03 February 2008

Tips On Writing Love Post For The Blogger That You Love

A Post Especially For The Bloggers

Love affair in classroom is common.

Love affair in the office is indeed common.
Love affair in blogosphere?

Hey! That's uncommon!


I don't mean uncommon but just... the issue on blogger with blogger love affair hasn't been raised yet in Malaysia. (Maybe there are no paparazzi for bloggers yet. Lol..) Anyhow, stop that love affair thingy and let's start with an issue on blogger with blogger love story. For me, love story is always the sweetest story among others fairytales.

Talking about love story, I've been thinking about blind date. Anybody here went to any blind date before? Since the media has come up with the issue on blind date between the chatroom users (like MSN, Yahoo Massenger, ICQ, Skype and Kennysia Chatbox! Lol... Joking), I've a strong feeling that there will be a new 'open date' issue between blogger in the future.

*open-date = I created this word. ^_^

Before this, I've been 'suspecting' that Kennysia and Nicole were couple. Haha... Why did I feel so? Em... the way they blog about each other did give me clues... Well, maybe they are just the false clues.

Maybe I can use Xiaxue as an example here. Some of you might know how Xiaxue meet Mike (or vice versa), her current boyfriend. It was when Mike read her blog and not long after that, he fall in love with her.. Lol...

Why 'open date'?
  • Easily bump into someone's blog (if only if it's open for public)
  • What you see is what he/she means. Words show a person's personality, intelligence and behavior in an indirect way. For example, you'll say 'fcuk you' when you're too an anger and you will put a ;) when you're happy.
  • Understand the blogger better. You'll get to read his/hers post almost everyday (or every week) and this has give you a clearer idea about the blogger lifestyle, interest and even some background.
  • Better communication. You can send comments on the blogger's blog, chat via Cbox or send them emails and then, get their reply.
  • More real. In todays blogging world, more and more bloggers are open enough to share their photos and post them in their blog. You will get to see lot of photos from the blogger himself/herself and this will give a clearer view on him/her. The problem of posting fake picture of the blogger himself/herself will be lesser if compare to the chatroom users who usually put false photos to each other when they're planning for blind date.
Since I'm predicting that there will be 'Open date' among the blogger... soon... (or is now happening), here are some tips on how to master the art of writing love post. Let confess your feeling if you've been keeping the feeling for all this while. The month of February should be a month of confession... real confession babe!

Well, if you've been writing love letter for all this which is so out-dated, try to make a blog and start posting love post to the blogger (or anybody) that you love or admire. Make your partner or the one that you not-dare-to approach-girls feel proud. Haha.... Isn't that sound interesting?

Tips For Writing Your Own Love Post:
  1. Get a nice or at least easy to view template for your blog. For example, the background colour is not too bright, not too complicated with objects and suitable size and fonts for the words. You wanna get the one that you like,love or admire attention don't you?
  2. Make it personal. (It's about you, your feeling)
  3. Let your words pour down from your heart into your blog.
  4. Include your own emotion. (Example: I will die without you right by my side)
  5. Include the reasons why you love or admire him/her. Be straight forward (by putting their names) and don't try to mess things up.
  6. Express your gratitude for knowing them.
  7. Give compliment to the blogger (Example: Their skills in blogging, ideas, beautiful template...etc..)
  8. Let them know how important they are in your life.
  9. Add in some poems, related pictures or songs. You might be amaze on how well they work out.
  10. Be truthful and sincere. *important!*

Anyhow, before writing any love posts you should bear in mind the consequences that you might face after posting them in your blog. Everyone in this world can read the post, even your friends, enemies, uncles aunties, the neighbour who stay next door, siblings, parents and even your dog (which is computer-literacy).

The risk will be higher if compare to writing an old-fashion love letter. Besides, you might even lost the friendship if the person that you're trying to get is not interested on you. (Uhh-oh... lose another reader).

But if she/he feels the same like what you feel, there is a spark of hope! Lol...
As the conclusion, there are always pros and cons. So, it's depend on you... bloggers!