30 September 2007


I found out something cool from apple's blog. (here)
Pc-MaN! I think most of you have heard about it right? I love this game since I was small. I never know that I can own this game in my blog! Yipee! Thanks apple!

Let me post it and we play together ok? And remember to vote for my poll!

Annoucement: Please Vote for My Poll!!!

Hello my dear friend.

While I was doing my assignment, my mind keep on wandering around. I was thinking about how to improve my blog. Recently, I feel that my blog is not that interesting. I need more opinions from you guys. As the result, I've made a poll to do some research. It is on the sidebar of this blog.

I need to know ways to improve my blog. Please give me some comments or vote it instead. I wish to improve my curryegg.com. It's the place I know you and share things together.

Please help me in this ok? Wish to receive your response. They mean a lot to me and this blog, curryegg.com.

Thank you my friend and please vote ya? Hugs!

Good Stress or Bad Stress?


What do you think about this word?
Will you feel annoying? feel angry? Or instead... happy?

I believe that everyone of us hate stress. We don't like stress and wish to live in a peaceful life. But hey! It's impossible. We can't avoide it.

There are two kind of stress: Distress and Eustress. Distress means the bad stress (negative) and the eustress mean the good stress (positive). It doesn't mean that having stress is always the bad. Not the kind of stress that will lead you to commit sucide. It will help you to make improvement.. ;)

Well, till now I am having eustress. Let call it my Mr. Eustress. He has been visited me the whole day. I've tried my best to finish up my assignments. However, things aren't that smooth. I've been sitting here since 10 am till now... 5 pm and yet, I haven't written anything. My mind is blank and I couldn't think of any points. The topic that I choose is confusing and my Mr.Eustress is leaving me.... His friend Mr.Distress is coming to visit me soon.. sigh...

Oopss.. haha.. I just wish to say something out. Blogging is one of the method to realise stress. I've to rush for my assignments now... *Rushing*

Happy Sunday my friend...

29 September 2007

Uhh? Uncyclopedia?

What's uncyclopedia?
Maybe some of you might not realise that there is such a website now.

"Uncyclopedia is a website which is a parody of Wikipedia. The information there is not true. It is meant as a joke. Users make fun of things by creating pages about them in the same way users can create and edit pages in a For example, the page on George W Bush says that he is the same person as the Evil Emperor in the movie Star War." - Wikipedia

Honestly, it's like a joke if you enter it. It's completely similar with the wikipedia website starting from the logo, the fonts, the way they present their information and etc.

From the uncylopedia

From the wikipedia

Later, I tried to type "M-a-l-a-y-s-i-a" in their search box and "puff!"... here they are.. Well, it's hilarious but some of the content is a bit sensitive and hurtful as well. I felt uncomfortable reading this:

From the uncyclopedia

From wikipedia

Siti Nurhaliza
- National Queen of Prostitutes. Former pop star who now focuses her career on stealing husbands.

Gosh! How dare they write such thing? She's one of our international famous artist and how can they write her as a national queen of prostitutes? Maybe it's funny but for me it's rude. She works so hard for her career and gained her reputation.

And she's my idol Ok? People shouldn't label her as this! I don't care who's her husband nor what she did. But all I care is her voice. She has such a sweet, powerful voice. That's the result I admire her a lot. Here is a video clip of her.. You can have a look on her... ;)

And here is her blog! (here)

About this uncyclopedia, it's a good humor website. Anyway, I hope they don't misuse the website to hurt people.. Amitabha...

26 September 2007

The Mooncake Festival

Hey guys.

I'm wondering what has actually happened on me. First, my mum was injured and emitted to the hospital and last two days, I got food poisoning. Sigh.... I feel that I am in such a bad luck in this end of September.

I kept on vomiting whenever there was something in my stomach. I even got diarrhoea and fever at the same time. Lucky for me that I was given treatment on time. Eric took me to a nearby private clinic during in the evening when I was so ill to move.

As the result, I was given 5 types of medicine including antibiotic. Ahhwww...... I hate medicine! I stayed in my hostel for whole day, alone. It was boring! Well, Yesterday, I was actually really disappointed because it was the Lantern Festival (also known as The Moon Cake Festival) and it's a meaningful festival for the Chinese.

However, I felt energetic when Eric bought me a pack of fish porridge in the evening. Amazingly, I didn't vomit anymore. Now, I came up with my naughty thought. I wanna join the celebration with my friends. I don't wanna stay in the room alone in that whole evening when everyone was so happy holding lantern together and enjoying moon cakes. I wanna join them too!

So, I took myself to the gathering hall and joined the celebration at 8pm. I was right. Everyone was there just like a family. It was such a memorable moment for me since my family was not with me. At least, I am not alone in this University right?

I've took some photos for this lantern festival. Hopefully I am able to post time in my next post. Psst... I'm using my hostel computer and there are a lot of viruses here. Better not to put my pendrive on this lousy computer.. Oopss.... ;)

Oh ya... I am alright now and don't worry. I will continue my assignments in these few days. Wait for my blogs ya? See ya...

24 September 2007

Thank you my dear bloggers friends

I am truly bless to have you guys.

My life will be colourless without you besides me. You're here for me, reading my blogs and giving me supports when I really need them.
Thank you my blogger friends!
You're great!

My mum is fine now. The doctor has given her a week leave. All she gotta do now is to rest and visit the doctor again in another 5 days. I really feel terribly sorry because I can't be with her now. She stays by her own at home while I've to attend classes.

After this incident, I've learnt something about life. We will never appreciate a person until we nearly lose them. I love my mum but I never show it. It's a bit weird for me to say "I love you mummy" every time I meet her. (Except during mother's day, I will express my love to her....)

However, after this incident which I've almost lost her, I don't feel hesitate to express my care and love for her anymore. I want her to know that her daughter is always there for her and she will be glad to have this lovely daughter.

As my conclusion, show your love to those that you love before it's too late. Maybe you're arguing with your parents or have a crush on someone that have caught your eyes, or you hate your best friends for betraying you.... But if you try to think about how short a life is, those problems will evaporate from your mind. The word "sorry" will easily come out from your mouth, the word "I love you" will easily being expressed and the word "I forgive you" will being said our by you.

To be frank, I am not a person who can express my feeling easily using verbal. I prefer to write it more than speak about it. This is why I love to blog. Anyway, I'm learning to change myself since using verbal is the best way to express one feeling. It will include one's eyes contact and body language. But don't worry, curryegg.com will keep continuously being updated!

Thank you again my blogger friends.... ;)

22 September 2007


I couldn't bare my disappointment anymore.
I was shivering to look at those blood!
I felt myself so weak and couldn't think of anything. Mum's nose was bleeding and the white marble floor was covered with her blood.

I didn't know what I should do accept for crying continuously until I reached a hospital.
I was so afraid to be in this situation but as her daughter, I must be strong! Putting on my strength and courageous, I tried things that I never tried before.

I followed her to the emergency wad, took her to the X-ray room, observing the doctor who fixed her nose, paying the for the administration and finally... I'm taking care for her. I was lucky because my grandma and my relatives were besides me. They've helped us a lot.
And not to forget my cousin who kept staying besides us. Thank you a lot ah boy.

Now, I don't have the mood to do my another 2 assignments and sorry that I don't have time to edit the Fraser Hill's photos. I will blog when my mum is getting better.

I hope she can get well soon... Amitabha...

17 September 2007

Fraser Hill Post Is Coming~

I went to Fraser Hill with my family yesterday.
It was an accident. We never thought of going there. Well, it was an adventurous travel. It's a wonderful place for people who love green!

I will blog about it with more photos. Hope you guys will wait for it. I need to finish up my assignment first before posting this interesting place. My deadline is on this coming Wednesday... Oohhh..... scary...

Hope that I can finish it on time.
See ya soon... ^^

16 September 2007

What's Up Advertlets?

Golden Opportunity!


I never ever get involved in any blogvertorial until today, I sawa golden opportunity in my Advertlets dashboard. Psstt!!! there is an earning-money-opportunity for its members. (That's me!)

I am still an early-bird in this stuff. It's time for me to take action here. There was a contest being held by the Advertlets recently: The Stickers Contest. I was so amazed by those winner's works. They were so creative in inventing and placing the Advertlets logo. To my surprise, some even dare to stick the stickers on their face! Haha... You should have a look!

These winner deserve the RM50 for their hard work. I was regret for not joining them. Anyway, it is not the end of the world! I still can earn some cash from Advertlets by waiting for another blogvertorials ( here I am!) and placing the ads here. It's super easy for earning some pocket money.

Being a student is never easy. I can't effort to expanse ourselves with expensive stuff. Not even afford for a cup of Starbuck Espresso (RM 11.00 ++ ... including the 5% tax).

All I can only effort is having a teh tarik (RM1.00) and a piece of roti canai (RM0.80) in the mamak stall (Tax free!). Pity me... ;(

Roti Canai... And Teh Tarik....

That's why I try to seek every opportunity that will help me to earn some pocket money so that I don't have to burden my parents. They are old now and I have to take the responsibility to help them. This is the reason why I choose Advertlets. I can blog as well as earning some money at the same time! This is what we usually heard: Killing two birds with one stone!
It's so easy and you gotta try it. (especially student! Lol..)

Till now, my account never reach RM1.00... sigh... but if I ever get the chance to receive a RM100 cheque, I will of course spoil myself with more roti canai! Haha... I'm just joking. I will buy a Psychology textbook that cost around hundred ringgit. But... How about my parents? Uhhh? Emm..... I think I should erase my first thought. I will give RM50 for each of them and about the book... I should depend on Advertlets for another cheque...


Do visit: Advertlets.com-Blog Advertising in Asia

15 September 2007

I Love World Vision!

"With their monthly contributions of RM50.00, they are helping more than 14,000 children in China, Mongolia, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Lebanon, Myanmar, South Africa and Cambodia."

I was attracted with this sentence. I never know that RM50.00 can help such a number of children. 14,000 of them!

William, my cousin has just told me about this website: World Vision. I knew nothing until I click on this website. As soon as I reached the website, my heart was melting. I saw there are some photos about those unlucky children who desperately need our help. I took some efforts to understand their great mission. I was wondering how this project will work.

Dr. Bob Pierce was the founder of World Vision. The World Vision partnership's mission is to help children in some poor countries. It has started its mission since 1997 in Malaysia and I am so embarrass that I know nothing about this since I am a Malaysian. Sigh... ;(

My fellow reader, do you feel attracted to help this poor children? How can we help them? There is a link that is written "Adopt A Child". You can whoever child that has caught your heart from any country that you want. Next, just put in your personal detail including your way in donating the money. Then, you can choose the amount of money that you want to donate in every month.

It's just RM 50 and you can save up to million of children. These children need food, shelter, education and stuff to support their living. I've convinced my parents and hopefully will sign up soon.

So, my dear Malaysian blogger friends especially those who can effort this donation, why not give it a try and I am sure, these children are waiting for your support. Every cent means a lot to them. If you are interested, do pay a visit on their website for further information.
World Vision

William will be going to a program tomorrow that is held by the World Vision in Bukit Jalil,Malaysia. I heard they will be having some activities including starve for 30 hours (it's call 30 hours famine) for the children of the world.

Ohh... It's such an admiring programme. I blamed him for not telling me earlier. Or else, I can join him! Err.... I miss the great chance!

13 September 2007

Vacation Can Test Your Man

As I was flipping through my favourite magazine, CLEO (the latest issue) I came across with an interesting article: Vacation Snaps (by Pamela Tan)

I was too curious with its content so I started reading from page to page. And... Wow! This information is totally new to me. I never ever think of this before.
It's about how the three girls as they recount the trips ended their relationships.

Girl 1: "I've broken up with him. This trip has made me realise that we can't be together - there are too many problems and differences between us. A holiday is meant to be fun but all I felt during the trip was unhappiness. Looking back, I guess it'd help me to find out about a guy's travelling and sleeping habits before you both go on a holiday, just so there are no surprises.

Girl 2:
"I guess some good things are meant to come to an end. I couldn't commit to a marriage, not when I wasn't ready for it. This has taught me to always expect the unexpected (a sudden proposed). You really won't know what your boyfriend's gonna pull out of hat. It can go either way so when you're having fun, enjoy the moment. Holidays are about discovering and finding more about each other".

Girl 3:
"Travelling with him was like competing in The Amazing Race! Before I left, I suggested a time-off. I told him I would call when I got back to home but I didn't. Going on a holiday together is a huge step, but a necessary one. I learnt a lot, not only about him, but about myself too. Sometimes when you have the perfect guy in front of you, you just can't see it. Thankfully, I manage to see it in time and have since gotten back with him. He tried very hard to win me back and I've finally realised he's serious about me. And that his being able to cook is a good things, not a weakness!

(NOTES: These phrases are directly taken from the article. Just to share with you guys!)

From the article, I've realised that a vacation can test how deep your relation between you and your boyfriend. Besides, you can check out how compatible both of you before leading yourself to a "Marriage!". Things will never be the same once both you and your love one stay together under the same roof for a long period. You might not ready for smelly socks, dirty shirts, irritating habits of your man, snoring or etc... Honestly, I can't!

Going out together for a vacation is a smart way to see how committed and prepared you guys are before rushing for a marriage. My mum ever told me that, guys during dating and after a marriage are totally difference in the way of acting, speaking and behaving. You'll see his true color once you commit yourself in a marriage. Before marriage, he might shower you with sweet words, lovely presents and warm love. But, after marriage... He might treat you like a slave and even expect you to do all the household cores for him although you've your own career.

If you hate this kind of situation and are wondering is your man your Mr Right? As the article suggested, plan for a vacation and do things together with your guy. By this way, you can examine him deeply and for the good sake, both of your will understand each other more which will either strengthen or weaken your relationship for the better or worst...

It's better to know the answer earlier than it's too late.

12 September 2007

Belive In Yourself

No matter how weak you're,
No matter how hard the road is,
No matter how disappointed you're,
Never give up.
Believe in yourself that you can make it.
Life is never easy.

Thing you want won't easily come.
We've to dream for it,
look for it,
and grab it.
Once you get it,
Never lose but treasure it.
As it is so precious.

No matter how struggle you're,
No matter how painful you're,
No matter how stressful you're,
Never give up.
As long as there are winds,
your ship will reach the shore
- curryegg -

I am not sure am I writing a poem. But there is something in my mind that I need to voice out. I believe that nothing that we dream is impossible to be achieved as long as there are efforts. This is what my dad keep on telling me: "As long as there are winds, your ship will reach the shore", "When there is a will, there is a way"...

I was so down some times ago. I feel like I was lost with what I've and haven't done.

Am I on my right path?
Am I doing the right thing?
Am I confident enough in this?

I was a bit confused before and felt so down. I was not sure with what I must and mustn't do. I want to speak it out but to who? I felt so guilty since this is my own problem and I shouldn't ask this kind of silly questions to anybody. But I am a kind of person that believe speaking out to someone you trust can help. So, I came to my dad and seek for advice, finally.

As I'd expected, I was being lecturer by my dad just now. What he told me was right and meaningful. This is what I wanna listen. He has motivated me and guided me back to my own track after listening to my problems. Thank dad. My day is as bright as the sun now (although it is night time now...haha...).

I realise that, everyone will have their down time no matter how strong or how famous they are (Even president will face problem). I've learned that, speaking out our worries to someone that we believe is crucial. Don't keep it until the next following day. You might think that you've solved the problem but actually, you're not. You're just making the matter worst. So, try to find a friend, a family member or a specialist to help you. Face the problem and try to think it. Once you make it, I believe your sunny, bright face will return again...

I don't care how hard my life will be, I'll try my best and be myself!
Thanks dad. I love you....
I am happy again!

11 September 2007

Sushi King Again!

As you've read my previous post, I've mentioned about the Sushi King Promotion. I've gone there finally and it was such a satisfying meal!
Just imagine! Each plate that was served just cost for only RM2! Yup!
RM2 man!
We can save for more than 50%! Isn't that intriguing?

Eric, his friends and I went there with our empty stomach but came back like a 10 months pregnant woman. Haha... Just imagine, how much have we consumed them in that 2 hours.

It was such a waste that I didn't have my camera on that time. Or else, you will have the chance to see our greedy look.

I did a small observation while sitting in the restaurant. There is a small question popping in my mind: "What is the difference between a girl and a guy in the way of eating?".

What is the difference between a girl and a guy in the way of eating?
Generally, girls of course eat fewer than the guys. This is normal since guys are stronger and bigger in size than the girls; their metabolism are higher. Thus, they eat much.

Then, another new question popped out again. "How about the difference of eating between a girl and a guy during in a buffet or promotion?"
To be frank, there is no difference.

What is the difference of eating between a girl and a guy during in a buffet or promotion?

No Difference!
Girls eat as much as the guys. (That's me!) Haha... ;D
No matter how much they ate and how full they are, they will take in as much as they can. Everyone is motivated to eat as much as they can after doing some smart calculation for how much they can save in the promotion. This is a smart strategy to attract customer. Smart Sushi King!

Girls will lose their feminine sides while the guys will add more to their masculine sides. Biologically, their hormones actively stimulate the body and soon, increase the metabolism. As the result, they eat more than usual. And in psychology, this is what we call: Motivation (in eating) !
Lol... (I make my own concept... Don't take this too seriously... hehe..)

After reading my observation, you can imagine how much I've eaten. It was such an embarrassing moment if you're there. Haha.... Empty plates were placed as tall as the sky scrappers. Lucky for us that the waitress cleaned them for us in every half an hour. Otherwise, our faces were being covered by the colorful plates from the crowds. Lol...

Overall, today is a fun-eating-day since sushi is a part of me now. But hey! I never knew that my rate of metabolism is so high. I am hungry now!

Naughty Day

I am using my lecturer computer now in the class while he's not here yet. I try to make a quick blog before he reach the class.

My first class ended 20 minutes earlier and now I am being teased by my friends. hehe...
I heard from 10-13 September 2007, there is a Sushi King promotion! Every single plate that is served cost just for RM2....

I wanna go and I will go!
Sushi is my favourite dishes and I wont miss the chance.
Looks like I've to stop now. My course mates are staring at me, angrily...

Errr.... scary...
Scary.... tata..

09 September 2007


Go-Kart is fun!
It is such an exciting games but I don't have the chance to play it yet.

This is the place!

The overview of the track...
It is just beside the Shah Alam Stadium!

I went to Go-Kart in Shah Alam, Selangor last Friday with Eric and his friends last Friday. We've planned to play it together for the first round before he played with his friends. Unluckily, as soon as we reach there, heavy rain started to pour down.

We waited for about an hour before we can start to play the game. I'd managed to capture some photos of the karts.

Here are the karts with each difference number on each of them.
Have a closer look.
Front view.
Side view.
Hind view.

This is the place for you to sit. It is quite small for me. Just like a baby car for me.. haha...
There are right and left pedals. The left pedal is for the brake while the right pedal is for throttle.

The whole area was totally clot with water and I dare not play. I heard it's be very slippery. Since I am still a beginner, it's better not to play on the wet ground.

Eric and his friends started the racing games as soon as the rain stopped. It was scary to see their karts spinning and some were even out of track. It was definitely hard to control the steering on wet ground.

A man who was flagging the black and white flat as the sign of "Finale".
That's mean it is time to end the game.

After the 15 minutes ride, they came back with......

Cold..... He was shivering.. Pity boy...

Each games cost RM35 for 15 minutes ride. It was a bit expensive for me but I will play it no matter how. It is such an exciting games and I don't wanna miss it. But.....

Can you see what they wrote???
I mean this.... <Motorspots is dangerous>..
Anyway, I will still play it next time but not on wet ground.. :(

Eric and his friends are competing now for their University competition in this afternoon. Each group has 4 members. I wish I can join too.. It must be very fun! sob...
Well, wish them all the best. Hope to hear their good news!

08 September 2007

Graduation Day.

Graduation day.
Don't get me wrong. It's not me. Haha... It's my cousin. The past few days, I went to my cousin's graduation day which was held in my University- Malaya University. Dad had prepared a bouquet of Carnation for her and we went there at about 11am.

Some stalls
He was the place...
Master holders...

It was so crowded with people and it caused me hardly to move. I took about 20 minutes to meet my cousin. In that 20 minutes, I can feel the joy from every people around me. Most of them were the graduate's family and friends.

Everyone was so happy attending the celebration. Some were shouting and some were screaming with joy. Standing in the middle of the crowd, I could see flowers and soft toys every way. I wish I can get a huge, cute bear for my future graduation day... in the future.. haha.... ;D

As soon as I met my cousin, I handed her the flower and hugged. I was really happy for her. She was now a master holder. Then, we took some photos. Oh ya, my aunt took her grandchildren along. They were so cute and do you believe that they were twins? Yup! Do they look similar? Nope. haha....

I love her sunflower... and the wrapping too. Double match!
My aunt and uncle... and twins.. ^^
How sweet.... grandfather and his grandson..

After spending nearly an hour there, my cousin invited us for lunch. We went to 'Wong Kok' restaurant, not far from my University. It took me an an hour to return to my hostel. Haha... a small trip.

I thought I won't involve in any graduation day again until the next morning, I received a call from my mum that there was another cousin's graduation day to be attended in that morning. I was so rush to buy her a flower. I had 2 classes at that morning but I was allowed to went out earlier than the class suppose to.

I walked all the way to the hall with my blue umbrella. It was a hot day. About 15 minutes, I reached the place and gave her my flower for her.. Oops.. I should call it a bear that was wrapped with flower. haha...

I just managed to take some photos with her and her parents since she was so busy with her other friends and relatives. I was lucky to be able to chat with her. haha...

My cousin and her friends.. There were beautiful flower.... ;)
Jun and her sister... Happy to meet them.. ;D
My dad and her dad... Lol... haha....

This graduation day has allowed me to feel the real atmosphere. It allowed me to feel the happiness from everyone that was involved. It's not easy to be a student. We start to struggle ever since we step into the course. I understand the feeling when we've finally finished our course. We say goodbye to assignments, exams and homeworks. Yes! I'm free! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

Em..... I still have to wait for another 4 years...... ;(