29 February 2008

I Don't Sleep Better With Chipster

Every mum in this world will stop their kids from taking snack food. Well, including my mum of course.

The reason is, "Don't eat too much of junk food. It's bad for your health".

Mum will never know how important snack is to us, not only to the children but youths and adults as well. Snack food bring such a great pleasurable sensation to us. That's why we feel happy whenever we have peanut, soft drink, chocolate, sweet and of course Chipster as well!!!

Did I just mention Chipster????
(a great quantity of love hormone start to stimulate my mind)



No one should forget the amazing taste of the Chipster which is made by 100% of imported potato and other ingredients like wheat, soya, traces of nuts, peanuts, crustaceans, sesame, eggs, fish, milk, celery and mustard. Oohh... the aroma, the taste and the crunchy feeling is so tempting.

Tell me, who can resist it? (taking another a handful of potato chips into my mouth...)
*crunch crunch*

I believe some of you have already tried the taste of the Chipster don't you? If you have ever come across with the Chipster website, you might realize that there are 15 ways on how to heighten the enjoyment of Chipster better. I've tried some of the suggestions and have even invented by my own. Lets see...

1) Peanut Butter sandwich

Peanut Butter with Chipster!
OMG! The taste is so yummy.... My my.... ;D

2) Cabbage+Tuna+Carrot+Mayonnaise+Chipster!!!

Ohh my... this is the 'Yummiest' taste I've ever had with Chipster! Isn't this sounds healthy... Mum? Hehe....

My friend, Kit Yen -my modal.

Ever since Nuffnang announced about the "I Sleep Better With Chipster"competition, Chipster has been staying with me and it's hard for us to live apart right now.
Preparing to class.....

Once reached the class....
Party time....!!!

Shhh..... Keep this as a secret... please....

I even acted so crazily whenever I saw Chipster!

Even when I was driving.... I did this..!
(Children at home are not encourage to learn this.. lol)

I am so excited!

Whenever I get frustrated with the University Malaya wireless connection....
Chipster save my day!

Cool down.... take it easy curryegg...
Yes! Chipster do make my day brighter... ;)

I couldn't even resist the temptation of having my crunchy Chipster when I was doing my mask, a day before the prom night...

However, jealousy and competition will sometimes happen around me when Chipster and I keep on being together.

When I just had the one and the only one packet of Chipster with me, competition will happen between me and my course mates.

Even my dad stole my Chipster away from me!
Sob... ;(

What will be the solution?
Buy more Chipster and share with them!


Since then, I have the habit of keeping Chipster besides me all the time even when I am sleeping.

Snow white?

Nop... Should be the Sleeping beauty...

Muahahaha... zzzZZZZZ

To my amazement, I can sleep wherever I am if only if there is/are Chipster besides me:

Even during in the lecturer hall...

My sofa....

My roommate's bed...

My course mate's bed....
And of course... and my own bed... ;)

Chipster has always made my sleep sweeter and better...

Did I write "I Don't Sleep Better With Chipster" on my post title??

Ridiculous! How can I make that mistake?
Ooopss... I'm sorry.
Typo error.....


Did I just hear someone request me to prove the statement?
Of course...
Curryegg wouldn't lie....
Watch this and don't blink your eyes...

Sleeping soundingly...


Is she dead?
Choi! She just 'tidur mati'...


Nothing Else Matters....

Good night

I've been missing you guys so much....
Sorry for being away for few days. I'm busy with my college (hostel) activities right now. We've drum practice every night until next Monday.

Will update soon after taking a good sleep later...
Good night everyone.
HOpe that you will have a nice day...


26 February 2008

A Positive View Of Life

Sometimes, I'll feel so negative to my own life and the people around me. I believe most of us here will think the same too., am I right? However, I do believe that everything which had happened on me has its own reason.

Venerable Master Hsing Yun

One of my favorite ariticle from the Venerable Master Hsing Yun's book on his Prescription For The Heart (which I've just bought from his temple in Jenjarum few days ago) has discussed about this problem and I would like to share it with you here.

A Positive View Of Life

We all have different views on life. Some of us are optimistic and some pessimistic. The optimists think positively, while the pessimists think negatively of everything they encounter and see.

However, there is no absolute optimism or pessismism in the world. "what arises in the mind gives rise to all dharmas, and all dharmas cease when the mind ceases." There are of course external causes and conditions for optimism and pessimism. But most of the time, there are the product of our own creation.

Once, a king went junting and accidentally broke his finger. When he asked the minister beside him what should be done, the latter was optimistic and answered light-heartedly, "This is a good thing!" On hearing this, the king was furious. Accusing the minister for taking the joy in his suffering, the minister was imprisoned.

A year later, the kind went on another hunting trip and was captured by a band of natives. He was bound and put on the altar as an offering to the natives' deity. Just before the kind was about to be offered up, the high priest discovered that a finger was missing from his hand. Considered and incomplete offering, the kind was freed and his minister accompanying him was offered instead. The kind thought of the jailed minister who had remarked that his broken finger was a good omen and proceeded to set him free.

The king apologized to the minister for the one year wrongful imprisonment. However, the minister was still as optimistic as before and replied, "A year in jail was a good thing too. If I was not in jail, who would have accompanied your highness on that hunting trip and been offered up on the altar?"

Therefore, what is good is not necessarily all good. In the same way, what's bad is not necessarily bad. Buddhism teaches impermanence. Things can change for the better or for the worse. Pessimists worry about the last million dollars they have left while the optimists are happy for the last thousand dollars they still own.


When the renowned scholar Su Dongpo was removed to Hainan Island, he found the quite solitude of the island a world apart from his former days of glory in the capital. Upon reflection, Su realized that he was not the only one living on a lone island in the universe. Even the continent itself is just another island in the vast ocean. Just like an ant climbing on a leaf floating in a tank of water, the leaf becomes its island. As a result, he simply accepted the circumstances and was happy with his luck. Whenever Su tasted the local seafood, he was happy that he lived in Hainan. He even thought that if other ministers had come before he did. he would not be able to enjoy all the delicious food by himself.

In thinking positively, life becomes truly joyful. Buddhist monastics have only the cassock on their backs and a pair of grass shoes on their feet. They travel everywhere, like floating clouds. They are equally comfortable in the company of beggars or in the presence of kings and emperors. They are unfettered by anything, yet they own the dharma realms in their minds. How could they be lonely in coexisting with all sentient beings of the universe?

Therefore, there is no absolute joy or suffering in life. We just need to have a positive attitude, the spirit to strive on and the ability to think positively of what we encounter. Thus, we can turn suffering into joy, hardship into ease, and danger into safety. As Helen Keller once said, "In facing the sun, you will not see shadows." A positive view on life is indeed the sunshine in our hearts.

I hope this article will give you some ideas on why and how we should think positively. How we perceive things is depend on how we think. If you think you're fat, you're. If you think you're ugly, you're. Although it's about the Buddhism, the ideas are universal and can be shared among all of us. Have a nice day my friend.

25 February 2008

From An Ugly Duckling Turning Into A Swan

Everything is over....
I mean for my hostel (which we referred it as 3rd college) prom night which was held yesterday night in Marriott Hotel, 23 February 2008.

My roommate and I in the 'bus sekolah' (school bus)

OMG.... I couldn't believe my own eyes were popping out and at the same time bouncing up and down like a yo-yo when all the girls in my college had turned into princesses. Since we just dress casually in normal day. Of course, the girls who I mean including me. Haha... Curryegg had turned into a princess for few hours. Lol...

Honestly, I love the landscape especially the sofa... ;D

And.... I couldn't believe I'd spent my times snapping about 282 photos during this occasion. Wow! No wonder I took about 2 hours to edit my photos! Sorry guys for letting you wait so long for this entry... ;(

Piano.... ;)

Having tea and snack with my friends..

I didn't eat much actually for my lunch (before leaving my college) because I was late. Haha... I still remember I did blog before preparing myself to the prompt. But hey! We've to go there at 3pm! Don't that sound early to you?

Well, I should thank God for allowing us to reach there early and we could have our FULL SS (shiok sendiri) moment for the whole day. Cam wore time.. haha..

How and Siong (my coursemate)
Cyndi (My roommate), me and S L..

My lovely mei mei (we play drum together)
She's so beautiful, don't you think so?

After spending for about 2 hours in the lobby, we moved to the ladies.. Ya. Toilet! I should tell *you* (especially guys) about this secret... Shhh.... just between you and me.. "Girls can spend hours and hours JUST in the toilet. Muahaha... HOW?

Other than make-up and dressing, girls love snapping photo in the toilet (including me)... muahaha.... As long as there are mirrorssss..... ;D

Well, I didn't spend that long actually, just 45 minutes... kekekzz.... Hey! Where could I go in that 4 hours? Lol.... Don't worry, Curryegg still manage to snap some photos around the hotel.

Looking at this stairs, it reminds me about this couple:

OOhhh.. how sweet. Just like a princess with her prince charming. I like this photo! (they were actually taking photo)

We registered ourselves in the counter once the clock hit 7.35pm. Finally.... Yahooo!
FOod! FoOd!
We are coming after you!"

I like their presentation. Honestly, I never went for any dinner in such a high class hotel. I was like.... "WOwwww.......!!!!"

These were what we get as our door gifts..

My stomach was rumbling all the time but we could only have our dinner at 9 something after some speeches from our master and VIP.


(Lesson: Eat before you go)

I sneaked out from the ball room (during the 4th speech) with my friend and heading to a nearby ladies. I was stunned actually looking at this:

What's that?

They were lining up behind the door and will serve us after those speeches.

This was one of the staff who served our 33th table.
Oohh.... I feel like a real princess.. haha... joking.

Overall, I love their food except the prawns.
And help! I am hungry right now looking at these photos!

After having a great dinner, my friends and I had our SS session again.

The lovely couple and Curryegg. Do I look like their daughter? Lol....
My Ah Ma (Suk Chai)..
She looks so gorgeous in Cheong Sam... ;D
This is my "boss" for unit Multimedia... Wei Lun. Oh ya.. and my drum friend... ;)
My beautiful course mate, Bai Shan. She is so elegant don't you think so? Love this photo a lot!
Wan U, my lovely friend... Sweet, pretty girl... ^_^

Benjamin- Our college TOP photographer.
A very professional guy. Have to learn from this 'si fu'
My course mates: June, May Teng, B Shan and Shu Huan.. Hoho.... Anyone wants their contact numbers?

My another drum friends. Trying to act "Macho". Before I could manage to take another stylish photo with these 2 handsome guys.....


The future "Bridge and groom"... hehe.... Don't forget to send a wedding invitation card to me...
God bless you guys.. ;)

Another beautiful photo I've with these beautiful girls... They are so lovely..
Han Leong, another handsome drum friend.. ;)

HEy! Do you believe that she is my senior in my college and my blogger friend as well? I don't realize this until yesterday, she told me. @_@
Thank for telling me.. ;)
I love the red flower which she put on her hair... Spanish style?

Group photos:

I love the red dress from Evonne. She looks so gorgeous! My drum friend and my neighbor as well.. ;)

I couldn't believe myself that everything was over....
and I'm turning into an ordinary girl again.. sob.. no more day dreaming... no more princess story.

Swan turn back into the little ugly duckling?

Let's back to reality. Pesta Tiong Hua just left another 7 days. Have to prepare myself for it... Oh ya.. Anybody wanna go for this event? Tell me and let's meet there..