31 October 2008

Don't Buy Slipper Made By China

WARNING: There are disgusting photos in this post. If you don't want to spoil your meal, stop scrolling down the page and escape.


Again, this is about my email which I received yesterday. This time, it is a caring email from Asha, my lovely mama (she's so caring till I want to call her mama).. :P

Thank dear for the email and wish you don't mind if I post it here in my blog.

Frankly, I feel that these photos are even scarier than my ghost post. Look at the feet!

Is that really the effect of wearing the slippers which are made from China? Is it so serious? I wonder is it because of the type of rubber they used in making the slippers? Emmm... question question question...

I still remember the news on how the producers in China use recycled condoms to make hair bands. Eikssssss! Isn't that disgusting? And it's so unethical and immoral business practices . I can't imagine the number of sperms tying on my hair. Or even stick on the hair. AIDS! HIV!


We should really be careful in choosing China products these days. Still remember the Chinese milk scandal? Keep this in mind.

30 October 2008

Halloween Party, Here I Come

Still remember my previous post on I'm Going Silent With Nokia Xpress Music? I beg you guys must be remember (if you're my loyal reader) as it was not long ago and my header is too cool to be forgotten. Lolx.. So tak paiseh.

The main point is.....

I have received a ticket to the Halloween Party from Nuffnang not long ago.

I shall thank to Robb and Suresh for the ticket. They have helped me a lot. Thank you.. :)

Talking about the Halloween post, it is my best post ever. Yup. So far, I've done nothing as well as this - photography skills, writing skills, make-up skills, photoshop skills, sleeping skills and pretend-to-be ghost skills. Lolx...

This look more horrible compare to the others...

The mess!

Honestly, do I look scary in these photos?
I received comment like...

"You look cute"
"Funny la..."
"You look angry more than scary"


Don't I look like a ghost?
It was not easy to make up and and pick the costumes le... :(

It was my first time dressing like a ghost and I did scare my mum away when she opened my door room. Sorry mum..

Anyway, curryegg is going to dress something scary this Saturday - The first ever Halloween Party for bloggers in Malaysia. Gosh! I am so excited! What should I wear this time? Any idea? It must be something scary.....


29 October 2008

Pick Your Own Veg

I just love Cameron Highland..
It's really a beautiful place and I want to stay there when I am old.

For those who love greenery view, Cameron Highland is the right place for you. Nice whether, fresh air, yummy strawberry.. mama miah!


So, last Sunday (before Deepavali), my family and I were once again visited one of the "Pick Your Own Veg" farm in Cameron Highland.

It has been my favourite spot ever since it has been discovered few years ago by my aunt. One of the main reason why we love spending time here is because of the owners. We love approaching the owners of this farm- friendly, helpful and very down-to-earth attitude. Besides, there are variety of vegetables, flowers and fruits.

Looking at this mini tomato, it has reminded me about Christhoo - the tomato man. Haha... A photo for you.. :P

This is the hottest and the spiciest chillies I've ever tasted in my life. Just a drop of it, it will paralyze your entire tongue. I've tried it and Gosh! 3 glasses of plain water didn't help at all. Don't trust me? Buy one and try it! It's called the Mexican chili if I'm not wrong.

The mini size cock. I wish to steal one... :P

Can you believe it? There are grapes in Cameron Highland? Whooaa....
Unfortunately, I couldn't taste them because they haven't ripe yet. I heard they are sweet when they ripe.. sigh..

Anyway, there were still plenty of things to be explored.
This is how the farm look like.

The flower of a type of beans. What do they call? Emm... green bean? Lolx.. Not sure..

My parents love this place so much. If you were there, you can see how excited they were. Maklum lah we stay in town area... there are no land for us to grow plants, accept cactus.. =_=

As they were busy self-plucking the beans, I was on the other hand, busy snapping photos. Hehe.. A great excuse to escape.. :P

Here is the rootbeer corner.

Can you see it?

Again, my dad was so excited. Lolx..

Oh ya. If you happen to be in Cameron Highland, one thing you shouldn't miss out is to eat the raw Taiwan Sweetcorn. Yes.


Eat it immeditately once you pluck it like this...

It tastes so sweet and milky.. oh my.. oh my..
I've never tried any raw sweetcorn until that day..
It must be my day! hehehe...

Sastified with the taste of the raw sweetcorn, we ordered 20! This time, we got help from the owner. Look at how tiring she was.. :(

Oh ya.
I spotted Clover leaves.. But there were only 3 leaves.. When can I get 4 leaves???

Oh ya.
There are variety herbs here and their names are so cute... :P

I wanna eat pizza now... *grruuuu*

I never know that the roots of the parasite plants are thick and hairy... emmm... gelinya...
>.< class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_0">haha...

Photos from my mum:

This flower look so fake!
It's beautiful, isn't it?

Psst... I want to pluck it.. shhh.... :P

Rose... :)

Ended of my mum's work.
Nice aren't they?

Not bad not bad..
My mum has turned out to be a good photographer with the help of her daughter.. Wuooo! That's cool!

By the way, I've discovered something interesting.. It's the Venusfly Trap plant! It is a plant which eats flies or small bugs. Emmm... Carnivor plant.. yeiiks..

Kevin and I did an experiment on it. We had video it.. Watch this!

So, give me reasons why I should not love traveling to this self-pluck farm? Tell me? Tell me? I guess, next time I should bring a camp and stay here for a day. Lolx..