22 February 2008

Disgusting BigFoot!

Are you been thinking the disgusting BigFoot which I mean is this?


If it happen to be the real BigFoot, I am sure I will not complain anything about it. Hey! Why should I complain about the Big Foot in which people in the Asian are still discovering its existence?

Nop. I don't mean that.

The BigFoot which I'm referring to is....


Can you see it?
A foot appeared between my seat and my friend's seat during seminar in my faculty. OMG! Did I just say my faculty? That's mean a university student who did that? My... my...

Don't you feel disgusting? Can anybody stand the smell of the foot or feet?
Nop... Please... I DON'T!

Yes, I admit that I purposely captured this girl's foot with my camera. Muahaha... and what happen when she realized there was a camera?