15 February 2008

The Police Psychology

I went back to Penang again during the Valentine Day with my family.
We need to help granny for the praying on the 9th of CNY (it's a belief for the Hokkien in praying the God of the sky).

Along the Plus highway, we noticed something....

First scene:

"Police! Police!".....
Mum yelled my dad to slow down his car when she saw an image under the bridge.

But... when our car get nearer...
OOohhh..... @_@

Second scene:

Along the way in Simpang Pulai, my mum spotted the police again and once again screamed my dad to slow down the car.

When we were getting closer....


They we not the real police but mannequins in Police uniforms..

The tricks that they used are really effective since most of the cars along the highway did not speed (including my dad)... Haha... Looks like the police are applying psychology to the road users. Impressive strategy!