something real. On the other hand, we can support his ‘hardwork’ too – this is what I think.



Can you believe it? Attendence was taken on the spot… Spoil mood lah.. Like we are small kids.. =_=


Force or no force, it is still a great performance and I have learned a lot especially on how to bring out the character(s) in a person. Although I am not good in acting for now, I know I can improve. Yes? =)



If you have started questioning about ‘Who is this Rosdeen that CurryEgg has been writing about?”. Well, you can spot him in these group photos.

Clue 1: He is the most outstanding male in the group of people, the most handsome one.


Clue 2:  Shinning.


Answer: Bald

(my coursemates and I fall for his head. Well, I am serious. lol)




This theater is about a Classic Malay story which is played in two versions: 20 years before and 20 years after. I didn’t manage to understand the play in the first half session because I was confused by the characters. After an hour, only I realized that there are characters from both the past and future which I think it’s CREATIVE! AMAZING!


Example: The sampan can sail like it is on real river!


I thought this can only be done in the recorded movie/drama. I was wrong.




This play took about 2 hours and a half. I didn’t expect it to be that long. Anyway, I love my first experience watching a real international theater in Istana Budaya for the very first time. I would never forget this experience as I am really impressed with the work including the story, the acting skill and effects.


Some of the cam-whoring moments with some of my Counseling coursemates who take Acting class too.





Obviously, I took most of my photos because I simply feel fabulous at that moment. Sorry, I can’t help. Lol… <3


Istana Budaya. I believe I will be back for more.. =))


P/s: I should start practicing myself on how to be a bitchy bitch for my Acting final exam. I know it is scarily hard because it reflect the opposite me. Anyhow, I purposely choose this character as I want to challenge myself to try something different. After all, we only have one life. So, why don’t we just mess up a little with our daily routine?


P/p/s: This time, let me be a real gossip bitch.