22 September 2011

Surprising Surprises By The Surprising Team – 4th Birthday!

Garden at Sunway Pyramid has always be my favorite spot for romantic ambience and good food with friends.  I love their food especially carbonara spaghetti and grilled chicken. I used to go there for evening hang out with friends – well not too often. Just went there for thrice.


However, it has never be in my wildest dream that I will be thrown a surprise birthday celebration at Garden Lifestyle Store and Cafe at Sunway Pyramid by a group of my closed friends in my 4th visit. Not even to think of the girls pakat-ing (teamed up) with mine and theirs boyfriends.





Well, I used to be the one who give others surprises. But never thought of I will be ‘cheated’ for weeks (because they had been planning this for almost a month) and blur blur being brought to the place by my boyfriend without being much suspicious. Then, surprised with a birthday song, sang by a group of people from nowhere. You guys rockz! lol..


Congratulation dear all.
You guys have successfully surprised me with all the surprises.


To show my gratitude and appreciation, this post is written to say thank you, xiexie, terima kasih, arigato for everything!



My 4th birthday cake. I am touched. Finally, I got the chance to eat chocolate macaroon. And it’s surprising that I had double eye-lids in this picture! Surprised! Hahaha.. XD

  birthday2  Simply love the environment

birthday4 I like the color tone of Calv’s mocha drink. It tasted nice too.



My favorite dish. Love their smash potato with the special sauce. The chicken is really tender. Too bad that I was still sick and my taste bud wasn’t as sensitive as before. So, couldn’t really taste 100% of the joy of eating. Anyway, I still enjoyed my food! =D



Calv and I


My birthday cake~


My twinster’s and her bf that kept me going LOL-ed.


After the meal, we did check out another side of this place, which is the outdoor. It surprised me that, this place is actually very huge! I have never been to the outdoor area. It’s so gorgeous! I mean the place, exclude the hot 12pm Malaysia weather.


As usual, we did some ‘photography’ moment. I am thankful that our boyfriends are around and they were willing to take photos for us. Haha… =D




Vincent didn’t stop making funny jokes and caused us all laughed so stupidly. Glad the effect is good. Everyone is smiling brightly here… =D


birthday9 This place must be a good spot for night view. I shall come here in the evening.


Then I can see this at night. Sunway Lagoon.

birthday10 Never forget the signature bird cage at Garden.

birthday11  birthday13  Simply love this place. It will be even better if all the plants and leaves are real. Ohh.. it will be even better if grapes can be planted here. Then I can self pluck them. Haha.. Good fantasy =P




So, here is the surprise team. Once again, congratulation for the surprising surprises as I am truly surprised by all the surprises. I love my day so much and I am really touched for all the afford in making me smile and laugh.


I love you girls and thank you guys =D


Oh… and not to forget…



The long ticket movies for all of us.
Another surprising tickets that surprisingly come out from June’s bag. Lol..


P/s: May you all be blessed and have a wonderful days ahead. We will meet again on the ‘BIG DAY’.. *wink*


P/s/s: Please make my 4th birthday wishes come true. I know my birthday was over but I have blown the candles.