09 April 2012

I ♥ My Weekend

It is sad to acknowledge that the weekend is over.

I couldn’t cuddle my booster any later than 10am. I couldn’t hold the hand of my love one like the way I love to. I couldn’t day-dreaming like the way I wanted to during in the weekday. I couldn’t visit and revisit the mall as easy as I can, ya right.

Well, I love how I spend my weekend although it is a simple one.
The day before Saturday, I hang out with my long-time-no-meet friend for Old Town White Coffee and chatted till midnight. We talked almost about anything from family, work, relationship, friends and future. I love and miss such catch-up time with my old friend, Lakshumy. It is great to update about each other before Saturday take over.


And how I spent my Saturday?

Oh well… it was wonderful. I visited UM (my old campus) and attended my favorite lecturer’s class – Dr. Diana. I blogged about her so often back in my university time. From the amount of posts that I had about her, you should know how much she meant to me in my life. Her passion in teaching and educating has changed my life. I become the person whom I always want to be and I appreciate who I am today. I am thankful for having her in my life, I really am.



She bought her own ‘throne’ from her favorite furniture shop. Super chio~


For such reason, I always look for opportunity to meet her and attend any of her class during in the weekend. I had tried to match my schedule with hers since last year and I could only make it for this Saturday – and YES! I DID IT! I am honored to attend her master class for Marriage and Family Counseling. I love her creative way in teaching and the way she cares for every students whom she has. Well, she could remember every single name in the class and it should be a challenge for her to remember such a diverse range of names in Malaysia context. But well, she managed! She is a legend! That’s why she is our queen =)



She loves pink sparkling sandals.


My note-taking during in her class. She saw it and impressed with my work. Ended up showing the whole class *happy and shy*

After class, I managed to purchase a printer for myself using my own money for the very first time *proud* I have always wanted a new economical printer ever since I become a teacher because my old one doesn’t work anymore and it troubled me to visit the printing shop in the morning before school. Now, I hope my life is easier with this gadget… *hopeful*

The evening was well spent with Calvin doing simple things together. One of the moments that I enjoyed the most was trying Ninja Joe for the very first time together with him.


The food was great and the environment was pleasant. I have always longing for a quiet evening together where both of us can relax ourselves while enjoying each other company. Not to forget good pork burger. It reminds me of my experiences of eating pork burger at McDonald and KFC in China. Lol.. Well, they were good.

phtoftheday7   He is soooooooo cute when he is eating ^_^

The rest of my Sunday?
I could only filled it with my remaining work on abandoned assignments, lesson plans, book marking and call-homes. It was not a packed day but just enough to finish part of the works.

I love my weekend and I am reluctant to welcome Monday at the moment.
*continue cuddle my booster*


P/s: I will start teaching 2 new Math classes. Things will have to start from the beginning. I will try my best for these new kids. Wish me luck~