23 February 2012

10 New Promises A Soon-To-Be Transformational Teacher Made For Herself.

#1 Rest More Cikgu Telur
First of all, I would want to promise myself that I will own more resting time starting from next Monday after finishing all my lesson planning for the new week and month. I don't want to stay up late or wake up too early to spend long hours on daily planning. It’s tiring. I need to be more effective in order to treat myself and my students better. Those panda eyes should be get rid of immediately!


#2 Remember my students’ names
I am still having a terrible time on remembering my students’ names – about 240+ of them. Each day, I need to ask my students for their name (again, and again). This is already the 8 weeks and I could only remember 10% of the names, 40% of the faces. Omigosh! Since small, I am bad in remembering names. It seems like names don’t stick in my brain. That’s also why I am bad with history and biology because there are too many names and terms to be remembered >.<


student1 My current initiative is to ask them write down and decorate their names and ambitions interestingly on a piece of A4 paper. Then, the name tag will be place on their own table.

I wonder, do you have any secret that work for you and you would want to share? Please do.

#3 Understand my students’ dreams
In this particular first year, I wish to be able to understand as many of my students’ dreams. I want to know them personally as a person and their goals in life so that I am able to offer my help and service better. I believe that knowing one’s life purposes and goals in life are essential because that is what keep us in purpose and alive.

We want to know what we are capable of, what make us thick and how we can contribute back to the society. Thus, I hope to be able to reach as many students as possible. I realize, many of my students at the age of 13 have little awareness on what they want in life and dreams (this happened to me too back in those ages). Maybe they are still young but this is a good time to expose them to the bigger picture for their own benefit. I am teaching Maths and Civic and I had done this activity to all my classes. Would want to discover more whenever there are chances.



#4 Be more religious.
I promise to be more religious towards completing my Teacher’s Lesson Record Log Book starting from today. I will write my brief lesson plans as early as possible (because normally I write my lesson plans in another format). I will wrap it up and add some spices in so that it is no longer in green I want it to be pink!


#5 Get involved with more students in different classes.
I would love widen my ‘friendship circle’ with more students from other classes and forms in the coming days. I realize I could have the chance and opportunity while I am patrolling students’ disciplines during recess or relief absence teacher’s class. Or maybe during school activities too like co-curriculum and sport activities.


#6 Be a student’s tracker expert!
As a Teach For Malaysia fellow, we need to track students’ academic performance in class as often as possible (better for daily). We will key in their result on every successful Independent Practice session (where students attempt question by themselves after the lesson to test their understanding). I need to learn and pick up so that I could key in the data instantly.


#7 Plan more interesting activities for Maths Club!
I am assigned as one of the Maths Club supervisors. We need to think and plan activities for the club. So far, I had done a funny yet interesting games to my students. It was about determine the perimeter of the school hall using the items you picked. Lol.. one of the students picked a clipboard and the group had to use the item and make calculation. So cute but then, it is still related to Maths especially reflecting on the ancient days when ruler and length unit had not been introduced. Anyway, hahaha.. they are  still funny! What a good cikgu, laughing at her own students =D =D =D

They enjoyed the activity and I am glad to know it. Thus, now I need to plan more fun activities for the club. Emm.. idea.. idea….

#8. Wear more cute stuff?
I am a bit doubtful to type this but then… well.. ok.. I am gonna write this. I am gonna wear more cute stuff to school because, eventually students like to describe me as ‘comel’ (cute). I don’t know why but they will express the word doubtlessly.  If that is the case, I am gonna wear more cute stuff like this?

school4Bought by Calv at Jonker Street. I still have a pair of pandas and owls.
Kawaii neh~

#9 Do more market survey.
Yes, I should do more market survey to gain inspiration and ideas for my lesson in class. I want to connect my students with the picture of the real world. This can help to cultivate their creative and critical mind. So yes, let me do the tough job.

Why do we learn circles and radius? (Can you guess the answer?)


And how and why does sales work? =))


If you have any great, awesome and useful idea for the children, do share with me here! I would really appreciate your help =D


#10 Stop admiring the sky.
I had been warned not to admire the sky anymore because.. emm…. i am not gonna say it. Just see the picture I took when I was on the way back to home. The full-of-hope-sky-picture =P


All right. Time to learn to obey my #1 promise.
Wish me have another meaningful lessons for the children tomorrow. Thank you.
Good night everyone <3

11 February 2012

I Want To See More ‘ColorBlind’

I don’t know why there were tears in my eyes when I was watching this short videoclip. It was shared by one of my friends, Soon Seng in an online group discussion.



This somehow remains me of that particular class where students are so bothered by their classmates’ skin color and ended up into fights – almost everyday.


I was being scheduled to make replacement (relief class) to the class today and I found myself repeating the same yelling, “Stop fighting! STOP!”

They were fights between the Indian and Chinese students. A Chinese student who were trying to make fun of me questioned in Mandarin, “Teacher, why are there so many Indian students in our class?”


It just struck me. I don’t know what to answer and I only managed to reply, “All of you are special and you guys can learn a lot from each other”. Well, my words were falls on deaf ears. He just laughed and ran away with his buddies.


Probably the idea was too abstract for a 13 year old kids to understand. I don’t blame them. I don’t blame the parents nor teacher neither. I understood the history of our country, as well as the diversity and political issues. There are unique, complex and tricky.

I don’t know how much I can do for these children especially in term of cognitive and moral developments before I leave the school in 2 years. At the moment, I can only plant as much seeds as possible to these vast ground and water them as often as I can with a big hope that one day, they will understand and grow as a wise, humane person.


I want to see more of this in our younger generation.


img_7276-2-2 All of us are like a big family despite of colors. Wait, what color do I mean? Rainbow?


Would that be possible?

03 February 2012

Never Know It Can Be Done Like This



I was a student for roughly 21 years, studying Maths for many many years and now, teaching Maths. I never know that.. that.. the multiplication table for 9 can be done like this.


Genius! I shall teach my students and my kids too!