24 April 2020

MCO And The Egginess In Me Is Back

First of all, how is everyone coping during this MCO (Movement Control Order) in most of the countries around the world?

In Malaysia, this will be our 5th week staying home and soon, moving into the completion of 6th week. Just last night, our Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin made an announcement that we are extending our MCO for another 2 weeks. I think this is a crucial measure in ensuring better recovery from this Covic-19 epidemic outbreak. While I am all supportive and obedient in following orders, I can't deny that I miss life outside of the house - sunny sunray, crowds at the kopitiam, variety choices of food, greenery scenery and the sandy beach.

Well curryegg, be patient and this too shall pass.

What I am truly thankful is that Calv is home and we can stay together as a family, supporting each other while waiting for this storm to be over. Daph (our daughter) is seen to be a happy child to have everyone at home, including her grandparents. We have been spending time in games, academic lesson, household chores, hobbies and TV time. She is responsive and I am glad to be shone by her sunny rays ;)

It is how funny that during this MCO (Movement Control Order), I will recall my old blog and I miss coming back for my old contents. Of course, I miss writing and getting responses frrom my readers by being myself. It feels like a special corner for me where I can write, go deep and be myself. It is a special gift that I will always be appreciative.

This time, I will not apology for leaving my blog for years unattended. Life is ever-changing and the only constant is really - change. I am thankful for Blogger.com is still keeping well and I can still revisit my channel. Whenever possible, I will write and add in to my archieve.

Till now, take care everyone.
Be safe and continue to stay home, stay healthy ❤️