30 September 2007

Good Stress or Bad Stress?


What do you think about this word?
Will you feel annoying? feel angry? Or instead... happy?

I believe that everyone of us hate stress. We don't like stress and wish to live in a peaceful life. But hey! It's impossible. We can't avoide it.

There are two kind of stress: Distress and Eustress. Distress means the bad stress (negative) and the eustress mean the good stress (positive). It doesn't mean that having stress is always the bad. Not the kind of stress that will lead you to commit sucide. It will help you to make improvement.. ;)

Well, till now I am having eustress. Let call it my Mr. Eustress. He has been visited me the whole day. I've tried my best to finish up my assignments. However, things aren't that smooth. I've been sitting here since 10 am till now... 5 pm and yet, I haven't written anything. My mind is blank and I couldn't think of any points. The topic that I choose is confusing and my Mr.Eustress is leaving me.... His friend Mr.Distress is coming to visit me soon.. sigh...

Oopss.. haha.. I just wish to say something out. Blogging is one of the method to realise stress. I've to rush for my assignments now... *Rushing*

Happy Sunday my friend...