07 September 2007

My Sweet September

"Happy birthday to me...
Happy birthday to me...

Happy birthday to curryegg..
Happy birthday to me...

I was touched when Jane and Fern when they bought me a cake... *touch*
I never thought that I will get a cake during my birthday. I didn't even expect that Qian, Hui and JX will celebrate my birthday at that night.. 1st September 2007. Thank you guys for giving me such a sweet memory.

Eating cake.. ;D
Qian and I.. Sweet girl. Caring as well. Glad to know her..
Kiss ;)

Qian, Jane, Fern, Hui, JX and I

As you still remember, I thought that no one will remember my birthday since I didn't get any wishes from my friends via call or sms. Out of the blue, some called me and some sms me that night... I was so excited. Let me listed them out:
          1. May Tze
          2. May
          3. Sze Phing
          4. Irene
          5. Azmi
          6. Shu Huan
          7. Kit Yen
          8. Ming Zhen
          9. Jie X
          10. Say Siong
          11. Andrew
          12. Benjamin
          13. STC
          14. KTY
          15. Sze L
          16. Sio Ying
          17. Yin Ying
          18. B. Phey
          19. Suet Wei
And I won't forget you my blogger friends for your kind and warm wishes here. Muacks.. hugs.. Love you guys.. :D

make me feel hopeful and warm all the time... Thank!

Oh ya. Back to my story, while we were busy snapping photos in a restaurant-Virgo (My horoscope!), suddenly I received a call from Cyrus. He said he will be there with us. I was so surprised since I never expected he will come. Well, he did come and he really make me jumping with excitement! He brought a whole gang of leng chai (handsome guys)! Lol... haha.. Joking.
Mac, Kevin (Mac's new friend), CJ and Chin W came too! Oh.. They are my lovely junior from my ex-secondary school. I missed them a lot ever since I've left the school.

They were so tall and strong now. I didn't feel that they are like my juniors... Have a look. We did snap some photos.

Kevin and I.. My new friend!
Nice to meet you ;)
Chin W and I...
Responsible and hardworking guy... :D
My cousin too! Haha..
Mr Mac. He's such a lovely and funny guy... ;)
A bit blur...
CJ and I.. He is so tall now. He used to be so short till I can bully him. haha..
but now... his turn.. Smart and tall guy..
Cyrus and I. He cares for everyone. Glad to know him.
A talented sport man. Tall.. sporting.. ;D

Well, did you know what was their present? I mean my junior... Listen! They sang me few birthday songs in different versions in a loud volume. Gosh! They were like shouting. As a result, people in the restaurant knew that this girl (me) was celebrating her birthday. My face was so red at that moment. Just like a red apple! Ashamed?

As red as this apple! ooohhh... ^=^

Anyway, I love their gift. That was my biggest gift ever. *sob sob*.... I was so touch. My party was over after 12am. At the end of the gathering, they gave me a birthday card with sweet wishes in it. Oohhh... thank you again! I will keep it always with me.

Here were some of our funny photos:

Ever since that meeting, I realise that friendship is so important in a person's life. No man is an island and I totally agree it. Without friend, life will not be as colourful as the rainbow. I used to be so quite and kept isolating myself from the public. As time goes by, I changed myself and I am more socializing now. I realise that every people that we meet will teach me a thing and bring joy to me. Without friend, life will be meaningless. So, I will treasure you as my friend..

Happy to know you ^^