21 October 2008

I Am Who I Am

Good morning everyone..
How are you today?
I feel much better now. Look like I'm slowly recovering from coughing..

*fingers crossed*

First of all, thank for your lovely message for my previous post. To be frank, my drive to blog is even stronger as I know you will be always there for me.

*wink wink*

Yes. I do agree with some of you that blog is a personal medium for self-expression and no one has the right to stop it. That's why, this blog is still running! Emm.. now I wonder.. how about Raja Petra case?

From these scenarios, I've learned to be stronger and stand still with my decision better than ever. Why? Because I know one thing which is very important:

I am who I am.

I don't have to be someone else in order to please certain people as I deserve to be whoever I am. I like my look, I like my body, I like my brain and I love my talents. So, why should I care how others judge about me? If you like me, you will accept whoever I am. Agree?

And I hope you too, don't give up with yourself and be whoever you want to be as you're unique. Trust me, you hardly find anybody who looks like you in this world (accept if you have twins) which comes in package - physical look+ talents+ health+ voice+ etc..

Ok, away from my 'grandmother story'.. I've a photo which I want you to guess..

Where can you find a place for egg boiling?
Future post: Egg boiling?



I will blog about this tomorrow. Right now, I'm focusing in revising my subject. There is a test tomorrow.. T.T

I hate test... :(