10 October 2008


How many countries are they in the world?
Anyone can answer me?

The number of countries is growing and anyone of you know the latest figure?

For all this while, I don't know the exact number until I played this flags matching games with KW. It's fun and now, I can improve my Geography. Sigh.. It's hard to admit that.. I'm bad in cartography. This is the main subject which I'm always being teased by my dad. Eeeerrr!

Looking at the world map, the only continent which I know well is the Asia. Sigh.... Thank to Malaysia Education system in stressing on the Asia for the Geography subjects. Puff.... :(

At the only country I know very well, of course... Malaysia... followed by Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar and so on....

Sometimes, I feel like I'm stuck in a small box. The only thing I know is Malaysia, South East Asia and Asia. What else? I guess my dad is right. I shouldn't trap myself in this small box anymore. I should climb up and walk out of the box rather than stay still and wait for nothing.

Although this is just a 'children activity' (I mean the map), it inspires and motivates me to move further. I've set a higher dreams, higher goals which I am sure I can reach them someday, somewhere. I'm reaching the stars!

Examining the map, I wish I can travel like one of the Malaysian famous blogger, Nicolekiss who is the world travelers. She travels, blogs and searching the meaning of life which I'm pretty impressed and admired. I do hope I can travel like her, someday, when I've graduated and gain my counseling license.. Then, I wanna immigrate to Australia, United States, England or maybe... Africa??? Lolx.. Too much of day dreaming....

Right now, I want to see thing out of the box. No more Malaysia, Sout East Asia nor Asian. Read my lips....

"No.. More.."

Now, who should I vote for?

P/s: Dad, you must be proud of me, don't you?
*smile broadly*