01 April 2010

Radomly Rondom

Woke up in the morning, I have this random passion for photography. Seriously, it is weird because normally, I will just wake up, brush my teeth, take bath, have breakfast and off to classes. There is no room for photography or what so ever related to it.


So, I call this my random post with random photos. You will be exposed with my daily routine photos – the things which I normally see, the place which I normally go and the people who I always come across with (in these few weeks)… =)


Random #1




The tree which grows near my house. I can see it from my window. This is one of the oxygen supply that I receive everyday. Now, is that rain water or mist? I hope it is mist.




The cute little 5 year old niece who sleeps beside me in these 2 weeks. She will leave by tomorrow with her grandma and grandpa (my uncle and aunt). I am sure I will miss her a lot ;(


Anyway, isn’t she cute? I like her Hello Kitty pink blanket. Can I have it?




This is where my green baby sleeps – the car park. Can you see the rain water? There must be heavy rain yesterday midnight while I was sleeping soundly..  zzZZ




By the way, I love the reflection shows on the water. Isn’t it beautiful? The morning sky with morning breeze… Love them. I feel energetic!  <3



The real image. The real sky with new-born son. Do we call this, sun rise phenomena? lol..


#5 My lovely shoes.



I am trying to step on the sky, like I am in heaven. Believe me? haha…. Better don’t because it is April Fool day… =D


#6 morning8

Hectic morning jam like usual. KL.. puff…





The view of a driver on her green baby. Low fuel.


# 8


Reached my destination. Playing with the camera before leaving this place. Seriously, I love mirror so much. I wonder why?





My current obsession – Pyramid Bloxx games. I received this games from Ammar. Kinda cool for me because it is simple but challenging. By the way, I was not playing this while driving k? I am a responsible driver. Lol..





I just admire tree. I love tree including the brunches and leaves. It is so artistic, don’t you think so?




The cloudy sky. Blue. White. Wait! And again, the trees =D




Who else but ME?

CurryEgg!!! A random photo of a random lady with my random rotation of this picture. Lol… what am I talking about? It is soooooooooooooo random.. =P