29 August 2009

The Addiction Of Facebook (Group)

A week ago, when I was staying at my cousin's house (Mac) attempting to finish up my assignment, unexpected guests came as well. They are my friends, Kenny and Choon Joo. Or I should say my junior back in high school.

I still remember how short they were back in my form 3 time. Cute, chubby and innocent. Well now? Not anymore. All of them have grown up and will soon becoming a man. Reflecting their faces in the past past has shown the message: Time flies. I wonder how much have I changed too?

Their intention to visit Mac were to surf the net while waiting for volleyball games. Same as mine. Ever since Mac's father has installed wireless, if I am in Penang I will bring all my work as well as my laptop, get a good spot and go online.

That Friday was an extra-ordinary day because the 4 of us ended up playing facebook games. It started from waka-waka, biotronic, typing maniac, word challenge and you name them. Seriously, I felt we were so crazy.

We competed, laughed and teased one another and that's why these photos are being taken - in order to remember the craziest memory when we were together with our own laptop.

The funniest expression I ever captured!

Wait! Not to forget other electronic devices - the mobile phone. They could play while talking on the phone. Wow! I am real impressed.. I called this, the 21st century youngsters.

Ok. Back to my part. I really have to stop myself from playing all those facebook games. Addiction is good but too much is bad. Aizkkss...

P/S: You don't see me in the pictures because I am the one who snapped them.

Have you face this problem too? Or maybe your friends, family members or even your parents?


28 August 2009

Birthday Wishlist

I am sorta curious that why some of my friends are so eager to know my latest wishlist. Few of them seemed to be so interested to explore my list. Partially, I guess I know why. My 22nd birthday is just a stone throw, like... em... 4 days from now (28th August 2008).


Since a few people are asking and this question sounds like a good one for me which will direct me to my goal, I think it is good to make my list here. If I can get some opinions or ways in how to get them, that will be definitely good.

My 22nd Wishlist

1) A new desk

You have no idea on how desperate I am to get a proper study desk for myself in these few years. A simple, moderate size desk which doesn't take much space fits my needs.

2) A desk lamp

Yes. I definitely need an extra light bulk on my study desk as the light in my room is slightly dim. Bad lighting will reduce one's concentration. Plus, it spoils the eyes.

3) Videocam

I want a videocam so much lately especially in this very semester. One of the main reason is because, my counseling courses require us to record all of our counseling sessions and this has made me wanting to own one so much. Another reason is.. emm.. shhhhh... can't tell. It is my secret..

4) Pendrive/Thumbdrive

Two of my pendrives have failed to function. I only left 1 now.. I need extra USB thumdrive to save my assignments and pictures.. :(

5) External hard disk

It is so important to store all my important files in another disk (extra copy) just in case my main desktop is being attacked by virus or other disaster!

6) A New Mother

Gosh! Did I tell you that my CPU has already broken?
It burnt and smoked before it official dies. My cousin who was the last person who used my computer was shocked when she heard the loud 'pop' sound and smoke coming from the back of my CPU. I guess she had over-used my old CPU. Well, it is time to change.

I am looking for a new mother for my CPU. I mean motherboard.

7) Books!

Any good books are my favourite.

8) Polo T, blouse, skirt and dress!

Anything which fits my body well and make me look perfectly fabulous. Lol.. I mean anything. Don't ask me why because I am just a FEMALE. Wait, can candy color socks included? Well, yes.. ;)

9) Hermit Crabs!

Lately, I am so crazy about Hermit crabs and have been thinking of rarely a pair. I have been reading so much about them on the internet and brochure and really wish to rare this unique crabs. Do you know, they need to change their shell consistently? From small, medium to big size of shell. Interesting isn't it? ;D

10) Love - friend and family

Good relationship with people mean a lot to me as I always connect myself with them as whole-heartedly as I can. Family and friends are whom come into my mind first when I am talking about people. I am a type of person who treasure friendship and love so much, as if they are the only resources which motivate me to live a happy life. As I am growing up, I can see how important love and care from others in someone's life. You might or might not notice this but for sure, you can feel it, can't you?

So, shower me with your consistent care and love and treat me as your real friend. That will be the biggest present for me - I am serious.

I guess, here are the list so far. Please, I don't expect to get all these from you but for me to work hard on them to get at least few of them? Of course, the 10th item is specially dedicated to you (those who really treat me as a friend, dear, honey, bebe or girl girl). So, do the last one for me, will you?


Looks like August is going to end soon.
Time pass so fast. I should get myself ready for tomorrow counseling session. Another 6 to go. All the best to me.. ;)

21 August 2009

I Am The Counselor!

Lately, I have been busy preparing and conducting for my counseling sessions, both individual and group counseling. They are my assignments for this semester. I have to conduct 5 sessions each for individual and group counseling. The total number of clients I have to get is 3+4 = 7 clients. Yeah, so basically, I need 10 sessions and 7 clients.

So far, I have conducted 2 individual sessions and 1 group session. Bravo for myself.

That also explain why I rarely blog of late.

Ever since I have stepped into my 3rd year, I know things are getting tougher. Serious effort and full commitment must be given in order to conduct a good counseling session. To explain what is a good counseling session is I want to be a real counselor, creating an effective counseling session in which I can really help my client rather than just for assignment. Well, what is the point to be a pretended (fake) counselor who want to score high mark in assignment or test but fail to help his or hers client?

Of course, I am not a real counselor yet but believe me, I am almost there. By giving generous amount of effort and honest sincerity in helping, I know I will achieve my goal in no time. Other than my own effort, helps from others especially my friends has lighten up my way. They have allowed me to practice whatever I have learned in these few years. The 'they' whom I am referring here is my clients. The 7 confirmed clients who are already in my list.

Thanks my friends for your willingness to help. No one other than myself can imagine how hard to get a number of ideal clients. Ideal in the sense that compatible with my time, date and place. I took 3 weeks to look for my clients. 3 weeks to fit in my schedule.

During that entire 3 weeks, I was stress and worried. I thought there were no hopes anymore and I might force my best friends to be my clients if, I still fail to get any. Before hope turns into despair, I was visited by lady luck who has changed my sad ending into something positive. I believe you can guess what happen next. I have volunteers who can be my clients!


So, what I should do now is to perform well and at the same time learn from my clients and lecturers. I have been given this opportunity to perform and improve myself although they are just assignments. Well, there will be no experience if I don't give this a good try, right? Trust me, this is the starting in producing a professional counselor.

Yeah, here I am:
the Kelly Tan counselor

So, who wanna be in my waiting list? You get discount if you register now. Better hurry than sorry.


15 August 2009

Meet My Twins

I know. I know.
I know I haven't been updating my blog like ages. It has been almost.. a week?

Yeah. A week.
Well, I have a very good reason behind this disappearance. Believe it or not, it was the distraction from my long lost twin sister.



You know what, mum and dad had never told me I have a twin sister till I discovered her myself. I was so mad at them. Real mad as they had been keeping this secret away from me for all this while. It was one fine afternoon, when Eric and I were wandering around the mall, looking for lunch.

I didn't know how and why my feet leaded us into this mini 1901 restaurant. The attraction was so strong and unconsciously we decided to have our lunch there.

Do you know what is the freakiest thing ever happen in my life? I met someone who look exactly like I am. Same hair, same smile, same entire, same bag and shoes!

Isn't it spooky?
I did ask her, "Are you.... my twins?"

She didn't reply but smiled.
And guess what. Eric met his twins too!

We dismissed after the short cam-whoring session since each of us were rushing to the movie. Anyway, I know I will met her again. Maybe when I am paying my another visit in the toilet.

Sister.. I miss you..

10 August 2009

Flying Chilles With Friends

You know what, Flying Chillies sounded so much like an Indian Restaurant to me when I first reading the names. Only then I was convinced that it is a Thai Restaurant after browsing its menu when I was wandering around The Gardens with Eric. Yeah, a Thai Restaurant. A place where you can find chillies flying in the air like Nimbus 2000 or Fireboltz.

I am just joking.

Can you believe it? I draw chillies but ended up like eggplants.

It is a real nice place with good food and friendly service. Well, if you like spicy and sour dishes as much as myself, you will just simply fall in love with this cosy restaurant. That's also one of the reason why I persuaded William, May, Jane and Kevin to give Flying Chillies a try when they were deciding to throw dice, leaving our dinner to luck.

My artwork on plate! :D
This was done spontaneously.

Thanks God, they listened to me..

It was 2 weeks ago when the 5 of us decided to meet up. It had been a year when we, the Penangites planned to meet up somewhere in Kuala Lumpur. Nothing had been done till that 'ISA day' - the day when every road which connects to the heart of the city was terribly congested. Well, we didn't purposely plan to join the crowds. It was coincident. Somehow, I felt like we had picked the right time because all of us managed to turn up and have fun!

William said, "The waitress of the day!"

Sorry if I've missed this. Kevin who is May's boyfriend had joined our ex-secondary classmates gathering for the very first time. We have a new guess for the very first time. Welcome to the family.

William, Jane, Me and May (from the left)

Our dinner was filled with joy and laughter which I really enjoyed a lot. I have been waiting so long for this moment to arrive. Chit chatting and updating each other news in a comfortable environment. The friendship bonds among us which I care the most have been strengthen again. Before this, we were like strangers to each other which were a sad scenario.

Promise me my friends.
We will meet again in future with more old friends filling up the gathering list. Let's make another warm meet up in Nibong Tebal!

Miss you!

And you know what?
I love Flying Chillies because of its.......

Mango sticky rice!

08 August 2009

Traffic Which I don't Expect

Frankly, I always have positive feeling over traffic which come to my blog - be it huge or tiny winy number of visitors. I don't mind. As long as there are visitors, I am happy. It makes me feel that whatever I have blogged here is being appreciated, just by a simple visit.

However, mixing feelings occurred in me when I checked on my blog traffic meter in Nuffnang awhile ago. In fact, I checked it almost daily. Deep in my heart, I could sense a slightly tense and sour feelings as what I have seen wasn't something I expected, nor something I like.

Not at all.

The keywords which typed by the Google users in these few days have directed unexpected traffic to my latest blog post, "Still unacceptable, Gary Leon Robert". Never had I thought of his death has drawn so much attention from the public till the search for his news is still going in the Internet. Or maybe I should say Gary, a nice, charismatic guy has such a huge social network in which people are still caring for his news although he is in somewhere better now.

After going through the emotional ride for almost a week, I noticed I have accepted his death. The hollow feeling has been filled up with new hopes and loves. I want to make my life more meaningful than ever by putting thoughts into action and showing loves and cares to people around me. I know, if I don't do things immediately, I might not have the chance once the call is being sent out - the call to heaven.

Like what I have written in my assignment, 'Why I Picked Existential Theory For My Counseling Session', I am aware that life is fragile and I should appreciate every moment I have on Earth. Though I might not know what will happen tomorrow, at least I know what I should do now. Day dreaming without action wouldn't add any meaning to my life and I know I should do something.

Thanks Gary for teaching me something important to both me and Eric. We are now appreciating each other more. Besides, I have this strong will to contribute something for my readers as well as the blogosphere by writing something useful and beneficial - be it informative, educational or hilarious post (like what I have been doing in these 2 years). Even if I am fated to die one day, I want to leave something useful for my fellow readers (my family, friends and you).

I guess I have been thinking too much lately but I know, this is something good. It has allowed me to grow and improve myself. Thanks Gary and my readers. I have learnt so much from you guys.

Have a good weekend people!

04 August 2009

Still, Unacceptable - Gary Leon Robert

Although the news of Gary Leon Robert's death has been announced since yesterday about 1.05p.m, the cuts on my heart are still unbearable. The imaginary picture of him sprawling in a filthy, isolated dark pedestrian tunnel at a stadium in Selangor keep on hunting me after hearing and reading news of him both from Eric and local news.

"Why God is being so cruel to him?"

That's the first question I managed to ask after receiving a sudden call at 1.55pm from Eric when he was driving to the scene. 4 hours before the grieving news, I was still hoping and praying that Gary who was lost for more than 24 hours after the Adidas King of the Road Marathon (2nd August 2009) will be found safe by any kind person. Hopes and prayers were the only thing I can do for him - but..... sigh....

I remembered the very first day I met him was in a Uniten Basketball Competition last year when I joined Eric to be the supporters of his team. He was a strong, active basket player who could ran the whole court without any hassle. Not to mention his good tricks in stealing ball from another team players and trying his very best to gain points for his team. Good teamwork was what I can remember till now as he showed cooperativeness and good relationship with other members - that's also why his team won that games.

By just a short games, I could feel that Gary is a nice guy with good social skill with everyone he met. This has been proven by the way he came and say hi to me and introduced himself before he left the court.

"Such a gentlemen", I whispered.

Besides, I do hear some stories about him on his friendliness and kindness from Eric who was his coursemate. This charming guy has a huge social contact and I believe it is because of his sincerity in making friends with anyone he met. Just imagine, a girl like me who met him not more than 2 hours could attracted to his friendliness by just a simple greeting and smile. How about those who have known him for years or a lifetime like his best friends and family?

The cuts on my heart deepen whenever I think of his family, his girlfriend and his friends. It is like I can feel their pains and loss though it is not as severe as theirs for sure. Really....

Some blog articles from Gary's close friends which I managed to visit before deciding to write this post.


A video clip from a Adidas King of the Road Marathon runner who happened to see Gary before he went missing. Should the organizer be responsible to this incident too? Sigh..... why...

No matter how, I know I shouldn't blame God nor anyone as I believe there are always reasons behind every incident. There must be some messages we should discover and learn. In fact, I am lucky for being able to know him in person and touched by his great values even though it was a short moment. That's enough for me.

What we can do now is to treasure every bit of memory we have with Gary and pray for him to have peacefulness in heaven. May he be with God.

Lastly, my condolence to his family. May you rest in peace, Gary.

02 August 2009

Drive With 70 Degree Car Bonnet

Yesterday was indeed a bad crowded day. Every road which connects to the center of Kuala Lumpur was heavily congested. A 10 minutes journey turned up to be 70 minutes. I was trapped pitifully under the hot scorching sun with high amount of Carbon Monoxide. Oh dear.

Stupid ISA road block!

I was a bit regret for not canceling the gathering with my ex-secondary school friends. Or else, I can lie comfortably on my sofa while watching TV. Well, it wasn't a regretful day till I met my friends!

Maybe I shall keep the gathering story in my next following post, shall we?

While I was trapped, half dead in the car, I saw an uncle at his 40's came out from his taxi with his mouth moving. Before I could catch the whole picture, the uncle already entered his taxi and ready to drive off. Wait. Did he just opened his car bonnet?

"He is going to drive with his car bonnet widely open?"






Somebody please slap me on my face...

I was stunned till the uncle and his passenger disappeared from my sight.

*Thumbs up*

01 August 2009

Truth Behind The Silence

Browsing on my previous posts at the front page of my blog, I realized how little had I written in this week. It makes me feel like my blog is so quiet. In fact, I was quiet in these few days. Why? Well, I seriously didn't feel good at all and because of this awareness, I have slowed down and let my body rest as much as it can.

The truth behind this silence is that, I have just realized how weak my body is when I almost collapsed at a park in Shah Alam on last Saturday. Yes. I nearly fainted at the spot which I was standing while grabbing a rented red Yokohama bike on both my palms. Little did I know my legs could no longer support my 44kg weight when my eyes were covered by the growing number of twinkle stars and my ears failed to catch any sound.

Notes: I have lost weight due to my losing-wisdom-tooth syndrome. =_=

Me: White shirt on red bike

I thought I had already hit on the ground before Eric saved me from the embarrassment. He took me to a nearby staircase to take a rest. You have no idea how scared and worried I was at that moment. I was under a state of subconscious, not aware of my surrounding. It was terrifying. Worse, I felt my respiratory system failed to function as I kept gasping for air.

It took my spirit about 20-30 minutes (if I am not mistaken) to return to my body. If it wasn't because of the help I received from Eric's friends (Kok Wei, Jason and Xiang) who bought me a tin of 100 plus, I might not recover that fast. I definitely need glucose at that moment due to my low blood pressure.

Thank you my dear new friends. Real thanks for the help.
Thanks Eric, Mayiko, Ah Sa and Ken too who stayed with me all the while, not leaving me alone. I dare not imagine spending my first collapsing moment in the middle of the jungle.


Oh ya, not to forget to thank Xiang who had tried his best, pushing me from my back in order to avoid me from falling. Or else, I might be rolling down the hill like snow ball. OMG! Thanks. Real thanks. I didn't know he was there till Eric told me the whole incident once I had recovered.

Paisheh la....

I believe I was too weak and couldn't afford extreme exercise like cycling at the hilly park. I managed to discovered a few reasons:


  1. Not enough of sleep for more than 2 weeks
  2. Eat less ever since I lost my wisdom tooth
  3. Genetically low blood pressure
  4. Not enough exercise
  5. Hot weather
  6. Period

Among all the 6 reasons, I found the 4th one a bit ridiculous. Ridiculous in the sense that I am really lacking of exercises ever since I entered university. I can't believe it. Darn!

I used to be a marathoner runner, swimmer, yogis, volleyball player, badminton player and cyclist but that was years ago. Also, another bad new is I have stopped doing yoga. I have never imagined a strong body I used to have will slowly deteriorate and become as weak as I am right now.

Ah man!
I am getting lazy.

I could hear my own biological alarm and I know I should do something to improve my health. Without good health, no man can do anything although he has high spirit and strong motivation to success. That 'blackout' has really taught me a huge lesson and I shouldn't neglect my health anymore.

My big plan:

  1. Run at the park at least twice a week
  2. Back to my yoga class
  3. Sleep early (before 12am)
  4. Take healthy food
  5. Take Chinese herbal drink - dates.
  6. Coming soon.

So far, I have fulfilled my 3rd, 4th and 5th plans and am trying to do others as well. To my dear friends who have started worrying about me, well, thanks. Real thanks. I can sense it. But you don't have to because this is a good message, alarming me not to take health for granted (which I used to). This is a good wake up call for me as it reminds me to look after my health starting by today and coming days.

Or else, you know the consequences.

Credit to: Mayiko for her photos. I was too weak to hole the camera during at the park. Thanks girl! *hugs*