19 April 2012

Unforgettable Student-talks #TFMweek

Madam Kala from Maxis taught in my class today at my 1SP3 class for #TFMweek (follow this twitter thread for daily inspiration!). She asked a question regarding to me and we received warm answers but…

Cikgu Kala: Suka tak Cikgu Kai Lee?

Students: Sukaaaaaaaaa!!!! (chorused)

Cikgu Kala: Ok. Kenapa suka?

Student 1: Kerana baik…

Student 2: Best!

Student 3: Mesra..

Student 4: Peramah..

Student 5: Sporting..

Student 6: Kelas menarik selalu..

Student 7: Lucu…

Student 8: Cute~

Cikgu Kai Lee stared at him.

Student 8: Oohhh… tak adalah… baik sangat-sangat *faced down*

Cikgu Kai Lee: *laughed*


P/s: I shall share more in the coming post about Teach For Malaysia week at SMK Jalan Reko today . Thank you everyone for the amazing day. I love it~

16 April 2012

The Change of Climate



Funny but true.
It’s a saddening scene.

15 April 2012

Passion in Photography Since Three

I am always passionate about photography since I was very small. My parents knew about it, especially my dad. It all begins from this very first photo taken by me when I was about… em…. three?

 dadmumedit First attempt – Failed!
I think dad was saying, “Girl.. more to the right.. to the right..”. Lol.


2nd attempt – Better~

I still remember how I cried and insisted to hold the camera and take my parents’ photo because I wanted to role modeling my dad (dad added on that we were at Botanical Garden. Lol.. he still remember when I asked just now!). My dad, who was our family photographer was reluctant to allow me to hold the camera. Well, logically I was too small for sophisticated gadget like that. What if it falls into the water? Or dropped onto the floor? Haha…  I didn’t, ok? I was born as a pro man! =D



I was at this age. My mum was skinny and gorgeous =D


It was a film camera during that era and I was nervously waiting for the result when dad returned from the printing shop. I have good memory back then! Once dad showed me the result.. I was so proud with myself. I jumped around the living hall, showing happily the result to my parents. Ever since then, mum and dad allow me to use the family’s camera – and now.. I have my own baby. Yeay!


Have I introduce my 60 Deggie yet?
No? How can?

photoftheday3My very first DSLR – Canon D60



My first photography adventure using my new toy started from my cousin’s wedding. I was ‘hired’ to help her to capture every memorable moments so that she can keep them for a long, long time. Of course, I am honored to be able to help. However, I wasn’t a good photographer yet (I don’t think I am good even now).




Photo taken by Mac (cousin) and I think he is a pro! *Jealous*

He took so much better probably because I look good in the photo. Haha.. But honestly, I like it. So ya, I was the photographer in red semi cheong sam during that special event. I realize to be a photographer, it is rare to appear in photos. This was the only one I appeared in my own camera  T_T


It doesn’t take long to realize that I actually love taking portrait photos. With my new 50mm lenses, it does wonder. I could create and capture the type of photos I want. Natural expression is what I admire the most. So far, here are my ‘lucky models’… =D














I enjoy looking at how good my friends appear in the photos I took. It brings unconscious joy and pleasure and I still couldn’t figure why? Years before this, I like to see myself in photos. I will stare and observe every part of me whenever I was free. Sound freaky eh? But years after that, it turns out vice versa.


Now that I have facebook, the satisfaction of knowing how my friends like my masterpiece tripled! The more ‘likes’ + comments i received, the happier I become. I don’t know is this some kinds of narcissistic syndrome. Well, I can’t help when I could see my friends liked the photos that I took and edited =D


Such as these:



photoftheday8 family


Personally, I love capturing happy moment of an individual or a group of individuals. Those natural and genuine smiles bring out the inner beauty of the person(s). That is why, I love taking random and spontaneous photos (when you least expected! So beware…) because that is when you capture the best moment of a person.


Unlike this…. =_=



Dad has different interest compared to mine….
That is why, my dad has retired from becoming the main photographer of the family ever since the rise of curryegg.  Haha… Oopss.


P/s: I think I am sexier when I was small compare to now. Why ar?

11 April 2012

Short Announcement

curryegg.com is back on track! Yippieeeeeeeeeee!


Finally, blogspot.com has been changed to .com after nearly about 3 weeks. Thank to my dear Calv for the help in switching blogspot.com to domain in a second. Not to forget Steve for the kind help too.


Anyway, there are still other stuff such as Nuffnang widget, comment box and blog banner (BANNER!) need to be fixed. Well, I can’t do it for tonight. Probably tomorrow after school.


It will be another busy day for tomorrow. So, be patience ya as it isn’t perfect right now. Also, thank you my dear readers for keep on supporting curryegg.com. It is a blessing to have you guys. Wish you have a great Thursday (another Monday).


See ya~

09 April 2012

I ♥ My Weekend

It is sad to acknowledge that the weekend is over.

I couldn’t cuddle my booster any later than 10am. I couldn’t hold the hand of my love one like the way I love to. I couldn’t day-dreaming like the way I wanted to during in the weekday. I couldn’t visit and revisit the mall as easy as I can, ya right.

Well, I love how I spend my weekend although it is a simple one.
The day before Saturday, I hang out with my long-time-no-meet friend for Old Town White Coffee and chatted till midnight. We talked almost about anything from family, work, relationship, friends and future. I love and miss such catch-up time with my old friend, Lakshumy. It is great to update about each other before Saturday take over.


And how I spent my Saturday?

Oh well… it was wonderful. I visited UM (my old campus) and attended my favorite lecturer’s class – Dr. Diana. I blogged about her so often back in my university time. From the amount of posts that I had about her, you should know how much she meant to me in my life. Her passion in teaching and educating has changed my life. I become the person whom I always want to be and I appreciate who I am today. I am thankful for having her in my life, I really am.



She bought her own ‘throne’ from her favorite furniture shop. Super chio~


For such reason, I always look for opportunity to meet her and attend any of her class during in the weekend. I had tried to match my schedule with hers since last year and I could only make it for this Saturday – and YES! I DID IT! I am honored to attend her master class for Marriage and Family Counseling. I love her creative way in teaching and the way she cares for every students whom she has. Well, she could remember every single name in the class and it should be a challenge for her to remember such a diverse range of names in Malaysia context. But well, she managed! She is a legend! That’s why she is our queen =)



She loves pink sparkling sandals.


My note-taking during in her class. She saw it and impressed with my work. Ended up showing the whole class *happy and shy*

After class, I managed to purchase a printer for myself using my own money for the very first time *proud* I have always wanted a new economical printer ever since I become a teacher because my old one doesn’t work anymore and it troubled me to visit the printing shop in the morning before school. Now, I hope my life is easier with this gadget… *hopeful*

The evening was well spent with Calvin doing simple things together. One of the moments that I enjoyed the most was trying Ninja Joe for the very first time together with him.


The food was great and the environment was pleasant. I have always longing for a quiet evening together where both of us can relax ourselves while enjoying each other company. Not to forget good pork burger. It reminds me of my experiences of eating pork burger at McDonald and KFC in China. Lol.. Well, they were good.

phtoftheday7   He is soooooooo cute when he is eating ^_^

The rest of my Sunday?
I could only filled it with my remaining work on abandoned assignments, lesson plans, book marking and call-homes. It was not a packed day but just enough to finish part of the works.

I love my weekend and I am reluctant to welcome Monday at the moment.
*continue cuddle my booster*


P/s: I will start teaching 2 new Math classes. Things will have to start from the beginning. I will try my best for these new kids. Wish me luck~

07 April 2012

Harith Iskander Teach For Malaysia

In a couple of weeks time, Harith Iskander who is a well known local comedian, director and writer  is going to teach for one day together with the Teach For Malaysia fellows in one of the most challenging schools either in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor or Negeri Sembilan.


Harith Iskander werking it!



I am so touched with his humble approach and having goose bumps with his willingness to come over to the schools and inspire the kids who come from all walks of life. The kids, teachers and school will benefit from his effort to nurture some planted seeds in the child.

A role model who have gone through all kind of challenges, been there, done that is in good position to become a good role model for the child. That is what I taught back in my Civic classes.


Harith Iskander


Harith Iskander teaches for Malaysia, will you?
Show your love by heading to www.teachformalaysia.org, sign up as a fellow or volunteer. We need someone like you.



P/s: Share this post by emailing it to your friends, tweet it or facebook share it. You will never know how much a mouse click can save some lives in Malaysia.

P/s/s: My mum is his biggest fans! Shhhhhhhh~~

05 April 2012

Jealousy Towards Other Active Bloggers

I know it is not normal to have such feeling. Well, I can’t help but feeling rather helpless and jealous towards bloggers who are actively blogging, and I can’t =(


I don’t know is it because of my job that keep me from blogging or because I am just not in the mood?


Ever since I joined Teach For Malaysia, time allocated for blogging is getting lesser and lesser each day. I could see that my main priority now is not updating myself with Facebook news, reading twitter religiously or blogging. In fact, they have been replaced with books marking, researching Maths’s teaching ideas, attempting Form 1 Maths questions, keying student’s progress and meditating in the car. Meditating in the car!? Ya, i mean self-reflecting while driving (not sleeping k?). Lol..


My life now is always filled with the stories of students, students and students. Though it has been the new 4th months now, I still find myself not bored thinking and talking about them (and people around me are getting bored of the stories T__T). No matter how awful they had broken me down with their mischievous behaviors and uncaring attitudes, I am still passionate to understand their phenomenology and teach the ways they learn best.


Each day, especially while I was driving, I will reflect on what I have and have not done in my lesson. How did my students responded? What are the successes and failures? How could I improve myself to be a better ‘CEO’ in the class? How could I make my students love and enjoy the subject? How can I unleash individual’s potential in such a limited time and such environment?  Etc.. etc.. etc..


teaching2 My participative kids.

teaching4Meaningful lesson about the value of collaboration with students at my Civic class.


I used to be a very occupied person back in the past 2.5 months where I hardly relax, always in tensed condition and wear my teacher’s cap all the time, even after work. I realize it is not healthy and it actually drained me off. As a result, I couldn’t even enjoy my job and weekends, which is really bad.


Probably, this is the reason why I am not blogging lately because whenever I want to blog, my ‘Police Traffic Mode’ will be turned on and it will stop me abruptly from doing non-related-to-teaching-and-coursework' activities. So bad ya? Well, I am not doing my work pun. Bad uh?




When I couldn’t do what I love and seeing other bloggers updating their blogs almost daily make me jealous *pouted*. I want to blog like I used to. Post all those nice nice photos of places, food, people and myself. Write super long stories. Receive comments and etc. Well, I guess telling personal stories about myself in the class and writing small comments in students’ books (and read by other teachers and their own parents) are my new found hobby. They served the purposes (self satisfaction) too, right?


me I put a latest (tired looking) photo of me so that you wouldn’t forget me.. =P


Sob.. please miss me.


P/s: Oh dear, I’ve spent my 1 and a half hour blogging. I need to sleep now. Kthxbai.

P/s/s: I just realized that most of the photos I  posted here are from my civic classes. I have more ‘we’ time in civic classes that can allow me to snap some pictures. In the coming week, I will have no more civic classes due to the changes school timetable. Thinking about this make my heart ache. I will miss them. Would share more about this in the coming post =(