13 September 2007

Vacation Can Test Your Man

As I was flipping through my favourite magazine, CLEO (the latest issue) I came across with an interesting article: Vacation Snaps (by Pamela Tan)

I was too curious with its content so I started reading from page to page. And... Wow! This information is totally new to me. I never ever think of this before.
It's about how the three girls as they recount the trips ended their relationships.

Girl 1: "I've broken up with him. This trip has made me realise that we can't be together - there are too many problems and differences between us. A holiday is meant to be fun but all I felt during the trip was unhappiness. Looking back, I guess it'd help me to find out about a guy's travelling and sleeping habits before you both go on a holiday, just so there are no surprises.

Girl 2:
"I guess some good things are meant to come to an end. I couldn't commit to a marriage, not when I wasn't ready for it. This has taught me to always expect the unexpected (a sudden proposed). You really won't know what your boyfriend's gonna pull out of hat. It can go either way so when you're having fun, enjoy the moment. Holidays are about discovering and finding more about each other".

Girl 3:
"Travelling with him was like competing in The Amazing Race! Before I left, I suggested a time-off. I told him I would call when I got back to home but I didn't. Going on a holiday together is a huge step, but a necessary one. I learnt a lot, not only about him, but about myself too. Sometimes when you have the perfect guy in front of you, you just can't see it. Thankfully, I manage to see it in time and have since gotten back with him. He tried very hard to win me back and I've finally realised he's serious about me. And that his being able to cook is a good things, not a weakness!

(NOTES: These phrases are directly taken from the article. Just to share with you guys!)

From the article, I've realised that a vacation can test how deep your relation between you and your boyfriend. Besides, you can check out how compatible both of you before leading yourself to a "Marriage!". Things will never be the same once both you and your love one stay together under the same roof for a long period. You might not ready for smelly socks, dirty shirts, irritating habits of your man, snoring or etc... Honestly, I can't!

Going out together for a vacation is a smart way to see how committed and prepared you guys are before rushing for a marriage. My mum ever told me that, guys during dating and after a marriage are totally difference in the way of acting, speaking and behaving. You'll see his true color once you commit yourself in a marriage. Before marriage, he might shower you with sweet words, lovely presents and warm love. But, after marriage... He might treat you like a slave and even expect you to do all the household cores for him although you've your own career.

If you hate this kind of situation and are wondering is your man your Mr Right? As the article suggested, plan for a vacation and do things together with your guy. By this way, you can examine him deeply and for the good sake, both of your will understand each other more which will either strengthen or weaken your relationship for the better or worst...

It's better to know the answer earlier than it's too late.