07 October 2008


What did you do during in the first week of Hari Raya?
Did you have a fun time?

Frankly, I really feel lucky because I'm a Malaysian. I get the chance to celebrate most of the festivals in Malaysia, starting from Hari Raya, Deepavali, Christmas and etc. Isn't that great!?

If you ask me, what's the meaning of 'festival'?

"Festival.... Festival...."


I know! Festival is a celebration where there are lot of FOoooodd!!!
Oh my. I just can't stop thinking of food right now.

Here are some of the 'Kuih raya' from Mak Cik Kia's house. I'd been to her house last Sunday and as usual, I'm touched by her hospitality. She's such a warm and generous woman. Thank you.. ;)

I couldn't forget her 'kari redang ayam', 'sambal belacan', 'kari sotong', 'lemang' and 'ketupat'. They are so yummy! You guys must be curious to see the photos. Well, sorry for this time because curryegg was too busy eating, rather than snapping photos. Lolx.... :P

Aside from the food, there was something extra-ordinary I want to show you here.

Do you know what is this? I know, it's a plant. It was actually a kind of vegetable which I don't know its name. Any idea? Well, Mak Cik Kia was busy entertaining us in the dinning room before my mum spotted something at the back of the kitchen.

I'd no idea what it was until Mak Cik Kia took an old ladder, climbed on it... and.. and....

Plucked these for us...

Oh Gosh!
It's huge!!!!!!! I'd never seen such a big one. Its size is almost similar to a banana.

Thank you Mak Cik Kia. I really had a great time during that whole afternoon. Besides Mak Cik Kia, her daughters were nice too. Just a year, both of her two daughters have grown up and now.. sob.. they are almost reaching my height. Sigh...

Oh ya...
If you have missed my one-year-back post, on my last Raya celebration (2007), do have a look here. There are photos on those curry dishes which I had stated earlier (redang ayam and yummy yummy dishes)...

Promise, you will be mouth watering!

We left her house around 4 pm. Guess what? we made another trip to a 'cendol stall'. Curryegg and family just can't stop eating. Lolx.... :P

Ok.. I mean my dad... :P

My dad was staring at me when he saw my camera....

Ta-da... this is the cendol I mean.. My favourite dessert.... yum yum...
Anyone love cendol as well? Have you tried Nyonya Cendol (from Malacca)? Again, it's delicious! Yum yum yum..... :D