09 September 2007


Go-Kart is fun!
It is such an exciting games but I don't have the chance to play it yet.

This is the place!

The overview of the track...
It is just beside the Shah Alam Stadium!

I went to Go-Kart in Shah Alam, Selangor last Friday with Eric and his friends last Friday. We've planned to play it together for the first round before he played with his friends. Unluckily, as soon as we reach there, heavy rain started to pour down.

We waited for about an hour before we can start to play the game. I'd managed to capture some photos of the karts.

Here are the karts with each difference number on each of them.
Have a closer look.
Front view.
Side view.
Hind view.

This is the place for you to sit. It is quite small for me. Just like a baby car for me.. haha...
There are right and left pedals. The left pedal is for the brake while the right pedal is for throttle.

The whole area was totally clot with water and I dare not play. I heard it's be very slippery. Since I am still a beginner, it's better not to play on the wet ground.

Eric and his friends started the racing games as soon as the rain stopped. It was scary to see their karts spinning and some were even out of track. It was definitely hard to control the steering on wet ground.

A man who was flagging the black and white flat as the sign of "Finale".
That's mean it is time to end the game.

After the 15 minutes ride, they came back with......

Cold..... He was shivering.. Pity boy...

Each games cost RM35 for 15 minutes ride. It was a bit expensive for me but I will play it no matter how. It is such an exciting games and I don't wanna miss it. But.....

Can you see what they wrote???
I mean this.... <Motorspots is dangerous>..
Anyway, I will still play it next time but not on wet ground.. :(

Eric and his friends are competing now for their University competition in this afternoon. Each group has 4 members. I wish I can join too.. It must be very fun! sob...
Well, wish them all the best. Hope to hear their good news!