30 September 2011

Taio Cruz, Arthur and Us.

Before writing any further, there is something I wanna confess – that.. that.. Initially, I didn’t know who Taio Cruz is. Ya, like seriously serious!


Until, one fine morning after I read his name on the Arthur’s Day poster, I took the initiative to google his name to learn about him. To my ultimate surprise, I’d actually known him for quite some times. He is the one who sang ‘Break My Heart’, ‘Higher’ and ‘Dynamite’!!!



He' is Taio Cruz!


Oh dear. How could I not knowing him? Those songs are my favorite.


But of course, I know who he is by now since I am writing about Taio Cruz who came to Arthur’s Day event in Malaysia with photos and video clip somemore. Sorry to Taio Cruz’s fans who get annoyed with my previous ignorance (sorry Calv..) --- *knock my head*


There was a competition running on at Churp Churp and I am lucky enough to win a pair of exclusive tickets from them (thank you so much!) to the Arthur’s Day 2011 at KL Speed City last Friday (23rd Sept 2011). I still remember how Calv screamed in happy tears when I told him about the tickets on the phone. He was so excited and thrilled with the idea of meeting his favorite artist: Taio Cruz. That moment was when I learned that my boyfriend’s is a fans, A BIG FANS of Teh O Ice. Em.. I mean, Taio Cruz… =P


taio Taken with my phone the moment I got the tickets – thus the blur.


We went to the event in black, like what it stated on the dress code. Haha.. well we did some preparation days before the event like finding the best, black attire (since both of us don’t own much black garments), learned about the artists who will perform for the event and also the location. Calv was the one who did most of the research job as he wants both us to enjoy the event to the fullest. Ahhww… he’s so considerate :)


So, here are some of the photos during the event. By the way, the crowds were crazy! It was reported by the Hitz.fm crew that there were almost 20K people turned up for the event.





I didn’t aware that Kate (blogger) was standing just next to me as the place suddenly ran out of electrical supply and it was dark, until I transferred all the photos to my computer.


arthur6 Calv acting cute =P

arthur7  He called himself villain in FB. Lol..

arthur9 Me and Arthur’s Day.

arthur10 The 20K crowds.



Seriously, the Arthur’s Day celebration in Kuala Lumpur was phenomenal! I couldn’t resist myself from singing and dancing my heart out when the place was filled with R&B music, good sound system and professional MC from hitz.fm. Just that, my heels made all the moves hard to be made. I actually regretted for wearing my black with leopard prints heels to the event. I thought my legs can support my body from 7pm – 1am and I was wrong, terribly wrong. That’s where mum and bf’s advices make sense.



The concert started with the play from the DJs. Warm up.


What to do, heels have always become an icon for pretty look since many centuries ago. It has been conditioned into our minds. I’ve learned my lesson: Never wear heels to concert. Anyway, all we gotta do now is to appreciate this post and enjoy all the photos and video I took – for the worth of the numbness and muscles pain of my legs. what the egg =P


Here are some of the R&B artists whom I was able to capture. It is hard for me to snap night photo. So, here are my best shoots.



Besides Taio Cruz who are the main attraction of the event, Mizz Nina, Soler, DJ Skeletor, Prema Yin, Dragon Red and Kartel were there. They were awesome and bring ‘hotness’ to that night.


Calv and I both agree that Soler are handsome and charming, while Mizz Nina is hot with her voice and dance. Our hearts were stolen by them with their talents.



Mizz Nina’s performance – Sexy is my name. Sexy is my name


She was being interviewed by the hitz.fm DJs after the performance.

arthur25 Soler! I hope I can take a closer photo of them.



We cam-whore once in a while in between of performances.

arthur18  This was when Taio Cruz almost appear – about 11.30pm
My legs almost wanna break liao.. :(

arthur20 Guess, he doesn’t want everyone to suffer so he finally appear from underground. Lol..


  The event ended after Taio Cruz performed his last song, Dynamite. Everyone was shouting his name, asking for anchor but… no more jor. It ended with all the artists lining on stage.


  Calv who was already exhausted and dehydrated at the end of the performance. Same case with me. I was so thirsty and dying for water.


We couldn’t walked out from the crowds during the event because we were standing very close to the stage. We didn’t want to loss our perfect view, plus it’s already hard to move out. So, both of us fast for that 6 hours. It’s worth it for Taio Cruz and this video.


Must watch ok? You can feel how lively it was during the event. Everyone was singing together with him – including me! The aura.. it’s marvelous! Enjoy the clip =)



I am glad to see him as excited as I was. It was our first time attending live music event together and the experience was  superb!


P/s: Again, thanks Churp Churp and Calv for the wonderful and memorable day~

P/s/s: I believe the real reason of my pure enjoyment of this event is because of the person I go with :)

27 September 2011

Be A Rainbow Babe~

Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud because when you did, you’ll be the one who actually own the rainbow.


When you did, you will be the one who understand the beauty of a colorful rainbow by making the effort in creating one and sharing it with others. Probably, this is what they say you gain what you give. It takes me years to understand this as I was very much a self-centered person back then who didn’t value the meaning of ‘sharing’.


photoftheday65 One of my favorite photos from the album ‘Photo of The Day’ @Facebook.


Worse, I didn’t even know how to share a smile where most of the time, I was putting serious or grumpy face when I was a kid. Well, you can’t blame me when I was born as the only child in the family. It’s so hard not to value my ‘property’ when my parents hardly afford me new toys. Well, I don’t come from a wealthy family. Plus, there is no Facebook, Twitter or Google+ back then where ‘sharing buttons’ were unavailable. Lame =P


It’s amazing on how life experiences can change and shape a person’s perspective. As I am growing up, I perceive and learn things differently from people around me. I learn that to gain something, you have to genuinely create the intention and share it around. For instance, if you want happiness, create the happy mood in yourself and make the afford of creating jokes or simply smiles to others. If you want appreciation, learn to appreciate others. If you want money, work first.


Of course, this doesn’t come in an exact equation but take it as a general idea which I’ve recently discovered.



They are my cousins by the way =)


So, begin your day with a smile(s). You never know that how a simple smile can effortlessly lift up someone’s day, and even your own too. For sure, that someone includes me.


Smile to me in my comment box like this ------------> =)))


Notes: This photo was taken last year but edited recently with a quote from Dr. Maya Angelou. A very meaningful quote indeed. Love it so much.

22 September 2011

Surprising Surprises By The Surprising Team – 4th Birthday!

Garden at Sunway Pyramid has always be my favorite spot for romantic ambience and good food with friends.  I love their food especially carbonara spaghetti and grilled chicken. I used to go there for evening hang out with friends – well not too often. Just went there for thrice.


However, it has never be in my wildest dream that I will be thrown a surprise birthday celebration at Garden Lifestyle Store and Cafe at Sunway Pyramid by a group of my closed friends in my 4th visit. Not even to think of the girls pakat-ing (teamed up) with mine and theirs boyfriends.





Well, I used to be the one who give others surprises. But never thought of I will be ‘cheated’ for weeks (because they had been planning this for almost a month) and blur blur being brought to the place by my boyfriend without being much suspicious. Then, surprised with a birthday song, sang by a group of people from nowhere. You guys rockz! lol..


Congratulation dear all.
You guys have successfully surprised me with all the surprises.


To show my gratitude and appreciation, this post is written to say thank you, xiexie, terima kasih, arigato for everything!



My 4th birthday cake. I am touched. Finally, I got the chance to eat chocolate macaroon. And it’s surprising that I had double eye-lids in this picture! Surprised! Hahaha.. XD

  birthday2  Simply love the environment

birthday4 I like the color tone of Calv’s mocha drink. It tasted nice too.



My favorite dish. Love their smash potato with the special sauce. The chicken is really tender. Too bad that I was still sick and my taste bud wasn’t as sensitive as before. So, couldn’t really taste 100% of the joy of eating. Anyway, I still enjoyed my food! =D



Calv and I


My birthday cake~


My twinster’s and her bf that kept me going LOL-ed.


After the meal, we did check out another side of this place, which is the outdoor. It surprised me that, this place is actually very huge! I have never been to the outdoor area. It’s so gorgeous! I mean the place, exclude the hot 12pm Malaysia weather.


As usual, we did some ‘photography’ moment. I am thankful that our boyfriends are around and they were willing to take photos for us. Haha… =D




Vincent didn’t stop making funny jokes and caused us all laughed so stupidly. Glad the effect is good. Everyone is smiling brightly here… =D


birthday9 This place must be a good spot for night view. I shall come here in the evening.


Then I can see this at night. Sunway Lagoon.

birthday10 Never forget the signature bird cage at Garden.

birthday11  birthday13  Simply love this place. It will be even better if all the plants and leaves are real. Ohh.. it will be even better if grapes can be planted here. Then I can self pluck them. Haha.. Good fantasy =P




So, here is the surprise team. Once again, congratulation for the surprising surprises as I am truly surprised by all the surprises. I love my day so much and I am really touched for all the afford in making me smile and laugh.


I love you girls and thank you guys =D


Oh… and not to forget…



The long ticket movies for all of us.
Another surprising tickets that surprisingly come out from June’s bag. Lol..


P/s: May you all be blessed and have a wonderful days ahead. We will meet again on the ‘BIG DAY’.. *wink*


P/s/s: Please make my 4th birthday wishes come true. I know my birthday was over but I have blown the candles.



20 September 2011

Count On Me

I remembered I used to write a lot of friendship post in these 4 years+ of blogging experiences, and I am glad that I can add another gratitude post again for my best buddies.


I always believe that friends come for a reason(s) whether they are sent to cheer up your life, or break your heart into pieces or mend your broken heart – every one of them for sure, is arranged teaching you important lesson about you and life.


I am thankful and grateful that I have a bunch of wonderful friends who are always there for me. This is what I called ‘blessing in disguise’. Thank God for the wonderful presents. I ask  no more.


birthday1 From the left (2011) : May, Bei Shan, June, Me and Shu Huan.



My oldest friend (2011) – Irene and Me


2009 – Jill and Me (National Service friend)birthday1

Coursemates (2010) – From the left: Suet Wei, Angel, June, Aileen, Rani, Jane, Me, Lakshum, Shu Huan and Kit Yen.


Coursemate (2010) – From the left: Ain, Me, Bei Shan, Ilyana and Adibah.


Notes: Not to forget YOU too =)


Here is my dedication to all my best buddies who have gone through ups and downs with me throughout the years. You guys rockz and I love you so much. Please stay and keep in touch alright? =)


A song for you, my dear angelic friends:


Count On Me – Bruno Mars.

If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea
I'll sail the world to find you

If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can't see
I'll be the light to guide you
Find out what we're made of
When we are called to help our friends in need.

You can count on me like one, two, three, I'll be there
And I know when I'm needed
I can count on you like four, three, two, and you'll be there
'Cause that's what friends are supposed to do.

If you toss and you turn and you just can't fall asleep
I'll sing a song beside you
And if you ever forget how much you really mean to me
Everyday I will remind you
Find out what we're made of
When we are called to help our friends in need.

You can count on me like one, two, three, I'll be there
And I know when I'm needed
I can count on you like four, three, two, and you'll be there
'Cause that's what friends are supposed to do.

You'll always have my shoulder when you cry.
I'll never let go, never say goodbye
You know you can count on me like one, two, three, I'll be there
And I know when I'm needed
I can count on you like four, three, two, and you'll be there

'Cause that's what friends are supposed to do
You can count on me 'cause I can count on you.



P/s: I love you my dear friends. Muacks =D

17 September 2011

Eh! Cat On Wheel?

It was just a week ago when my family and I walked out from the house before my cousin brother, William shouted, “Look! Look! There…”


Instantly, all of us turned our heads to the direction he pointed and we found this:














It’s a cat hiding on a lorry’s wheel.
Immediately all of us went LOL (laugh-out-out) and continued our attempt to the car.


However, I turned back while rummaging  for my camera in my handbag and I could still hear myself laughing at the funny cat. I snapped a few photos before making the move to our car. As I sank myself onto the car seat, I detected stinky smell in the car. And…. it was from my sandals.


I must have accidentally STEPPED ON DOG’s DROPPING while snapping the cat!


Well, it doesn’t end there. I got fever at night. Dad said, I must have got too frighten with the dog’s shit. I think, it must have been the cat’s cursing – cos I was laughing at it. LOL.


Anyway, I have recovered. Again, what a cute cat on wheel. I bet it must be doing meditation at that moment.. =P

15 September 2011

Love Comes When You’re Ready

I was touched listening to my friend’s latest update last night, about her new love journey with a potential guy.


She cheerfully said,
“Kelly, I am really happy. Really.”


Well, I am not just happy because of her discovery of new love story, but also to be able to see her smile and getting excited again for love and life. There is nothing happier than knowing my friend is enjoying her life and counting blessing each day. That’s such a wonderful news!


It reminds me of my own experiences on the decision of finding my own happiness again, not just solely focusing on the search of Mr. Right of course. Before Mr. Right, you have to be Mrs Right, meaning that you have to focus and nurture your own needs first before giving your attention to others. (Related post: Experiences Are The Best Teacher)


That explains in Abraham Maslow’s Theory on his Maslow Hierarchy of Needs where we need to fulfill the most fundamental levels of needs before aiming for a higher stage (from psychological needs, safety, love and belonging, esteem and self-actualization). If the basic is not nurtured and fulfilled, the feeling of emptiness and lost take place and you will be demotivated in reaching higher goals. That’s why in Counseling, client is encouraged to understand and work on his/hers needs before focusing on the bigger issue.


my love2

Cherish every single moment you have. Owned it.


That’s what I can see in my friend now. She has stopped her attempt in searching for the right guy. Instead, she left her old scars behind, start focusing on herself by watching her diet, groom herself, have fun with friends and enjoy doing things that she love. In the end of the day, it seems like the ‘right guy’ comes, knocking her door, waiting her to welcome him in to her life… *wink*


I feel life is miraculous. Don’t you feel so?
It keeps on giving hopes to people who believe that there is light in the end of every tunnel.

For instance, when you thought that all good guys (girls) are dead and you have no hope in finding one after so many attempts, God thoughtfully choose the right one, put him/her into a box, wrap it carefully with your favorite present paper, finalize it with a ribbon and carefully deliver it to your house. He even rang the door bell before he left the present. Haha.. I know it sounds so much like a children story where you find your present under your Christmas Tree in the next morning. Well, that’s how I visualize my friend’s and mine situation… =P


my love

My ‘present’ under the Christmas Tree =D


I truly believe in this blog post title, where ‘love comes when you are ready’. Also, love happens when you start to love yourself before sharing it with others.. =)


If you have something to share about your love journey, please share with us. I truly believe that every chapter of love and relationship is a gift for self-discovery and personal growth. Write to me at curryegg1[@]gmail.com.


I’m listening to:


P/s: Always believe that there is light in the end of the tunnel. Have faith =)