27 September 2011

Be A Rainbow Babe~

Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud because when you did, you’ll be the one who actually own the rainbow.


When you did, you will be the one who understand the beauty of a colorful rainbow by making the effort in creating one and sharing it with others. Probably, this is what they say you gain what you give. It takes me years to understand this as I was very much a self-centered person back then who didn’t value the meaning of ‘sharing’.


photoftheday65 One of my favorite photos from the album ‘Photo of The Day’ @Facebook.


Worse, I didn’t even know how to share a smile where most of the time, I was putting serious or grumpy face when I was a kid. Well, you can’t blame me when I was born as the only child in the family. It’s so hard not to value my ‘property’ when my parents hardly afford me new toys. Well, I don’t come from a wealthy family. Plus, there is no Facebook, Twitter or Google+ back then where ‘sharing buttons’ were unavailable. Lame =P


It’s amazing on how life experiences can change and shape a person’s perspective. As I am growing up, I perceive and learn things differently from people around me. I learn that to gain something, you have to genuinely create the intention and share it around. For instance, if you want happiness, create the happy mood in yourself and make the afford of creating jokes or simply smiles to others. If you want appreciation, learn to appreciate others. If you want money, work first.


Of course, this doesn’t come in an exact equation but take it as a general idea which I’ve recently discovered.



They are my cousins by the way =)


So, begin your day with a smile(s). You never know that how a simple smile can effortlessly lift up someone’s day, and even your own too. For sure, that someone includes me.


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Notes: This photo was taken last year but edited recently with a quote from Dr. Maya Angelou. A very meaningful quote indeed. Love it so much.