01 August 2009

Truth Behind The Silence

Browsing on my previous posts at the front page of my blog, I realized how little had I written in this week. It makes me feel like my blog is so quiet. In fact, I was quiet in these few days. Why? Well, I seriously didn't feel good at all and because of this awareness, I have slowed down and let my body rest as much as it can.

The truth behind this silence is that, I have just realized how weak my body is when I almost collapsed at a park in Shah Alam on last Saturday. Yes. I nearly fainted at the spot which I was standing while grabbing a rented red Yokohama bike on both my palms. Little did I know my legs could no longer support my 44kg weight when my eyes were covered by the growing number of twinkle stars and my ears failed to catch any sound.

Notes: I have lost weight due to my losing-wisdom-tooth syndrome. =_=

Me: White shirt on red bike

I thought I had already hit on the ground before Eric saved me from the embarrassment. He took me to a nearby staircase to take a rest. You have no idea how scared and worried I was at that moment. I was under a state of subconscious, not aware of my surrounding. It was terrifying. Worse, I felt my respiratory system failed to function as I kept gasping for air.

It took my spirit about 20-30 minutes (if I am not mistaken) to return to my body. If it wasn't because of the help I received from Eric's friends (Kok Wei, Jason and Xiang) who bought me a tin of 100 plus, I might not recover that fast. I definitely need glucose at that moment due to my low blood pressure.

Thank you my dear new friends. Real thanks for the help.
Thanks Eric, Mayiko, Ah Sa and Ken too who stayed with me all the while, not leaving me alone. I dare not imagine spending my first collapsing moment in the middle of the jungle.


Oh ya, not to forget to thank Xiang who had tried his best, pushing me from my back in order to avoid me from falling. Or else, I might be rolling down the hill like snow ball. OMG! Thanks. Real thanks. I didn't know he was there till Eric told me the whole incident once I had recovered.

Paisheh la....

I believe I was too weak and couldn't afford extreme exercise like cycling at the hilly park. I managed to discovered a few reasons:


  1. Not enough of sleep for more than 2 weeks
  2. Eat less ever since I lost my wisdom tooth
  3. Genetically low blood pressure
  4. Not enough exercise
  5. Hot weather
  6. Period

Among all the 6 reasons, I found the 4th one a bit ridiculous. Ridiculous in the sense that I am really lacking of exercises ever since I entered university. I can't believe it. Darn!

I used to be a marathoner runner, swimmer, yogis, volleyball player, badminton player and cyclist but that was years ago. Also, another bad new is I have stopped doing yoga. I have never imagined a strong body I used to have will slowly deteriorate and become as weak as I am right now.

Ah man!
I am getting lazy.

I could hear my own biological alarm and I know I should do something to improve my health. Without good health, no man can do anything although he has high spirit and strong motivation to success. That 'blackout' has really taught me a huge lesson and I shouldn't neglect my health anymore.

My big plan:

  1. Run at the park at least twice a week
  2. Back to my yoga class
  3. Sleep early (before 12am)
  4. Take healthy food
  5. Take Chinese herbal drink - dates.
  6. Coming soon.

So far, I have fulfilled my 3rd, 4th and 5th plans and am trying to do others as well. To my dear friends who have started worrying about me, well, thanks. Real thanks. I can sense it. But you don't have to because this is a good message, alarming me not to take health for granted (which I used to). This is a good wake up call for me as it reminds me to look after my health starting by today and coming days.

Or else, you know the consequences.

Credit to: Mayiko for her photos. I was too weak to hole the camera during at the park. Thanks girl! *hugs*