05 June 2014

The Awaiting Enlightment In Siem Reap


About 10 days ago, I had decided to purchase flight tickets to Siem Reap, Cambodia where my friends are planning for another round of back packing experiences. It was a sudden plan when my inner self is craving for a new adventure for self-exploration and learning in a different environment, while also to accomplish my early age dream to visit Angkor Watt #oneday.


I am glad to made this decision as I enjoy myself in this mysterious town with a bunch of wonderful companies. I had never known that I am capable of riding on the motorbike all by myself from the airport till the backpacker homestay. It was a 20 minutes journey where we both with a hand luggage secured by his legs passing by hectares of quiet lands.


I did not know that I could make friend easily with other backpackers from Taiwan, Japan, Spain, China and Korea where we met in different places either in the homestay, temples, night market or restaurant.


I did not know that I could journal my experiences almost instantly through notebook, photos, instagram, facebook and blog. I thought, I will leave a peaceful life without technology and internet at least a week.


I did not know that I could be empathetic and having high sense of curiosity over the life of the local people in Cambodia. I have heard a lot of stories about life of local people in Cambodia and now, having my personal experiences has formed a richer and clearer pictures.


I can even connect with myself better when I am stepping into each area in Siem Reap – not just in the Angkor Watt Heritage Centre but the housing area as well.


And, I find peace and enlighten in Angkor Watt and I really appreciate my experiences so far. Everyday, is like a new chapter awaiting me to explore and discover more so that I can complete and collect the very chapter at the end of the day.


siem reap 4


May these peacefulness and mindfulness in me stay longer…….