14 October 2008

My Fighthing Fishes Are Mating!

I'm watching my fighting fishes (Betta) mating in the aquarium. I'm so excited as I'm going to become a nanny! Yeaharr!

The process is weird but unique and I feel like myself is watching porn!
Ouch! Don't hit my head..

I know I know. I'm braking the law of privacy Well, who cares? They are my fishes and I wanna watch them mating and spawning. The best part will be on how the male building the nest for the eggs and how it protects them.

Found this video clip which is similar to their process:

Right now, I've to concentrate and make sure the female has done her part. Once the spawning end, I have to remove it from the aquarium and let the male take care of the rest. The expert tells me that the female will eat her own eggs if it is not being remove.

Look like I'm in the critical moment. I have to watch the 'porn' no matter how long it is!
Be right back with an extra-ordinary post, promise!


I saw the eggs! But.. sigh... both male and female ate them. I guess I don't have the chance to be a 'nanny'... :(